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Marilyn on 24 Aug 2019
Working with Kat Ma and her team has been amazing. I can't believe her pricing is so reasonable because the quality of her work definitely matches and exceeds the work of people charging 3-4x what she charges.
A friend had been in a wedding that Kat shot in the past, and she said - "this photographer - she gets stuff done!." I'm all about being efficient, so I thought - I like her already! From our first video chat interview (before we chose her), it was clear that she would be our photographer. She had shot at our venue before and pointed out lighting issues to us and knew how to deal with it, and she already had ideas on what to do for our first look photos. Engagement photos were great, and she got us the photos in less than 48 hours. When it came to wedding day, she showed up on time and was so on point. She got so many great shots in, was good at making people laugh, and she definitely got things done. She did a lot of mother-daughter shots, which meant the world to my mom, and she did a first look with my bridesmaids, which I had never thought of before, and it was so much fun. She helped move furniture and poured champagne just to make sure we could get stuff done. In the end, we get to do the previously suggested first look shots, and it looked so good. From the actual wedding, she captured everything, and most amazingly, she got us a sneak peek gallery in LESS THAN 12 HOURS after the wedding! People wait months for photos, and she already had some ready for us the next morning, which was amazing. I keep getting comments on how people love the photos already - she was artistic, creative, and great with lighting. I'm so glad we went with Kat Ma - she has so much energy and is so great at what she does, and she really did get all the shots we wanted in a short amount of time. We loved working with her !
Jennifer on 03 Oct 2020
I don’t even know where to begin with Kat. From the very first phone call I already knew we would get along- we talked as if we were friends for years! It was so organic that I automatically had no worries about how our e shoot and wedding day would turn out.
It’s obvious she’s done her fair share of events as she knew exactly what to expect and how to organized everything. She had no problem suggesting places for our e shoot and ultimately just had a fun time around the city. Before our wedding day she helped set up our timeline which we used also for the videographer and my day of coordinator. Day of went as planned. My husband and his groomsmen loved working with Tam(her #2 photographer). He too was so easy to get along with. I forgot to make a call list for family pictures after the ceremony and we only had 15mins to get the pictures done. She was a machine- so organized getting people in and out of the pictures even my family was amazed at how fast it went. We have received our pictures in a timely manner and love them so much!! I can’t thank Kat and Tam enough for being so easy to work with. Miss you guys!!
Yie P. on 17 Oct 2020
YOU GUYS! Kat Ma Photography is the bomb.com for real! It was such a pleasure working with Kat. When I first got engaged, she was actually the first vendor I contacted because I knew I needed her lol. As a new future bride, I didn't know what to expect in planning a wedding. Kat not only answered all my questions, she gave me really good advice about other areas of wedding planning outside of her services which was so helpful. Kat is super responsive and quick. I can literally blink a couple of times after sending her an email and I'll see a response in my inbox.
My husband and I are very awkward and goofy so we were nervous of how we'd look in the pictures (hella derp lol). Kat made us feel so comfortable and it was so much fun! She gave us the direction we needed and we couldn't be happier with the photos. We had several follow-up phone meetings to go over the wedding day timeline and again, Kat gave me advice on things I wouldn't have even thought about considering when finalizing the schedule. The big day arrived! Kat was on time and she went to work! I had 8 bridesmaids so you can only imagine the chaos that was happening in the hotel room. Took some awesome pictures and headed to the church where we met our second shooter, Tam. He was also very nice! Took some more awesome pictures after the ceremony then we headed to our next location for wedding party photos. 8 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, me, and my husband so a party of 16. As organized and attentive we all tried to be, with that many bodies, it can be hard but Kat was really good at keeping us on time and focused, of course having fun all at the same time! At the reception, Kat and Tam were so helpful. We had a table to table toast in our timeline (25 tables) and I didn't want to allocate too much time to that and Kat kept us on schedule so I had more time to dance! She and Tam were like ninjas because they were never in the way but still able to capture awesome moments. My husband and I, and everyone else, loved how the photos turned out! Exceeded our expectations, no doubt! I never doubted my choice in choosing Kat and her team. How can you pass up on an awesome, skilled team who also love puppies and boba as much as I do?! THANK YOU, KAT MA PHOTOGRAPHY!
Deanna on 07 Nov 2020
Finding a photography is always hard! While browsing through Instagram, a friend posted a picture of engagement photos. I clicked to see who it was and the rest were history. Kat's pictures we're all amazing and it was definitely the vibe I wanted.
