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crown Top 5 in Toronto
crown Top 5 on Wezoree

At Holiak's Photography, we specialize in timeless captures that truly embody the essence of...

$ 5 000 Аverage price

IVASH studio is an award-winning wedding photography and videography company working worldwide,...

$ 12 800 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 5 in New York
crown Top 5 on Wezoree

I'm Savanna, a documentary wedding photographer based in Brooklyn, and traveling around the...

$ 8 900 Аverage price

Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of architectural marvels and the intricate details of...

$ 10 000 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 5 in New York
crown Top 10 on Wezoree

First and foremost, I am a husband and a father. My wife, Erin, son, Alfie, daughter, Millie and...

$ 8 200 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 5 in New York
crown Top 10 on Wezoree

BOND  Studio is a wedding photography company, based in New York City. The owner has...

$ 10 000 Аverage price

Photography for me is a real passion that I am happy to share with my couples. Working with...

$ 7 500 Аverage price

"We are dedicated to secure a worry free experience for our eclectic clients, documenting...

$ 15 000 Аverage price

With more than 12 years of experience as a photographer and a background in design, Abigail...

$ 25 000 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 10 in New York
crown Top 100 on Wezoree

Samm Blake is a New York City based photographer, but grew up in a small seaside town in a remote...

$ 30 000 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 10 in New York
crown Top 100 on Wezoree

My name is Jaymo and I believe that life is too precious to not be documented. It's this belief...

$ 17 500 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 15 in New York
crown Top 100 on Wezoree

When my family moved to America from Vietnam, I can remember one of the suitcases that my parents...

$ 8 000 Аverage price

With every new couple and photo shoot is a blank canvas to paint fr om. The secret sauce lies in...

$ 14 000 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 15 in New York
crown Top 100 on Wezoree

Our ethos and beliefs : We strive to create captivating and joyful photographs while also...

$ 16 500 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 15 in New York
crown Top 100 on Wezoree

Julian photographs Weddings, Portraits and Editorials all over the US+ Destination. Based in...

$ 15 000 Аverage price
New York
crown Top 15 in New York
crown Top 100 on Wezoree

Twah is a sought after & internationally recognized photographer known for her personalized...

$ 32 000 Аverage price
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How to find a wedding photographer in New York?

Use Wezoree to find your perfect wedding photographer in New York. Finding that exceedingly desirable professional involves enough time and adherence. Couples are uniformly faced with numerous types and struggle to inspect what is closer to their view of the beautiful unique event. Simply documenting your special day will be insufficient. Nowadays, a top-rated photographer can take not an ordinary photo, but an object of art. The pro should highlight your special event as a whole story, without missing anything and focusing on the most decisive moments for the bride and groom. A good specialist will also represent the total impression, due to pictures with landscapes and areas, concentrating on various features.

How to find NY wedding photographer near me?

If you aim to notice “photographer for a wedding near me” smaller the list of pros to about five NYC photographers for "a wedding near me". We propose you write or call them and talk. You'll find out if they have your date free, and also ask about the price of wedding photographers. Inform the photographer about your special occasion, yourself, the place for celebration, and your tastes and intentions for working together.

What to ask a wedding photographer in NYC?

  • Specify the information about wedding photographers' contracts and read it from beginning to end.
  • Specify the information if the specialist works alone or in a team. You have no idea how working in a team is better not only for the chosen specialist but also for you. 
  • Find out how long it takes to retouch photographs and how you will get them. Be sure to determine the close number. If you expect to get your pictures quickly, ask whether there is such a possibility, and how much you need to extra pay for this service.
  • Learn if the photographer prints a wedding album. If so, what alternatives can h/she propose to you. Ask whether it is included in the packages or how much it costs.

Why hire a professional photographer in NY?

He or she will be able to give you recommendations on where it is better to organize a photo shooting, how long each part of the shooting will last, help you feel at ease, and inform you how to feel in front of the camera and look beautiful in the photos. A great number of brides and grooms falsely assume that they just pay the wedding photographer for the time they spend with them at their wedding. This is a huge mistake. You get not only photos but a professional who shares opinions and insight with you to achieve the needed result. You will spend hours communicating during the preparation, talking over all the important details. NY photographer will spend time working on your shots after the wedding. So most of the task is out of public view.

Should I tell the photographer what is urgent at the wedding?

