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I love to get to know whoever I’m photographing and get them relaxed in front of the camera by ta...

$ 12 000 Аverage price
$ 12 000 Аverage price

To me, photography is so much more than just hiring another vendor. And that's why you sh...

$ 4 000 Аverage price

Hi there, I’m Tanya, a wedding+ lifestyle photographer based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida an...

$ 5 000 Аverage price

Nadya Vysotskaya Photography is a San Francisco photographer with more than 10 years of experience i...

$ 5 000 Аverage price

I am glad to capture every unforgettable moment for yours and collect each of precious happiness. Th...

$ 4 200 Аverage price

Photography runs in my family, my Mom & my Grandpa thought how to use a camera. My Photography Carri...

$ 3 500 Аverage price
$ 4 000 Аverage price

I became camera-obsessed after experiencing some of the most significant moments of my life. As a 30...

$ 3 000 Аverage price

Now, thanks to my own photographs I can feel the joy of reuniting with my husband after several mont...

$ 3 200 Аverage price

Wedding photographer

$ 4 000 Аverage price

Joss Li is a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He lives with his wife Stephanie and ...

$ 4 000 Аverage price

Originally from Thailand, I’ve been blessed to live my own love story. My wife and I remember our ...

$ 9 000 Аverage price

Inez is a storyteller first and a photographer second. She captures her subjects in their most natur...

$ 3 800 Аverage price

I am a Bay Area based wedding, elopement, and lifestyle photographer. My story begins in my early te...

$ 3 500 Аverage price

Hi! I'm Helena and I'm a Full-time Wedding Photographer based in San Francisco. (yes, I ...

$ 6 500 Аverage price
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How to find a wedding photographer in San Francisco?

Use Wezoree to find your perfect wedding photographer in San Francisco. Hiring that very desirable professional involves lots of time and devotion. You are continually colliding with miscellaneous manners and seeking to consider what is more precise to your idea of the ideal wedding day. Simply documenting your wedding day won't be enough. Nowadays, a high-quality professional has an opportunity to take not boring photos, but a piece of art. The specialist should represent your day as an entire story, without missing anything and focusing on the most decisive moments for husband and wife. It’s not enough just to take a beautiful portrait of a married couple. A skilled professional will also highlight the mood, owing to photos with views and neighborhoods, paying exceptional attention to diverse elements.

How to find a San Francisco wedding photographer near me?

If your purpose is to meet “SF photographer for a wedding near me” Wezoree recommends to make smaller the list of professionals to about five San Francisco photographers near me for a wedding. We advise you to write or call them and talk. You’ll discover if they have your date free, and also ask about the San Francisco price for wedding photographers. Tell the photographer about your special occasion, yourself, the location, your tastes, and your goals for working together.

What to ask a wedding photographer in San Francisco?

  • Specify the information about the wedding contract for photographers and read it carefully
  • Specify the information if the photographer works alone or in a team. You have no idea how working in a team is better not only for the photographer but also for you.
  • Ask how long it takes to process pictures and how you will get them. Be sure to designate the near quantity. If you have a desire to get your pictures swiftly, ask whether there is such a chance, and how much you need to extra pay for this service.
  • Discover if the photographer prints a wedding album. If so, what choices can he/she propose to you? Ask whether it is included in the price or how much it costs.

Why hire a professional photographer in San Francisco?

He will be able to grant you advice on where it is better to have a photo shooting, how long each part of the photoshoot will last, support you so that you feel calm, and explain to you how to perform in front of the camera and look stunning in the pictures. Many couples wrongly anticipate that they just pay the wedding photographer for the time they spend with them at their event. This is huge false. You get not only pictures, but a pro shares opinions and experience with you toward doing the best and getting the desired result. You will spend hours talking during the preparation. And a photographer will spend lots of time working on your pictures after the wedding. So most of the task is behind the scene.

Should I inform the photographer what is decisive to me at the wedding?

Maybe you have a desire to have more shots together, or family values are vital to you and you have a desire to see more pictures with relatives and close friends. He/She must be familiar with it.

Photographers are some of the people who will spend the most time with you at your wedding. Therefore, it is very important that you feel on the same wavelength. The main goal is not to notice the best, but to meet “your own”.

Should I catch a glimpse of up-to-date wedding photoshoots by the best wedding photographers in San Francisco?

This field is continually progressing, so shots taken even a year ago may likely differ from the newest ones. Study the social networks of the chosen photographer, which will give a chance to you not only to see photos but also to understand him/her a little as a person.