I immediately contacted her and she was quick to response. She was super funny and friendly and even provided a reasonable price for my wedding package. She was very flexible in what I wanted and wanted to ensure I was happy with everything. On the day of the wedding, her team was quick and efficient. They we're able to capture every moment so quickly, that we had extra time to take pictures with family and friends. I would definitely recommend Kat and her team if they are in need of a wedding photographer! Hands down the best :)
Hong-An on 06 Mar 2021
Kat and her team are the best! They were so fun and easy to work with. Throughout the whole process, Kat was super responsive with communicating and we really appreciated that. She was very accommodating and professional. Kat helped me so much on my wedding day and I am so grateful for her! My husband and I are so happy with the photos that Kat and her team captured. We can’t recommend her enough!
Lena N. on 04 Apr 2020
We're so glad we found Kat. We were referred to her by several different friends and when we saw her work on her website, we knew she was the one. Working with her was probably the easiest part of wedding planning. She was quick to reply to our emails and made time to have phone meetings to discuss ideas and recommendations. She is a very talented, experienced, and humble photographer. We told her we wanted to include our dogs in the wedding photos, and being a fellow dog fanatic herself, she was all ears. Her team is amazing to work with also. They had us and our bridal party laughing the whole day. Working with them was so much fun. The day of the wedding, she tried her best to make sure we were comfortable. She was not afraid to take charge or lend a hand if needed. Her talented work is indescribable. She captured moments I could only dream of. We are so in love with our photos and our experience working with her. Her photos are a joyous reminder of the fun and excitement we had on our wedding day and we could not thank her enough!
Jenna on 15 May 2021
Kat and her team were incredible to work with. Kat herself guided us from the first phone call through the day of, always being clear, prompt, respectful and on top of every ask. We purchased a package that came with an engagement shoot, wedding shoot and a print. The price was really fair and the end product was phenomenal! Along the process we were really impressed by her ability to develop a vision while ensuring our needs/wants were being addressed. On the day of she and her team were like magicians, getting a multitude of incredible shots without causing an disruption or distractions. At the reception we were blown away by her team's ability to (respectfully) direct traffic such that we could nab all the photos in a quick and efficient manner, ensuring that we weren't kept from our guests for long. The ending package of edited photos arrived quickly and were beautiful. 10/10 across the board.
Diana C. on 26 Jun 2021
Kat and team were all and more than I hoped for.
1. Personality-She’s super funny, easygoing, and chill. This made it very easy for my husband and I, who are shy and introverted people, as she made us feel comfortable and told us what to do 2. Photos-They look amazing. I love that she has a variety of romantic photos and more dramatic photos. They captured moments beautifully and the emotions of the day. 3. Support-Kat and Tam took care of everything during the wedding day and the prep beforehand. I planned the wedding myself so I was overwhelmed with making a schedule. To my joy, during the first call with Kat, she put together the schedule! On the day of, any potential bridezilla moments were avoided because of their help. She directed everyone and when the assigned family member failed to be responsible for wrangling and calling out family photos, it didn’t matter because Kat did all of that herself! 4. Turnaround time-She has an incredible turnaround time. Engagement photos were done within 24hrs and got sneakpeak photos of highlights throughout the wedding day within 24hrs as well!!
Amy on 21 Aug 2021
We love kat ma and her team! They are truly the best at capturing our special moments. It’s really amazing to not only love her photography but her as a human as well. After all these years she’s turned into a friend that we get excited to see when we have milestones we want to capture forever.
kat also gets all the right shots quickly so you can enjoy your moments she then uploads and edits so fast too. So talented! We love her!
Meghan C. on 29 Aug 2020
If you are considering Kat Ma as your wedding photographer, I am here to make planning that much easier for you by saying DO IT! Kat and her team are wonderful people and so talented at what they do!
I heard of Kat Ma from two personal referrals, coworkers, and from my first phone call with her I could tell she was genuine and down to earth. She instantly put me at ease, and I knew that was someone I wanted with me on my wedding day. She ended up already being booked on our wedding day but let us know that Linda and Tam, two photographers on her team, were available and sent me their work. She also assured me that she would still be involved in editing our photos and capturing our engagement shoot. Their work was equally as stunning so we went with our gut and signed the contract, and it was the best decision we could have made. We cannot say enough good things about Linda and Tam! Linda put me at ease the entire day, she was so warm and funny but also firm and laser focused when she needed to give direction and get it done! She made me laugh consistently. Tam was with the groomsmen getting ready, and by the time I saw him at first look he and the guys had an inside joke going. They were EXACTLY what we wanted and needed on our wedding day, and went above and beyond to listen to what we wanted, give us guidance when needed and ultimately make us feel so special. We are starting to get our photos back now and let me just say they are breathtaking. I could go on for longer but I will end by saying you will NOT regret your decision going with Kat Ma photography, you will have gorgeous pictures to last a lifetime. Thank you Linda, Tam and Kat!