Maybe you want to get more shots together, or family values ​​are urgent to you and you expect to see more pictures with relatives and close friends. He/She must be familiar with it.

Photographers are some of the pros who will spend the most time with you at your event. Therefore, it is highly urgent that you feel on the same wavelength. The main purpose is not to meet the best, but to meet “your own”.

Should I see the latest photos of the best wedding photographers in NY?

This sphere is continually evolving, so photographs made even a year ago may likely differ from the newest ones. Follow social networks, which will provide an opportunity for you to explore photos and get to know him/her a little as a person.

Do I need to order a pre-wedding photo session in New York?

Despite how many works of the photographer you examine, you see other people, not yourself. It's an amazing opportunity to plan an engagement photoshoot and understand your photographer better. Then at your unique event, you will be much more feel at ease. For that reason, we strongly recommend opting for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Determining a professional wedding photographer in New York is an absolutely important and tough aim. Searching for a photographer in NY is not just a goal to notice any ace who will suit you with a price. When you choose a specialist preference, there are lots of pitfalls that should be taken care of ahead of time. The essential suggestion is to opt for a photographer in NY thoughtfully. We’re pretty clear that you’ll find an extensive number of proficient specialists for your special event and Wezoree are ready to assist you. With our help, you'll find a specialist that will correspond to your manner and character.

How to find a professional wedding photographer in New York

Top wedding photographer in NY Photo by wedding photographer Larisa Shorina

Selecting a photographer watch over to:

  • Do you need an elopement photographer in NY?
  • What are the most popular elopement packages for photography
  • Revise the best wedding photographers in NY
  • Find out affordable wedding photographers in New York
  • Specify whether the wedding photographer cost is suitable for you
  • Whether it is worth hiring cheap wedding photographers
  • Review NY wedding photographer prices and how they vary by season
  • Find existing wedding photography packages

Uncover the wedding photographer style your couple admire

Top wedding photo Wedding photographer Volodymyr Ivash

Set wedding photography genre you admire most. Primarily you demand to be familiarized with all manner of wedding photography and then find the best one that is just right for your special day. Some people prefer posed pictures while others pick natural and enjoyable wedding photos in New York. Real-life shots and experiments in photography will be a preference for some couples. Disclose whether you are a follower of flashing colors or prefer natural and muted tones. To Discover Wezoree thinks highly of recommending you to browse varied real wedding photos and find shots that are closest to your preference. This sphere is continually evolving, so photographs made even a year ago may likely differ from the newest ones. Follow social networks, which will provide an opportunity for you to explore photos and get to know him/her a little as a person.

Tip: pay attention to reviewing various photographers and save the ones you find appealing the most.

Trust your wedding photographer

Best wedding photo in NYC Wedding photographer Petro Kitsul

They have the possibility to discover the best light so that your most desired ideas come real. They have enough knowledge at varied weddings to cope even with hard situations if there are any. Be honest with your professional and be sure to say him how you feel, exceptionally if you are concerned about something or you are insecure about some organizational points.

Wedding Photoshoot Packages NYC

NYC weddings photo Wedding photographer Nazar Kravets

Various wedding photography packages are created to cover the different needs of couples.

Every couple can choose various wedding packages according to their needs:

  • 2 Hours basic wedding photography packages NY:
  • Budget wedding packages that include registration of marriage without a ceremony
  • Affordable wedding photography packages  that include registration of marriage with a ceremony
  • 4 Hours budget wedding photography packages New York (for shooting a registration of marriage and take couple photos)
  • 6 Hours photographer packages and prices (The photosession can start in the morning and last till your ceremony or last from the ceremony to the end of the celebration)
  • 8 Hours photographer packages and prices NYC (Usually they start in the morning and include Boudoir wedding photography packages, getting ready photos, a wedding ceremony, photos with guests)
  • 10 Hours Wedding photography prices NY  & packages (If you want photographers to highlight not only your ceremony and getting ready photos, but also reception, first dance and photos with guests)
  • More than 12 Hours all inclusive wedding packages New York (For couples who want every moment of their special day to be captured)
  • Engagement photoshoot in NYC (there’re Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Packages NY)
  • Destination wedding packages New York
  • Trash-the-dress photoshoots in NYC

The package usually includes:

  • duration of work (you can choose a full package from the beginning to the end of your wedding day or choose the Wedding Ceremony Photoshoot Package )
  • wedding photography price
  • a number of photographers or detailed information about the team (Different packages include the work of one photographer, two photographers or a photographer with an assistant.)
  • wedding albums.

