How to do a natural wedding photo session

  • Publication date: 03/09/2022
  • Updated: 03/22/2023

Having great posing skills ensures that the wedding photos will be perfect. However, even if on a regular day you can pick an ideal pose for a photo, during the wedding the situation can be different. The day of the celebration is not only one of the happiest but also one of the most stressful days in the couple’s life. The bride and the groom are usually occupied with so many things that there can simply be no time for posing. But does this mean that you won’t have perfect wedding photos?

Of course not! The secret of ideal wedding photos is the complete absence of posing. The best shots are the ones that weren’t staged, while posing naturally is essential for beautiful wedding photographs. In this article we talk about the best ideas for a natural wedding photo session. Read on to get inspired.

Admiring the Dress

58a2f6ea0d8c5fda820e537abc49fe10.jpgPhoto by authenticcollectivephoto

Why do all little girls dream of their wedding day? Because they will be wearing a gorgeous white dress! Finding the right dress is one of the most complicated tasks any bride faces before her wedding. That’s why when the big day finally arrives, the moment of anticipation to wear the wedding dress is truly magical. Photographers often take photos of the bride admiring her perfect dress to show how long she’s been waiting to wear it.

Tying the Bow Tie

3c77dee62cace63b2fea1fa2aeecf513.jpgPhoto by Rachell May

If you think that only brides need a lot of time to get ready for their wedding then you couldn’t be more wrong. Grooms also take time to fix their costumes and put on multiple accessories to look fantastic beside their beautiful wife-to-be. For truly great photos, ask the wedding photographer to capture the moments of the groom’s preparation, like tying the bow tie. Other great ideas for the groom’s photoshoot can include:

  • lacing the shoes;
  • buttoning a vest or suit jacket;
  • fastening the watch.

The First Look

fd454b837045a573d9c484033b7f5f5f.jpgPhoto by Karra Leigh Photography

One of the most touching and emotional events of any wedding day is the first look. To get truly natural wedding photos of the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time, the couple should forget about the presence of the photographer. Everything should happen naturally and without any distractions. The couple should feel free to express any emotions, from laughter to tears, while a photographer's job is just to capture all the details of this moment.

Candid Laughter

122416092_2717459161861770_5498878418517297231_n.jpgPhoto by Mary Pastuh

Pure emotions always look great in wedding photographs, especially laughter. The more smiling faces the photographer will capture during the celebration, the more positive emotions you’ll experience years later while looking through the photos from your big day. That’s why many photographers recommend taking pictures of laughing people at the wedding party and, of course, capturing the smiling faces of the bride and groom during the preparation time.

The Forehead Kiss

0bcfdd8c75c16db72d113749d36bf938.jpgPhoto by Jordan Katz

What can express love and tenderness better than a soft kiss on the forehead? The moment of kissing is one of the sweetest wedding photography poses. That’s why the photographers usually love taking the pictures of people giving a forehead kiss. It can be either the father kissing his daughter before going to the altar, or a groomsman kissing the groom on the forehead after the ceremony.

The Wind-Blown Veil

208361196_3036409933259534_7246368815089912286_n.jpgPhoto by Dyanna LaMora

The veil adds elegance and delicacy to the look and makes the bride more feminine and tender. This is the reason why photographers love taking photos with the veil blowing in the wind. Even if the day is not windy, the photographer’s assistant will raise and then drop the veil to make amazing pictures. Oftentimes, the photos with the wind-blown veil are taken when the couple is kissing because such pictures look stylish and fashionable.

The Stroll

165627021_492830658752010_2212212811350864304_n.jpgPhoto by Shauntelle Sposto

The couple walking in solitude and sharing the time together is probably one of the most intimate moments between the bride and groom. The best thing about the photos of the stroll is that they can be taken anywhere. This pose looks gorgeous in any setting - from the streets of the big city to country fields. Walking together holding hands, looking closely into each other’s eyes, or sharing a laugh - strolls look equally amazing in photos and in wedding videos.

The Subtle Glance

120733681_3366513206769118_1508188020436559512_n.jpgPhoto by Sammie Jo & Jesse

Often, photographers capture glances at the camera to take amazing portraits of the couple and guests. Photos with a subtle glance always look gorgeous because the person in the picture is genuine and natural. Expect the photographer to make a lot of photos in this pose throughout the day, from preparation to portraits of the couple.

The Cake Cutting

c2611402e100f3a2f12d155d6ded35aa.jpgPhoto by Jana Contreras Photography

What is a wedding without cake-cutting? It is not just one of the most expected events of the celebration, but also a great opportunity to take a lot of great photos. Cake-cutting can be either candid or posed, it’s up to you to decide. Allow the caterers to provide you with the cutting tools and instructions, and then all you have to do is feel your partner’s hand and make the first cut. The photographer will be there to capture the entire process and take truly iconic photos.

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