Colleen on 26 Sep 2020
This is a long overdue review for Kat and her team. We were referred to Kat by a close friend that worked with Kat in several different weddings. After looking through her website, my future hubby and I were in awe with her photos. We could not be happier with picking Kat and her team as our wedding photographer. Kat and her team are professionals and easy to work with. She’s also willing to travel! Here’s a quick rundown:
Communication – she is super responsive! I usually get a response within the same day. She is sincere, honest, easy to talk to and FUNNY! Engagement Sessions – We live in LA and she made a trip out for our session. My future hubby and I were nervous on how to pose without looking awkward. She made us feel so comfortable. She guided us through and said it may feel weird, but it’ll look amazing…and it did! The photos came out so natural. Wedding Day – She told us that we would be working with Linda and Mark for our big day. She assured us that they are talented in their own ways and trust that they would do an amazing job. Kat said she would still be involved with the whole process and partake in the photo edits. Linda and Mark were phenomenal. They were so sweet and fun to work with. They captured so many photos through the whole day. Everyone complemented on how great the photos came out. Photo Delivery – Kat was fast in getting the photos back to us. With the engagement photos, we needed them sooner because we needed to start printing our STDs. She was able to get it back to us within 3 days! I was expecting that we’d get our wedding photos within 2 months or so, but got them within a month! Bottom line, we would definitely recommend Kat and her team. We would love to work with Kat again! Thank you Kat, Linda and Mark!
Gladys T. on 10 Oct 2020
After we got engaged, one of the first vendors we booked was Kat as our photographer. My husband and I knew quickly to pick Kat and her team after stalking some of their work from friends’ Instagram posts. We both loved the vibe and the style of editing— her work is amazing!
Kat is super quick to respond. I can literally close my emails and open it back up and I see a response! And after our first phone meeting, we learned her super laidback personality and even laughed our a**es off. Kat is super chill and approachable and at the same time attentive when listening to her clients needs and gives helpful advice. We were told that her team Linda and Mark were going to be our photographers and we were bummed at first but she reassured us that they are talented in their own ways and that she would still take part in the editing process and do our engagement shoot. My husband and I were probably Kat’s most awkward & difficult couple lol but she made us feel comfortable during the engagement shoot and we didn’t expect to have so much fun! For our wedding day, Linda and Mark were so sweet and easy to work with. Linda even put me at ease when she saw that I was stressed on time at one point. You could tell they really focused on the important family photos, especially during the tea ceremony. They captured so many great moments of the guests and us, along with detail shots, even with all the chaos that was going on! And they worked so well with our videographers as well. Overall we had so much fun getting our modeling on while enjoying every minute of our big day. We received our photos quickly and are so happy with the results. We can’t wait to see our included enlarged canvas print! Will definitely recommend them to our friends!!
Sally on 09 Oct 2021
We cannot thank Kat Ma and team enough for the laughs, memories, how easy & comfortable they made us feel being in front of the camera, and for capturing the most important day of our lives.
I first met Kat when I was a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding. The team was fun, funny, easy going, and cool to work with. Towards the end of the night, I asked for her biz card and started lurking her IG page and told my then fiancé that we needed to hire her. Kat is amazing, creative, hilarious, and truly one of a kind. Throughout the planning process, she was very responsive (compared to other vendors we’ve worked with), helpful, organized, detailed, and knows her shit. She put together our photo timeline based on the events discussed and finalized it a few weeks before the wedding - this was really helpful to us, our coordinator, and videographer. Kat is thoughtful, caring, and hardworking. Kat and her team showed up on time, professionally dressed, and ready to go. Kat and her team went above and beyond to ensure that my husband and I were happy, hydrated, and having fun throughout the day. Your wedding day really do go by so fast, so when Kat delivered our sneak peak the next morning, we were so happy and excited to relive the moment. And as promised, we got all of our photos within a month! We are really lucky and grateful to have Kat and her team as our photographer. I highly encourage and recommend anyone who’s looking for a fun and professional team to work with to contact Kat! Trust, you won’t regret it. Thanks Kat and Ryan bear!
Jeanette P. on 05 Nov 2020
Kat was recommended to us, a long with a few others, but after chatting with each of them, Kat was the obvious choice. She's hilarious and super easy to work with.
From the initial inquiry to after the wedding day, she was always quick to get back to us. On the day of, she brought her crew, and they were great. I loved that Tam loved my dog. Her intern was super sweet. She was hilarious and rolled with the punches, which made the awkwardness of being photographed less weird. We loved our engagement photos and what we've seen so far from our sneak peeks. We have no doubts the rest of the wedding photos will turn out amazing. She's great at what she does and she is quick! We got sneak peeks just a few days after our wedding day! Just look at the amazing work she's done on Instagram and give her a call if you're in need of a photographer. We rave about her to everyone we know!