The last two services are optional and are usually additional services, so you should extra pay for them.

How much does a wedding photographer in NYC cost?

The package of a wedding photographer in NY changes by expects from what specific services you expect to achieve. After you have looked at the work of varied professionals and decided which ones you appreciate, you should ask them about the cost. Be sure to determine what includes wedding photographers' costs. Each ace will be able to inform you of their pricing.

How to Find the Best Wedding Photographers in New York Near You

If the idea of diving into the vast sea of wedding photography New York City offers gives you the jitters, pull up a chair. NYC is teeming with incredible photo-magic makers, but the quest to pinpoint those top NYC wedding photographers can be a wild ride. Imagine scavenging through a jungle looking for that golden mango. Fear not! We’re here to guide you through that jungle.

The Dollars and Cents

New York is a dazzling place, but it can sure be hefty on the pockets. When you're out there, combing the streets and the web for those renowned wedding photographers in New York, always keep one eye on the quality and the other on the average cost of a wedding photographer in NYC. Remember, quality often comes at a price, but that doesn't mean you need to sell your grandma’s antique vase. It's all about balance!

Word of Mouth and Clicks

Ever heard the saying, “the grapevine knows best?” Well, it’s kinda true. If your bestie recently had a wedding that looked straight outta Vogue, hit her up for some intel. Referrals from friends and family can be golden tickets to uncovering the best. But if your social circle is still in the "eternal bachelor" phase, turn to the ever-reliable web. A few clicks can introduce you to a treasure trove of information, reviews, and portfolios. So, put on your digital explorer hat!

Local Directories

Ah, the underrated goldmines! Many folks don’t give these directories the time of day, but let us spill a secret: sometimes, they harbor names of the best in the biz. Directories, both print and online, have a knack for listing the crème de la crème of photographers. It’s like having a curated menu of the finest chefs in town.

Why New York Wedding Photography Stands Out in a Class of Its Own

As we've journeyed through countless cities and their unique styles, we've realized something truly spellbinding about New York. Let us share with you some of the reasons why wedding photography in New York is genuinely unparalleled.

The Dazzling Backdrop

Ah, imagine the sun setting over Central Park, casting a golden hue on a couple deeply in love. Wedding photography in Central Park in NYC is no less than a fairy tale brought to life. And the park isn't just a lush haven; it mirrors the heartbeats of countless love stories. When we team this ethereal setting with one of the leading NYC bridal photographers, magic happens. It's like pairing a Michelin-star chef with the finest ingredients – the result is nothing short of exquisite.

The Unbeatable Vibe

Every corner of New York pulses with stories, old and new. The city's skyline marries historical charm with avant-garde grandeur, and guess what? The best photographers in New York City are seasoned magicians who know exactly how to encapsulate this marriage in a frame. The juxtaposition of cobblestone streets with towering skyscrapers, and the energy of Times Square with the serenity of the Hudson River; these contrasts provide a canvas that no other city can.

Engagement Glitz

New York is not just about the wedding day; it's also the city of legendary proposals and unforgettable engagement tales. If you're on the hunt for the best engagement photographer in New York, you're in luck. Each corner, from the bustling streets of Manhattan to the quiet nooks of Brooklyn, resonates with romance. And in the midst of this, the photographers manage to paint a picture that's uniquely yours.

Why Do You Need a Professional Photographer in New York 

New York City - a place where dreams are woven, stories unfold, and memories last a lifetime. As dedicated partners in your wedding journey, we've witnessed firsthand the sheer brilliance that an adept NYC wedding photographer brings to the table. Dive in with us, as we unravel why having a professional lens master by your side on your big day in the city of dreams is a choice you won't regret.

Candid Perfection

There's an unspoken beauty in the unplanned moments: that unexpected laugh, the tear at the corner of an eye, the impromptu dance move. These are the moments that truly encapsulate the spirit of the day. Fortunately, candid wedding photographers in New York have an uncanny knack for being at the right place at the right time, ensuring that none of these magical moments escape their lens. In the midst of orchestrated events and planned schedules, these candid shots become the heartbeats of your wedding album.

Stress? What's That?

