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What is a reasonable price for wedding flowers?

If you’re hosting a small or medium size wedding, the flowers would cost $10,000 on average. Still, the cost of a florist for a wedding in spacious locations can get rather high - up to $50,000 and more.

How much does wedding floral decoration cost?

The overall cost is about 8-10% of the whole wedding budget. When you hire a wedding florist, a bouquet for a bride can cost $500 on average, while the price of the bridesmaid’s bouquet is $300. Contact wedding florists directly on the Wezoree and find out the precise answer.

What does a florist do for a wedding?

Wedding florists create the mood and the beautiful look of your celebration. They decorate the wedding venue, reception table and can even work with the cake designers.

How much do wedding flowers cost?

Couples spend between $8000 and $25,000 on wedding flowers. You can always reduce the wedding florist cost by choosing less expensive flowers or premium silks.
It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly how much wedding floristry will cost you. But when discussing the budget, we recommend you to pay attention to their previous works and find out the specific cost. Choosing flowers out of season will cost a pretty penny. So this option is not always correct. Nevertheless, it will allow you to form your vision of the budget for flowers and decor.

Why do you need a Wedding florist?

Nothing will create the vibe of your celebration more than wedding flowers. Whatever style you choose for your special day, they are sure to create the right atmosphere. Planning your big day is impossible without the task of hiring a florist.

For the day of your marriage, you need a specialist you can rely on. This person should make a realistic budget, and be able to advise options that are ideal for your celebration. This specialist must be reliable and responsible. You definitely do not want to worry about whether the necessary flowers will be delivered on time, whether they won’t be fresh, or if there will be other floristry instead of the one you approved.

Wezoree has an extensive base of professional wedding florists, but before signing a contract it’s recommended to be aware of a few important things. We prepared an ultimate guide that helps you to find a real professional who can bring all your ideas to life.

When Should You Hire a Florist for a Wedding?

Before hiring a wedding florist you should:

determine the place of celebration. Remember that you first need to book a venue. Then you can think about ideas for decor and what kind of flowers to use.Know the exact date of the celebration. The variety and cost of flowers vary greatly depending on the season.

It is recommended that you start looking for a vendor as soon as you decide you want to have a wedding. From 10 months to a year is just the time that brides usually spend looking for a specialist. If the date of your big day is in the peak wedding season, then you should start looking for a vendor earlier in order not to limit yourself in choice. The earlier you have the florist for a wedding booked, the better it is for your big day!

How to Find a Wedding Florist?

Get the Inspo

Use all sorts of resources to help you find out what ideas of floral decor for a wedding could be and how they can be integrated into your big day. Pinterest boards, Instagram posts and stories, Tik Tok videos, and many other social media and professional websites will be your help.

Style Matters

Whether you are a fan of lush floral decorations for a wedding or prefer tall centerpieces, you'll definitely find your perfect vendors. However, you should know that florists work in various styles as well as other wedding professionals like photographers or make-up artists. Some of them will suit the arrangements in modern style while the others will perfectly match minimalism. Specify which ones you like most and then describe them to the florist.

Choose a Color Palette

When you have finally decided on the options for color compositions that you like the most and which fit the style, it's time to decide on the color scheme. It will be easier for the florist to offer certain options for flowers and greenery so that everything looks beautifully and harmoniously.

Specify Your Needs

Flowers can be everywhere and you need to understand this. When it comes to the wedding, a stylish bouquet and boutonniere are not enough. The ceremony aisle should look perfect as well as every table in the venue you choose for the reception. As soon as you specify your search, you have an opportunity to determine the budget.

Budget It All

According to the research, couples spend about 8-10 percent of the budget on wedding florists suppliers, decor&flowers. All of this depends on many factors, not just your taste preferences. One venue may require a lot more expenses compared to the other. The number of guests also influences the final amount. Be prepared to pay more for luxurious floral arrangements or if you want to choose flowers out of season. You’ll understand that wedding decor with peonies will cost much more in December, right? When calculating an overall budget don't forget to include additional charges, taxes and various tips.

Be sure a professional wedding florist will provide you with all necessary information both on how much you’ll spend on flowers and ways to save.

Take into Account Recommendations

If you have recently been a guest at a wedding and seen the work of a particular wedding florist, then this will be an additional plus. But if you did not have such an opportunity, you can always ask for advice from couples who have already worked with a particular vendor. Ask them all the questions that may interest you.

Where to look for recommendations and reviews?

On the Internet, on social networks, on professional websites, ask friends and relatives. You can also ask for advice from wedding professionals that you have already hired for your celebration. Their experience will help you make the final choice. On the Wezoree you'll for sure find a florist open to your ideas and capable of realizing them.

Check Out Real Weddings

On the Wezoree platform, you can review real wedding stories and see the whole wedding team who were engaged in the specific wedding. You will be able to contact a vendor who created floral arrangements and another decor you like.

Personal Interview Is a Must

Be sure to schedule a meeting. So you can evaluate whether it will be comfortable for you to work together. You can tell a florist a lot, but it's best if every idea is saved and you can show it. To make it easier and faster for a specialist to choose options for you, we recommend that you inform him/her about what kind of dress the bride and bridesmaids will have, and if there is an opportunity to show them, be sure to use it.

Florist for wedding near me

You may have a gorgeous dress and an amazing wedding cake, but only flowers can create a special feeling of fun, excitement, and celebration. If you want your guests to spend an amazing evening in a beautifully decorated space, you should consider finding a florist near me for a wedding.

Flowers change the environment, create a special romantic vibe and transform a regular venue into a magical celebration. That’s why it is crucial to find a professional who would bring some magic to your big day. And if you choose local wedding florists, they probably have experience working in the venue you choose for the celebration, know specific aspects and can organize floral decor better.

What to discuss with the florist before the wedding?

Discuss floral design for a wedding down to the smallest detail:

  • Which flowers and greenery will be used?
  • What do you need to rent and what's the price?
  • How much should you pay for a setup?
  • How much will you spend on a breakdown?

Decide whether you want to use fresh flowers in the decor or consider the option of premium silks. Some couples also prefer to mix both of them. It's up to you what to choose.

What services does a wedding florist provide?

A wedding florist can make your celebration unforgettable by creating that special atmosphere of intimacy, closeness, and tenderness. Modern professionals provide a large variety of services to meet all the client’s needs and preferences. Wedding florists typically:

  • prepare ceremonial flowers;
  • make their flower design;
  • take care of reception flowers;
  • rent vases and candles.

Usually, florists deliver and set up the flowers, and return at the end of the party to collect the rented items.

Specify which floral elements you need for your special day. The average cost of a florist for a wedding depends on all of the following:

  • bridal bouquet (the cost varies from $500 to $1,500) and a boutonniere for a groom;
  • the ceremony florals (arches, arbors and other elements);
  • flower girl crowns and petals;
  • ring bearer's cushion;
  • church florals (in case you have a ceremony in the curch);
  • floral decor for the reception (which floral garlands you would like to see at your wedding, centerpiece collections, head table for bride and groom, tables for guests, cake table).

Ask your florist to prepare two options based on your vision: the simplest and most minimalist option on a budget, and the best-case package.

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