Jocelyn L. on 04 Jul 2020
My friend had recommended Kat for our wedding photographer. I had researched other photographers too, but ended up choosing Kat for her artistic style of photos, which also seem to feature your personality too! I haven't received the photos yet, but from the wedding day, I was SUPER pleased with how she ran things. All the family photos were done FAST, and all the combos you could never even think of. She has a loud directing voice, which is perfect for being diligent with getting people in/out of photos. I think we have photos with everyone!
Kat also went with the flow of the day. She was able to seek out rare moments and opportunities on the fly - for ex, she suggested to do the First Look photos on the closed street next to our hotel. I had also thrown a lot of ideas at her regarding locations prior to the wedding day for wedding party photos, first look, etc. and she was very honest ("not the best for lighting," "will be crowded with people," "not enough time," etc.) which I really appreciated. For bridal getting ready photos, she had ideas ready and told us what to do (funny, entertaining way), which I liked b/c it's awkward not knowing what to do in a photo!! Personality wise, she's also hilarious. Would highly recommend Kat for your wedding photographer!!
Danielle P. on 12 Sep 2020
Kat Ma and team were simply amazing. I booked Kat Ma Photography for my September 2020 wedding, which ultimately had to be postponed to 2021 because of the pandemic. Throughout the entire process, Kat was super responsive and helpful. On the day of the wedding, Kat knew exactly how to handle my large wedding party and pushy family members, and for this I am so grateful! My wedding was way less stressful because of the team, and on top of that, we had the most gorgeous photos. I don't consider myself a photogenic person, but Kat and Tam took the most breathtaking photos of my husband and I. We could not be happier with selecting Kat Ma Photography as our wedding photographer. They will not disappoint! Thank you again, Kat!
Jocelyn on 20 May 2021
My husband and I had a good idea of the atmosphere we wanted our photos to have, but we weren’t as knowledgeable as to where or how to achieve our vision. Kat was a plethora of information and helped make our dream come to life. Being a tad camera-shy, I was a bit nervous about posing for the engagement photos but that feeling immediately went away when we started. Kat guided us through it all and her humor made the session feel like a breeze. My husband and I knew we wanted to book Kat again for our wedding photos.
Leading up to the day, we had to make some last minute changes to the wedding schedule. It was already a stressful time due to the pandemic, but Kat was extremely understanding and accommodating. In the end, we were able to have a beautiful small wedding with our families, and it meant the world to us that Kat not only took amazing photos, but she also coordinated the schedule and made our families feel at home. When we woke up the next morning, the wedding photo previews were already in our inbox. Can you honestly find anyone more devoted? Trust Kat with your big day and you will not regret it. She is a no-nonsense character who truly cares and puts everything into keeping these important memories timeless.
Melody Y. on 07 Aug 2021
Kat was hands down our favorite wedding vendor! She was so easy to work with, organized, and just a great person all around to work with.
We clicked with Kat from the first time we met her. She has a fiery, spunky personality, which is exactly what we needed to help us be less awkward, loosen up, and smile naturally. Most of the time she is light and fun but when needed, she commands attention especially when having to corral a large group of people for family photos. She's also very honest about what she thinks will work for a shot, and this is the exact direction we needed. In the height of our wedding stress, Kat really shined. She's super organized and even helped us create our wedding timeline. She's been to so many weddings that she gave us ideas for how to best arrange the day so it easily flows from morning to evening. We communicated with Kat several times throughout our wedding planning process and together, we put together a timeline that worked great for us. As a bonus, she's super fast - both with taking pics and a quick turnaround for photos! Kat is truly one of a kind and she really made our big day extra special. By now we've worked with Kat on three different photo sessions and we don't want to work with any other photographer. Thank you Kat!!
M Lee on 21 Aug 2021
I loved having Kat at our wedding. Her photographs are AMAZING, and she's so much fun to work with! Not only was Kat an amazing photographer, but also helped guide us through our entire wedding schedule and much more. Plus she is so responsive and has quick! I honestly cannot imagine how my wedding would have been like without Kat there by my side. Seriously, hire her! You won't regret it!
Stephanie on 16 Oct 2021
We were so fortunate to come across Kat and her team during our photography search. She was very communicative and personable throughout the whole process; we felt at ease, especially on the wedding day.
She and her team are extremely organized (much appreciated on such a hectic day). She was able to direct our wedding party and family through all the necessary photos and help keep us to our timeline. We loved that she checked in with us during the wedding to see if there were additional moments we wanted captured (outside of what we had discussed). Kat was an amazing vendor to have on our special day. She worked seamlessly with our coordinator and videographer. Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about her and her team. We love every single one of our photos and would highly recommend her.
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Katma is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

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