Why Is a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Important?

  • Publication date: 09/13/2022
  • Updated: 06/01/2023

Is a Pre-Wedding Shoot Necessary?

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There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t give up the idea of getting a pre-wedding photoshoot. The cost isn’t as high as you might think, whereas the advantages it brings are just incomparable to the expenses.

Purpose of Pre-Wedding Shoot

Photo by Melissa and Aziz Photographer

You create the concept, style and costumes, choose a photographer, opt for the place, and pre-wedding shoot background. Then appoint the date and get started! The main idea is to get stunning pictures and accomplish your family album but there are way more reasons to get such a photoshoot. 

Get to Know Your Photographer

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A pre-wedding shoot is a perfect chance to become closer and start to trust your wedding specialist. The shooting is also a great chance to have a little rehearsal before the wedding. You will analyze and see the way your photographer works and communicates with you as a couple. Accordingly, they will find out about your way of comfortable posing and style. So everyone will know what to expect. Additionally, you’ll have more time during such a photoshoot and won’t be as limited as on the wedding day. 

More Confident

Feeling embarrassed about being photographed? A pre-wedding shoot will come in handy! First, you might feel a bit awkward in front of the camera but after a few snaps, it is going to be easier and more comfortable. As a result, after this little practice, you’ll feel super confident at the wedding. 

Get Another Memorable Experience

Let it be your special date. You want to tie the knot, so appreciate every minute and opportunity to spend time together. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a chance to feel new emotions during your engagement period, have fun, and you also get lovely photos as an element of your family story. 

Use the Photographs

You can use the pre-wedding shoot photographs for your wedding purposes. For example, your wedding invitations, website, cards, slideshows, decorations, and so on.

Celebration of the Engagement

luvera photography
Photo by Abby Luvera Photographer

Looking forward to their ‘big day’, many couples forget to mark the engagement as an event of no less importance. Why don’t you use a pre-wedding shoot as an opportunity to emphasize the occasion? One of the options is to play out the proposal and cherish the moments that are vivid in memory.

Wedding Makeup and Hairdo Trial

Let everything go according to your wish and plan. Wedding hairdo and makeup are both essential in a bridal look. So check and test them beforehand. Moreover, you’ll see how the chosen style will work on you in the photos and how long the best effect lasts, especially if you want to have an outdoor photoshoot. 

Capture This Short Special Phase

The wedding is soon and the period of you existing as an engaged couple isn’t that long. Slow down for a minute and enjoy these valuable months. A photoshoot before the wedding is just the thing to cherish these unique moments. 

Things You Need To Know About The Pre-Wedding Photography

Kailee _ Tim Photographer
Photo by Kailee and Tim Photographer

Concepts and Styles

Although a pre-wedding shoot is often thought to be like an engagement photoshoot, there’s a great variety of concepts you can use: traditional, glamorous, casual, or thematic. Therefore they aren’t the same. You are always welcome to add your personal touch to any of the styles and make the shooting unique.

What Makes A Pre-Wedding Shooting Perfect?

Hunter Hart Photographer
Photo by Hunter Hart Photographer

Tell your personal thing, don’t just copy other plots. Think about the development of your couple's story and the way you’d love to express your feelings. That doesn’t mean that you mustn’t look for some inspiration but keep it balanced and harmonious.

What To Prepare For A Pre-Wedding Shoot

Do Your Research

Jim and Christy Photographer
Photo by Jim and Christy Photographer

Consider the concept, location, outfits, and choose the photographer. Search for some ideas and opt for the best ones for you. Don’t combine too many diverse ways to capture your story. It's much better to stick just to some of them you like the most rather than get distracted with the wish to implement all of them.

Let It Go Naturally

Lexi Jaice Photographer
Photo by Lexi Jaice Photographer

Don’t make any impulsive decisions such as changing your hair color or clothes style. Remember, you should feel comfortable and relaxed so it’s better to choose something closer to your lifestyle.

Plan Your Style and Concept

It’s not enough to choose the concept. Follow it! Think over the smallest details and how they will reflect the opted idea. 

Talk To Your Photographer

Jess Palatucci Photographer
Photo by Jess Palatucci Photographer

They might help you with the choice and give some cool options for outstanding spots. You might also be inspired by some of the previous photographer’s works.

Ask About Your Partner’s Wishes

Courtney Simpson Photographer
Photo by Courtney Simpson Photographer

You should both feel enthusiastic and inspired by the idea of getting a pre-wedding shoot. Talk to your beloved about possible options and find a common ground to choose the one that suits both of you. Remember, that communication is the key to success.

Pick the Place

Photos by Yaz
Photo by Photos by Yaz

You may try to combine a few stunning spots but don’t choose the ones that are located too far from each other. Although you’ll have more time than on a wedding day, big distances will increase the pre-wedding shoot price. Therefore you should plan carefully the way you commute and the places you’d like to visit to capture some beautiful photographs. Think about locations that are somehow important for you: first kiss, a special date, or a proposal place.

When To Do A Pre-Wedding Shoot

Not too far and not too close to your wedding. Mind that your photographer may need more time to edit the pictures than you think. Additionally, if you would like to use the photographs for your wedding purposes, start earlier. Of course, it depends on many factors but you shouldn’t put it off. Most couples find it practical to organize a pre-wedding shoot 2-3 months before the wedding whereas others decide to have it earlier or later.

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