10 Top Wedding Hairstyles and Makeup

  • Publication date: 05/24/2022
  • Updated: 01/11/2024

Selecting only one option of the wedding style can become quite daunting, as the number of hairstyles and makeup is limitless. If there is an essential tip you should remember, let it be the following one – stay coherent. Keep in mind all the details of your wedding day and try to maintain the general theme when choosing an appropriate look. Below you’ll find the best recommendations that will help you become a real hit!

Wedding Hairstyles You'll Love

Nowadays, all the trends concerning wedding hairstyles are quite diverse. Basically, you’re absolutely free to do whatever you want without any fear of being out-of-date, whether it’s a classic ponytail or a messy bun. However, when you come to a trial run, narrow down the list to at least two options, and then the hairstylist will suggest the best one.

Classic Low Chignon Photo by nadiahungphotography Classic Low Chignon Photo by heatherpaynephoto

Classic Low Chignon

You can’t go wrong with this elegant updo. It’s a worthy alternative to the traditional topknot, though it looks a bit more romantic and fresh. Moreover, it’s adored by many wedding photographers and videographers all over the world because it reveals the bride’s face. Therefore, the shots turn out to be just perfect without your hair covering half of your face.

Romantic Updo with Flowers Photo by etherandsmith Romantic Updo with Flowers Photo by coreyjohnsonstudios

Romantic Updo with Flowers

It’s impossible to list the most popular wedding hairstyles without mentioning the ones with fragrant natural flowers. You can either pin them chaotically for a dreamy and delicate look, or use them as a unique headpiece instead of the typical tiara. Such a flower crown will be an ideal accessory and a bright accent of the entire outfit.

Long, Smooth Curls Photo by laurenfair Long, Smooth Curls Photo by audrawrisleyphoto

Long, Smooth Curls

In case you’re confused by the numerous wedding hair trends and have no clue which path to choose, there is a great way to resolve the issue. Consider sleek long tresses that will always look gorgeous and perfectly match with every wedding gown. You’ll easily upstage any Hollywood star, looking amazing.

Braided Barrette Photo by corbingurkin Long, Smooth Curls Photo by charlastorey Long, Smooth Curls Photo by thehappybloom 195991390_1220382745077949_8880024741679212333_n.jpg Photo by Ashley Dey

Braided Barrette

Braids have been gaining more and more popularity in recent times. They are rather versatile and fit almost every wedding style. Actually, there are a lot of ways to apply this trend. Tousled hair, gathered in a messy braid, will work perfectly with a beach or boho wedding theme. Whereas fishtail braids, folded in a crown-like way, will go well with romantic or vintage concepts.

Totally Natural CurlsPhoto by xoandfetti

Totally Natural Curls

If you can show off your own natural locks, deter from changing them by choosing something ordinary. Benefit from your original beauty, creating a special wedding updo. To make it all look more festive, top it off with fresh flowers, a delicate tiara or a sparkly headpiece.

Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides

These days, there is no problem to round up a selection of bridal beauty looks because you can spot the same trend in each of them. First and foremost, wedding makeup should be natural and reflect the bride’s character. Stick to more gentle and subtle tones, although make sure the makeup artist can provide you with a long-lasting finish.

Nude Lips and Fluffy Lashes Photo by aliceahnphotography Nude Lips and Fluffy Lashes Photo by charlastorey

Nude Lips and Fluffy Lashes

This one is heartily loved by many brides. It’s the expression of an ideal wedding makeup look at its best. Pinkish nude lips, perfect skin, light blush and expressive eyes. The effect is created by a special type of mascara that gives an incredible volume.

Amber Glow Photo by erichmcvey Amber Glow Photo by andrewbayda_wed

Amber Glow

It’s all about the glossy effect created on the bride’s skin using highlighters and glowing powder. You’ll definitely appreciate radiant, healthy looking and fresh makeup. So, it’s advisable to purchase a nice bronzer that would both suit your skin type and give the final tone you want.

Smokey Natural Photo by juliakaptelova_photography Smokey Natural Photo by andyourstory

Smokey Natural

Refine your usual natural makeup by accentuating the bride’s eyes. Stick to warm brownish and golden tones, use eyeliner and apply lengthening mascara. Smokey eye makeup is not always about dramatic dark eyeshadows, on the contrary, it can delicately accentuate facial features, drawing attention to your charming eyes.

Soft and Simple Photo by stephanieweberphotog Soft and Simple Photo by masha.golub

Soft and Simple

Be careful when picking up this minimal option, because this one you can perform even on your own. Just add some matte foundation, a bit of powder and highlighter, fill in eyebrows and apply some nude lipstick, light blush and that’s it! Isn’t it a really effortless wedding makeup look?

Sweet and Sculpted Photo by gregfinck Sweet and Sculpted Photo by alix.gould

Sweet and Sculpted

If you’re a big fan of facial contouring and often use it in your everyday makeup, here is a modernized version for your wedding day. Add some blush to the apples of your cheeks, and as for the bronzer, apply it to your jawline and the temples for this shiny and sun-kissed effect.

Remember, even if it feels rather challenging to decide on the final wedding look, try to think about this big day and clarify those crucial details that create a strong overall impression. Sooner or later, it will definitely spark an idea of what you really need.

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