Weddings can be chaotic, and amidst the whirlwind of events, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your precious moments are being captured. By entrusting this mammoth task to a professional NYC wedding photographer, you're not just hiring a service; you're buying peace of mind. These seasoned wedding day photographers in New York take the helm, guiding, suggesting, and sometimes even orchestrating to ensure that every frame is a masterpiece. So while they work their magic behind the camera, you get to be present at the moment, soaking in every bit of your special day.

The Full Shebang

Every couple is unique, and so should their wedding photos. Whether you're the couple that seeks tradition, or the one that chases contemporary trends, NYC wedding portrait photography is versatile enough to cater to all tastes. A blend of artistic vision and technical prowess, these professionals know just how to make you shine. They master the art of playing with lights, angles, and backgrounds to give you shots that can grace magazine covers.

In addition, the versatility of an NYC wedding photographer cannot be overstated. Whether it's capturing the grandeur of a ritzy Manhattan ballroom, the rustic charm of a Brooklyn backyard, or the iconic skyline from a rooftop lounge, they adapt, innovate, and deliver.

When to Book Top Wedding Photographers in NYC

Ah, New York City, where love and artistry intertwine in the most beautiful dance. When it comes to wedding photography in this urban wonderland, timing is key. Today, we're pulling back the curtain to give you the lowdown on when to secure expert wedding photographers in New York City. Ready to take notes?

Early Bird Gets the Worm

The saying stands true, especially in the bustling realm of New York's wedding photography. Now, we’re not just talking about any photographers; we're pointing toward the incredibly talented and creative wedding photographers in NYC. Their calendars fill up faster than you can say 'I do'! Moreover, if your heart is set on having those raw, emotive, documentary-style wedding photographers in New York chronicle your big day, it's wise to pick up that phone well in advance. The sooner, the better is the mantra if you want to ensure that your first choice is available on your special day.

Peak Season

Let's face it: NYC's wedding season is not for the faint of heart. It's a whirlwind of glamor, emotions, and, well, fierce competition to nab the best vendors. This holds doubly true when it comes to securing an experienced wedding photographer in New York. With their expertise and a keen eye for detail, these veterans are in high demand, especially during peak wedding months. Our advice? If you've set your heart on a specific photographer, reach out months – yes, months – in advance. It gives you a better shot at not just securing their services, but also potentially collaborating on some pre-wedding shoots or planning sessions.

Off-Peak Gems

Now, here's a secret from us to you: New York's off-peak wedding season is a goldmine of opportunities. If you have some flexibility with your wedding dates, this might be your chance to strike gold. Not only are the venues less crowded, but you might also snag a deal with some of the giants in New York bridal photography. Many top-notch photographers offer special packages or rates during the quieter months, making it a win-win for budget-conscious couples who don't want to compromise on quality.

Questions to Ask the Professional Wedding Photographers in New York

New York City - the haven of romance, glittering skylines, and a photographic community that's truly one-of-a-kind. As you stand on the precipice of one of life’s grandest events, navigating through the plethora of talented lens-wielders can feel like venturing through a forest without a map. Not to fret! We're here to guide you, with some quintessential questions that’ll ensure you snag the right fit for your big day!

Experience and Style

  1. Who are some of the top-rated New York wedding photographers you admire?
  2. How would you describe your specific photography style? Is it more artistic or leans towards classic?
  3. Can you provide examples of weddings where the theme or vision was similar to ours?

Previous Gigs

  1. Can we take a look at your complete wedding portfolios?
  2. Are you one of the famous NYC photographers we might've heard of? Any notable weddings or events you've covered?
  3. In your past weddings, how did you manage to capture raw emotions and the ambiance?

The Nitty-Gritty

  1. Could you walk us through your contract, especially any clauses that might not be standard?
  2. How do you handle image rights and delivery timelines?
  3. Are there any hidden or additional costs we should be aware of?

Plan B Preparations

  1. Do you have a backup plan for equipment malfunctions or other unexpected issues?
  2. How do you handle unforeseen challenges, like bad weather on the day of the shoot?

Wrap-Up Questions

  1. Based on our discussion, how do you envision our wedding shoot?
  2. How far in advance do we need to finalize everything for the wedding day?

Make sure you're armed with these questions to ensure a smooth and clear understanding with your wedding photographer in New York. Remember, clarity now can save potential confusion later!