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Traditional or classic wedding photography is a style that is characterized by posed, formal portraits of the couple and their families and friends. This style of photography has been popular for many years and typically involves capturing staged shots of the bride and groom, wedding party, and family members.

Traditional wedding photographers will often use a combination of natural and artificial light to create well-lit, perfectly composed images. They may also use a variety of lenses and techniques to achieve a specific look or style. This style of photography often emphasizes formal attire, symmetry, and traditional poses.

One of the benefits of traditional wedding photography is that it provides a record of the important people and events of the day, and can create images that are timeless and classic. This style can also be ideal for couples who want a more structured approach to their wedding photos, and who value traditional family portraits.

However, some couples may find that traditional wedding photography can feel stiff or impersonal, and that it does not capture the true emotions and spontaneity of the day. Additionally, this style may require more time and planning on the wedding day, as the photographer will need to set up and pose each shot.

Overall, traditional wedding photography is a classic and timeless style that can produce beautiful images. Couples should choose a photographer who has experience with this style and who has a portfolio of work that reflects their ability to create well-composed and elegant images.

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