Church Wedding Photography Ideas

  • Publication date: 07/23/2022
  • Updated: 03/29/2023

It seems obvious that a church wedding ceremony plays a key role for many couples therefore the question that often arises is: ‘How to get stunning church wedding photos?’. Not only are the couples frequently concerned about choosing a photographer who will perform this challenging task in the very best way but they also feel great responsibility for the wedding photography in the church and the photos they’ll get in the end. Read on to find out about the best church wedding photography ideas and main tips.

Best Church Wedding Photography Ideas

Outside the Church

Photo by @rachelmeaganphotography

Churches are not only the places where happy couples say their vows and tie the knot. They’re commonly outstanding pieces of architecture therefore put some time and effort into capturing the church as a backdrop in the very best way, so make sure your photographer uses different angles and techniques.

Before Walking to the Ceremony

Photo by @idaliaphotography

Every bride dreams of such iconic shots and sees herself walking down the aisle. The process might provide you with intimate atmospherical church wedding photos as they are supposed to reflect the widest range of the emotions you might feel there: happiness, excitement, and enjoyable anticipation. Therefore check if your photographer captures all those priceless seconds and you’ll cherish them throughout the years. To give an illustration, mind significant shots with your father.

The Vows

Photo by @camera_shi

Imagine yourself standing in front of the altar and saying the most important words in your life. Such a valuable moment that will be gone so fast. All things considered, your wedding photographer is supposed to take enough snaps to provide you with the choice of the photographs in which you’re saying ‘I do’.

Inside the Church

Photo by @kir2ben

The interior of the church is as important as the outside part. The sculptures, the flowers, and the decorations are all vital components that altogether create a compositionally perfect picture. The photographer will capture even the smallest elements of a flawless composition. The photographs must be notably taken from different angles to show the majesty of the building inside.


Although the wedding ceremony in church presupposes quite an intimate atmosphere, you might love some church wedding pics that will include your guests. For instance, the bridesmaid's sincere tears or the mother’s tender and spellbound look.


Photo by @annawrightphoto

Children are always cute and lovely, especially at weddings. Why would you miss the chance to capture a couple of sweet photographs?! The best time is when you will be walking out of the church and the children meeting you, throwing some flowers. We have already discussed the ideas on how to get the cutest photographs of your little wedding guests, so get here to find out about them!

Wedding Photography Tips in Church

Find Out about Restrictions

Photo by @annawrightphoto

The officials might have different attitudes toward a professional with a camera. Some of them just don’t like the process of photographing as they believe that such interruption ruins the concept of all the occasion. Others just are too strict and make your photographer meet all possible requirements and restrictions. Such things will complicate the process of creating perfect church wedding photos. Remember that communication is key. As a bride and a groom, you might explain the fundamental importance of church wedding pics for you. Be flexible and try to reach a compromise while discussing all the details of your cooperation with the officials.

Rehearsal Comes in Handy

You’ll organize a rehearsal and your photographer should visit it as well. They always check the venue and the conditions for shooting beforehand so why do they need to attend the rehearsal? It’s a unique opportunity for a photographer to be fully prepared. They will know what to expect, how to behave (where to stand to be less intrusive), and somehow visualize the ‘map’ of the ceremony (occupied places, position of the guests, the entrance, and the exit).

Be Yourself and Behave Naturally

Photo by @susanshekphotography

Church wedding ceremony pictures are never staged. They can’t be, indeed. Therefore another key point to remember is your natural behavior without acting. Show what you feel: your emotions, tears, laughter, anxiety. Get here if you’d like to know more about taking natural wedding photos!

Arrive on Time

To realize all the ideas mentioned above come on time. Arriving early gives you and your photographer a chance to get ready. Moreover, it will reduce stress before this important event. If your photographer arrives early enough, they will also capture some candid pics of the guests arriving and the final touches of the ceremony preparations.

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