15 Reasons to Get Engagement Photoshoot

  • Publication date: 05/08/2022
  • Updated: 05/01/2023

Why do you need to take engagement photos?

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Months of planning and preparing for your ‘big day’ is a challenging task for you as a couple. Wedding photography is a must and one of the greatest investments for many brides and grooms to capture all the priceless moments on the wedding day in the very best way. Whereas you are carefully planning a successful photo shooting, your unique engagement period will fly in the blink of an eye. While rushing around and getting ready you can feel no desire for a pre-wedding photosession but if you find out about reasons to get an engagement photoshoot you’d never ignore this idea!

Know your Photographer Better

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A person that yesterday was a stranger, tomorrow will witness the most precious moments of your life. He isn’t just a guy with a camera. You’re going to spend hours together on your wedding day. Good cooperation and nice results lead to awesome pics you’re waiting for, so start with good communication with your photographer. An engagement session will allow you to spend time with your photographer, get used to their style of work and find the communication key.

Make sure about the result on your wedding day

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Wedding photos are significant as you will never live this day again. Wedding photography is a major investment because the memories of a wedding day will gradually fade, but with the help of professional photos, they will be preserved and saved forever. You choose a photographer, look at their previous works and analyze their portfolio, but you’ll be able to see your wedding photos only after ‘a big day’. So, the engagement session is perfect to build trust and make sure about the results of the photographer's work.

Feel more confident

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When was the last time you participated in a professional photo shooting? Was that a high school yearbook? Quite often grooms and brides don’t have much experience of being photographed and on a wedding day feel embarrassed. They simply don’t know what to do, so they’re stressed. But should they? A wedding has to be a day of positive emotions only! No time for practice! Why don’t you organize an engagement photoshoot and feel way more confident in front of the camera?

Learn how to pose for engagement and wedding photos

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What do you want to get - romantic and tender shots with your beloved? Funny and candid pics of you laughing and hugging? Both of them? Then you need to know how to pose and what to do! Practice a little during your pre-wedding session - that’s all you need to do your best at the wedding!

Know your angles

How do you look when… Posing can feel awkward even after watching hundreds of examples on the Internet! If you know your angles and try them a bit at the engagement shooting, your wedding photos will be more natural-looking.

Cooperate being photographed as a couple

Have you already had the experience of posing and do you know your angles? But have you cooperated as a couple to be photographed? Do you know how to move and pose TOGETHER? Not sure? You do need an engagement couple photoshoot to feel and look your best together!

Get more relaxed photos

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An engagement photoshoot is a great chance to create a relaxed version of the images, and give some cuddle shots a try. Organize an outdoor session or cozy home shooting. You may pick any location that fits your unique love story and will reflect it.

Capture a unique period

An engagement period is often overshadowed by the wedding itself, but slow down a little and enjoy the moment. Celebrate it. Feel it. Save it. Although this stage is transitional, it’s no less important. It leads you to a new chapter of your life and marks one of the most important decisions of your life. That very fleeting period should be documented! Capture the moments that will never be repeated!

More photos for your Family Story

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As it has been already mentioned, the engagement period is a logical but still unique page in your family story. Imagine you looking at some lovely photos over the years and saying: ‘Well, that’s the time when we got engaged and were planning our wedding day…’ Isn’t that touching enough to plan such a shooting?

Get shots for wedding purposes

This is one of the most powerful reasons - save the date cards, wedding website, invitations, a guest book, thank you cards… All these are extremely important details in your wedding preparation. Mind that you will need a basis to design all of them - the shots from the engagement photoshoot will fit best!

Try more locations

On the wedding day, you’ll be rushing around all day, so you won’t be able to change a lot of locations. Everything will go speedy and your time will be limited. However, during your engagement photo shoot, you may opt for further locations and get a different set of pics.

Take photos in non-wedding clothes

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Photos in tuxedos and white dresses are adorable but some professional portraits in everyday clothes won’t be less valuable. You might use them in many different ways!

Express yourselves creatively

Every couple wants to be unique, but still, the wedding provides certain standards and rules. Having engagement shooting you don’t have to follow any!

Make-up and Hairdo Check

Do you still have any doubts about choosing a hairdresser or MUA? Then test them as well - check how the particular hairdo will work on you and whether make-up techniques you want to try, suit you. So, why don’t you combine the process with a pre-wedding photoshooting? That’s a nice combo: great style in the pictures and a feeling of confidence on a wedding day!

Just Enjoy and Have Fun

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Engagement shooting is the best option when you can spend time together, relax, and just enjoy the moment without thinking about many wedding details. Happiness in your heart is the recipe for perfect shots, so just let your hair down a little!

Engagement photoshoot packages

They say, ‘No money - no honey’. What are the prices? - you will ask. Well, the prices of engagement sessions are certainly different and depend on many factors - the duration (shooting time), the number of locations, and shots included in the package. Read carefully all the information on pricing and packages you’re given by a photographer, analyze and opt for the best one. You can contact our photographers for more detailed information and the prices.

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