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KT Merry Photographer

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KT Merry Photographer photo
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7 Reviews for KT Merry

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Gail Married couple on 04 May 2019
From the very beginning KT was accessible and easy to talk to with regards to planning my big day. She made recommendations for other vendors, helped with our timeline, and was familiar with the resort... everything made our planning that much easier! We've only seen proofs so far, but our pictures are absolutely amazing and much more than I expected!
Jessica Married couple on 23 Nov 2019
I knew as soon as I saw her work that she had to be our photographer and it turned out to be a great decision. KT (and her husband, Chad) are awesome to work with! The booking process was very easy and KT works with you to create a timeline for the day's events, as well as any other concerns you may have. Day of shooting is so much fun! KT & Chad work so well together. Everything is seamless and they make it so comfortable. Not to mention, her photos are sick!! Just check out her blog...you'll be sold :) I am currently anxiously awaiting our proofs...I can't wait to see how beautiful they turned out.
Barbie Married couple on 18 Apr 2020
KT has an incredible eye for capturing the small details, loving moments and bringing out the beautiful colors. She and Chad are wonderful to work with and are hardly noticed once the ceremony begins. They are hard workers and work efficiently to photograph everything!!! They did a wonderful job for my wedding and I would recommend to every bride!
Britt Married couple on 03 Jul 2021
I don't even know where to start to describe how wonderful and amazing KT Merry is! I can honestly give her all of the credit for making my wedding a dream come true. KT and her husband Chad are the sweetest, most professional team anyone could ask for. They worked non-stop for hours to capture the most perfect moments, and kept all of us happy and on schedule. Luckily for us, KT and Chad know our portrait location (The Moorings Village, Islamorada) and our wedding location (Pierre's Restaurant, Islamorada) better than anyone, and orchestrated the most perfect photo opportunities. KT also went above and beyond her job as a photographer, and was kind of like a pseudo-wedding planner for us. She had the best suggestions as we planned our wedding, such as doing our first dance on the beach right at sunset. KT also shot our engagement photos, which were beautiful, so we absolutely can't wait to see our wedding photos! She is a dream! There is no better photographer out there! I promise!!!
Andrea Married couple on 12 Oct 2019
When it came time to start planning my wedding, I knew photography was going to be the most important aspect for me- even more than my wedding dress and venue. After all, why bother with the rest of the details if you're not going to have great photos to remember and cherish them by? I considered many other photographers and I'm so happy I chose KT Merry. KT Merry is truly a master of her craft and very few can match up to her vision and talent. She is kind and always extremely professional- you will feel at ease having her around as she guides you during the photography and captures your intimate moments. I would definitely recommend KT Merry.
Elizabeth Married couple on 16 May 2020
KT Merry represents the cream of the crop when it comes to destination wedding photography. KT (& her partner, Chad) were true professionals and absolutely spectacular to work with throughout every stage of our destination wedding in Harbour Island, from the planning process, to the day of the wedding, to ordering albums & prints. The quality of her work is incredible - a quick look through her portfolio will show you that - but what sets KT Merry apart is her attention to small details that went above & beyond my expectations & relieved so much stress for me as a bride. For example, when they began predicting thunderstorms for the day of our outdoor, on-the-beach ceremony, KT emailed to tell me she had some beautiful umbrellas that she would bring to the island with her that she thought would be great in pictures, in case it rained (it DID rain, & the umbrellas DID make look great in the photos). She spent time before the wedding scouting locations for shoots & finding extra "props" that were individualized to suit us as a couple & the style of our wedding. KT made us feel like "our day" was every bit as important to her as it was to us, & went out of her way to ensure that we got everything that we wanted. My husband & I feel awkward in front of a camera, but KT put is at ease, coached us through it & made sure that we looked great & confident in all of our photos. The people I spent the most time with on my wedding day, other than my husband, were our photographers, but KT & Chad made the process of taking portraits a little more fun for everyone involved & kept a fast, energetic pace that kept us on schedule (& made the portrait sessions fly by). To my delight, KT has been every bit as professional & attentive to us since our wedding as she was the day of the wedding, & has been patient & flexible in helping me create a wedding album that is everything I dreamed of (& high quality enough to do her photos justice). 5 stars is not enough!
Lisa Married couple on 05 May 2022
KT and Chad were the best team for my elaborate wedding day! We absolutely love our beautiful photos and so thankful for the memories they captured for us! I had been photographing weddings 10 years by the time I got married so I was excited to work with someone who was so talented and had a great eye for detail.


KT Merry
Photographer KT Merry About me

Began my career assisting some of the top fashion photographers in the world. They taught me all about lighting, composition, style, and working on the road. But when it came time to embark on my own shooting career, I yearned to create images with a deeper meaning images without a shelf life. Something more than a trendy glossy for a passing season. I wanted to capture the stories, moments, and feelings that endure. For the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of documenting adventurous, exceptional couples, as they celebrate their marriage and take their relationships to deeper levels of commitment, exploration, and enduring love. Working seamlessly with my husband and business partner, Chad, we seek to balance the curated with the raw, and composed with the real. We’re there to tell the authentic story of a couple’s wedding day and the journey they took to get there. Yes, I’m devoted to my art, but I value our client’s experience and the impact of our work above all. In a quest for photography with meaning, images that capture fleeting moments, and oft forgotten details, we apply the same principles and practices we’ve developed for our signature wedding photography to our work with major fashion houses, editorial partners, and our true passion project: Render Loyalty.


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What percentage of users recommend KT Merry and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

KT Merry is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Based in the city of love, Paris, KT Merry has become synonymous with capturing the essence of one's special day through her wedding photography. Bringing a touch of elegance and timelessness to every picture she snaps, her work is nothing short of an artform. As a testament to her skill and dedication, KT has been adorned with four prestigious Wezoree Awards, a reflection of the extraordinary experiences she creates for each couple.

Reviewers from Wezoree.com have been effusive in their praise, with a total of seven clients sharing their personal stories and experiences. Lisa, a seasoned photographer herself, chose KT for her keen eye and the ability to eternalize the opulence of her wedding day. The emotions and beauty enshrined in each photo narrate the story of Lisa's nuptial bliss, highlighting KT's exceptional talent in recognizing and capturing those fleeting moments.

Elizabeth adds another gleaming accolade, heralding KT as the epitome of destination wedding photography excellence. She commends not only the artistic nature of KT's portfolio but the remarkable focus on nuanced details that greatly elevated her wedding experience. KT's forward-thinking approach and her contingency planning for an unforeseen stormy weather scenario exhibits her dedication to perfection and client satisfaction.

Andrea's and Britt's testimonials further echo KT's professional caliber. Andrea underscores the paramountcy of photography in her wedding, expressing unbridled joy for choosing KT's unrivaled vision and expertise. Britt's endearing words paint a picture of a photographer who transcends her role, adding immense value and seamless coordination to her wedding day, leaving an indelible impression not just on the photos but on the heart.

Clients of KT cherish memories framed in the best of light, angles, and emotions, owing to her and her partner, Chad's methodical approach towards making each wedding a uniquely captured tale. From intimate moments to grand spectacles, they ensure every facet of the celebration is commemorated with panache and dynamism.

KT Merry’s photography is more than a service; it's an experience where professionalism meets passion. Her wedding photography not only reflects the highest standards in the field but also encapsulates the joy, romance, and splendor of a wedding day. As a Wezoree community vendor, KT stands out as a beacon of excellence, immortalizing love stories through her lens. Those fortunate to have their journey documented by her, unequivocally recommend this Parisian magician of memories to any couple dreaming of a picture-perfect wedding.