Do I need to order a pre-wedding photo session in San Francisco?

Despite how many works of the pro you look at, you see other couples, not yourself. It's an amazing opportunity to do an engagement photoshoot and understand your specialist better. Then when the day of your marriage comes, you will be much more relaxed. As a result, we strongly recommend organizing a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Determining a wedding photographer in San Francisco is a highly essential and tough goal. Leaving no stone unturned for a photographer is not just a task to meet any pro who will suit you with a cost. When you choose a professional, there are lots of drawbacks that should be taken care of beforehand. The essential proposal is to opt for a photographer in San Francisco taking into account all main factors. We are pretty assured that you’ll opt for a huge quantity of proficient specialists for your union and the Inspiration blog are ready to assist you. With our stimulation, you'll notice a specialist that will match your identity.

How to find a professional wedding photographer in San Francisco

A professional wedding photographer in San FranciscoPhoto by @sarowlyphoto

When Picking a photographer you should pay attention to:

  • Do you need an elopement photographer in SF?
  • What are the most suitable elopement packages for photography in San Francisco?
  • Revise the best wedding photographers in SF
  • Discover affordable wedding photographers in SF
  • Define whether the wedding photographer cost is suitable for you
  • Whether it is worth picking a cheap wedding photographer
  • Monitor SF wedding photographer prices and how they differ by season
  • See existing wedding photography packages

Select SF wedding photographer style your couple appreciate

SF wedding photographer style your couple appreciatePhoto by @nvysotskaya_photography

Indicate the San Francisco wedding photography genre you like most. Primarily you demand to become aware of all genres of wedding photography and then select the best one that is right for your special day

. Some people single out posed shots while others stop their choice at natural and entertaining wedding photos in San Francisco. Real-life photos and experiments in photography will suitable for some couples. To detect it correctly Wezoree thinks highly of recommending you to browse various SF real wedding photos and specify pics that are closest to your taste.

Tip: keep your eye peeled on reviewing varied San Francisco photographers and save the ones you admire the most.

Depend on your wedding photographer

Find a best wedding photographerPhoto by @kevinchinphotog

They have an opportunity to find the best light to take your most necessary concepts come true. They have enough understanding at miscellaneous weddings to cope even with hard situations if there are any. Be open with your pro and be sure to explain to him how you feel, especially if you are worried about something or you are unclear about some organizational questions.

Wedding Photoshoot Packages in San Francisco

Best Wedding Photoshoot Packages in San FranciscoPhoto by @jessicakay_photo

Various SF wedding photography packages are created to cover the different needs of couples.

Every couple can choose different wedding packages according to their needs:

  • 2 Hours basic wedding photography packages SF:
  • Budget wedding packages that include registration of marriage without a ceremony
  • Affordable wedding photography packages that include registration of marriage with a ceremony
  • 4 Hours budget wedding photography packages San Francisco (for shooting registration of marriage and taking couple photos)
  • 6 Hours photographer packages and prices (The photosession can start in the morning and last till your ceremony or last from the ceremony to the end of the celebration)
  • 8 Hours photographer packages and prices SF (Usually they start in the morning and include Boudoir wedding photography packages, getting ready photos, a wedding ceremony, photos with guests)
  • 10 Hours Wedding photography prices SF & packages (If you want photographers to highlight not only your ceremony and getting ready photos, but also reception, first dance, and photos with guests)
  • More than 12 Hours of all-inclusive wedding packages in San Francisco (For couples who want every moment of their special day to be captured)
  • Engagement photoshoot in SF (there’re Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Packages SF)
  • Destination wedding packages San Francisco
  • Trash-the-dress photoshoots in SF

The package usually includes:

  • duration of work (you can specify a full package from the beginning to the end of your wedding day or choose the Wedding Ceremony Photoshoot Package ),
  • wedding photography price
  • several photographers or important information about the team (Varied packages consist of the work of one photographer, two photographers, or a photographer with an assistant.)
  • wedding albums.

The last two services are optional and are usually additional services, so you should extra pay for them.

How much does a wedding photographer in San Francisco cost?

The cost of a wedding photographer in San Francisco differs depending on what exact services you expect to have. After you have looked at the work of varied professionals and chosen which ones you like, you should ask them about the cost. Be sure to define what includes the San Francisco photographer cost for weddings. Each specialist will be able to notify you of their price.