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Moving Mountains Studios is a Charlotte-based team of wedding photographers and videographers commit...

$ 4 500 Аverage price


I shoot everything - weddings, families, headshots, boudoir, ev...

$ 1 500 Аverage price

Let me introduce myself real quick so that you can get to know me better! I have always been intrigu...

$ 4 000 Аverage price

As our wedding photography business grew, it quickly became obvious that one of us was going to have...

$ 8 000 Аverage price


How to find a wedding photographer in Charlotte?

Use Wezoree to find your perfect wedding photographer in Charlotte. To find that certainly, desirable ace involves much time and loyalty. Couples are uniformly encountered with different genres and attempting to inspect everything to be prepared for their beautiful big day. Only documenting your special day won't be insufficient. Right now, a top-rated photographer has an opportunity to take not just usual photos, but a work of art. The photographer should highlight your big day as a full story, without missing anything and focusing on the most essential moments for your couple. It’s not enough just to take a dazzling portrait of the husband and wife. A professional specialist will also represent the atmosphere, owing to pictures with scenes and locations, paying important attention to various details.

How to find a Charlotte wedding photographer near me?

If your aim is to find “a photographer for wedding near me” Wezoree recommends narrowing the list of professionals to about five Charlotte photographers for weddings near me. We advise you to write or call them and communicate. You’ll know exactly if they have your date free, and also ask about Charlotte's price for a wedding photographer. Explain to the photographer about your special day, yourself, the place for celebration, and your tastes and intentions for working together.

What to ask a wedding photographer in Charlotte?

  • Discuss the wedding photographer contract and read it from beginning to end.
  • Specify the information if the professional works on his own or in a team. You have no idea how better is working in a team not only for the chosen specialist but also for you.
  • Ask how long it takes to process photographs and how you will get them. Be sure to indicate the close quantity.
  •  If you have a desire to get your shots quickly, ask whether there is such an opportunity, and how much you demand extra pay for this service.
  • Find out if the photographer works on a wedding album. If so, what options can he offer you? Ask whether it is included in the package or how much it costs.

Why hire a professional photographer in Charlotte?

He will be able to give you a proposal on where it is better to organize a photo session, how long each part of the shooting will take, help you feel at ease, and inform you how to work in front of the camera and look natural in the pictures. A great number of newlyweds erroneously consider that they just pay the wedding pro for the time he/she spends with them at their wedding. This is false. You get not only photos but a specialist shares recommendations and insight with you to do the finest pics and get the required result. You will spend hours speaking during the preparation, considering all the decisive details. And the photographer will spend time retouching your pictures after the wedding. So most of the task is in the background.

Should I inform the photographer what is important to you at the wedding?

Maybe you expect to achieve more photos together, or family values ​​are urgent to you and you want to see more photographs with relatives and close friends. He/She must know about it.

Photographers are some of the specialists who will spend the most time with you on your special day. For that reason, it is exceedingly vital that you feel on the same wavelength. The essential job is not to meet the best, but to find “your own”.

Should I view the most recent works of the best wedding photographers in Charlotte?

This sphere is continually evolving, so it is very likely that photos taken even a year ago might differ from up-to-date ones. Follow the social networks, which will give a chance to you to observe the latest pictures and to get to know him/her a little as a person.

Do I need to order a pre-wedding photo session in Charlotte?

Despite how many photoshoots of the professional you observe, you examine other weddings, not yours. It's a stunning idea to plan an engagement photoshoot to get to know your pro better. Then on your big day, you will be much calmer. For that reason, we extremely recommend planning a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Choosing a professional wedding photographer in Charlotte is certainly a vital purpose. Leaving no stone unturned for a photographer is not just an aim to find any ace who will suit you with a price. When it comes to photographer selection, there are lots of drawbacks that should be taken care of earlier. The principal advice is to select a photographer in Charlotte responsibly. We’re pretty convinced that you’ll hire a huge number of brilliant vendors for your marriage and Wezoree are ready to guide you. With our help, you'll acquire a pro that will suit your genre and singularity.

How to find a professional wedding photographer in Charlotte

A professional wedding photographer in CharlottePhoto by @samanthalaffoon

When Picking a photographer you should keep your eye peeled on:

  • Do you need an elopement photographer in Charlotte?
  • What are the most suitable Charlotte elopement packages for photography?
  • Revise the best wedding photographers
  • Disclose affordable wedding photographers in Charlotte
  • Specify whether the wedding photographer cost is suitable for you
  • Whether it is worth Choosing cheap wedding photographers in Charlotte
  • Monitor wedding photographer prices and how they vary by season
  • Uncover existing Charlotte wedding photography packages

Come upon with wedding photographer style you appreciate

How to find a wedding photographer in CharlottePhoto by @maryanasphotography

Specify Charlotte's wedding photography style you admire most. First, you should become aware of all manner of wedding photography and then choose the best one that fits your special day. Some brides prefer posed shots while others pick natural and entertaining wedding photos in Charlotte. Some couples like real-life pictures and experiments in photography. To learn all of this Wezoree thinks highly of recommending you to browse miscellaneous Charlotte real wedding photos and find those ones that are closest to your liking.

Tip: take notice of reviewing varied Charlotte photographers and save the ones you appreciate the most.

Trust your wedding photographers

Find your wedding photographers in CharlottePhoto by @sincerelysadiephotography

They have the possibility to acquire the best light to take your most required ideas to come to life. They have enough understanding at various weddings to handle even challenging situations if there are any. Be open with your specialist and be sure to inform him/her how you feel, exceptionally if you are distracted about something or you are unclear about some organizational concerns.

Wedding Photoshoot Packages in Charlotte

Best Wedding Photoshoot Packages in CharlottePhoto by @samanthalaffoon

Various wedding photography packages are created to cover the different needs of couples.

Every couple can choose various wedding packages according to their needs:

  • 2 Hours basic wedding photography packages in Charlotte:
  • Budget wedding packages that include registration of marriage without a ceremony
  • Affordable wedding photography packages that include registration of marriage with a ceremony
  • 4 Hours budget wedding photography packages Charlotte (for shooting registration of marriage and taking couple photos)
  • 6 Hours photographer packages and prices (The photosession can start in the morning and last till your ceremony or last from the ceremony to the end of the celebration)
  • 8 Hours photographer packages and prices in Charlotte (Usually they start in the morning and include Boudoir wedding photography packages, getting ready photos, a wedding ceremony, photos with guests)
  • 10 Hours Wedding photography prices Charlotte & packages (If you want photographers to highlight not only your ceremony and getting ready photos, but also reception, first dance, and photos with guests)
  • More than 12 Hours of all-inclusive wedding packages in Charlotte (For couples who want every moment of their special day to be captured)
  • Engagement photoshoot in Charlotte (there’re Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Packages in Charlotte)
  • Destination wedding packages
  • Trash-the-dress photoshoots

The package usually includes:

  • duration of work (you can select a full package from the beginning to the end of your celebration or choose the Wedding Ceremony Photoshoot Package ),
  • wedding photography price
  • a number of photographers or detailed information about the team (Specific packages consist of the work of one photographer, two photographers, or a photographer with an assistant.)
  • wedding albums.

The last two services are optional and are usually additional services, so you should extra pay for them.

How much does a wedding photographer in Charlotte cost?

The price of a wedding photographer in Charlotte change based on what precise services you want to achieve. After you have looked at the work of numerous pros and selected which ones you like, you should ask them about the price. Be sure to mention what includes Charlotte's photographer cost for a wedding. Each pro will be able to acquaint you with their price.