Bridesmaid Dress Colors That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

  • Publication date: 06/10/2022
  • Updated: 03/29/2023

You’ve already chosen your wedding gown and the wedding style, so it’s time to opt for the attire for your bridesmaids! What an astonishing task! Some brides stick to one-color outfits, and others decide to choose different colors of bridesmaids’ dresses to create an amazing palette! What are the trendy colors for bridesmaids’ dresses in 2022? Check the following ideas in the article and opt for the one you’d love to use! Get here to read about the selection of dresses for bridesmaids!

Dusty Shades

Dusty Sage

285364320_693533451909593_567776615784435881_n.jpgPhoto by Anastasia Romanova 275736391_3231482843765246_7965123244410820955_n.jpgPhoto by @jacquelinebenetphoto

As one of the best color dresses for bridesmaids, it looks great along with some other tender shades. Named after a healing plant, dusty sage gives an especially natural vibe and perfectly matches any white or beige shades of a bride's wedding dress.

Dusty Blue

196155184_513402709807853_6317770069067827813_n.jpgPhoto by @laurendautelphoto

Goes perfectly with almost all the colors in all seasons, and looks confident but still tender, calming, and romantic. Dusty blue looks super feminine in lace, satin, and chiffon, so give it a try!

Dusty Rose

cc8c10a08c3472309882694587b75030.jpgPhoto by Katie York

Being delicate as for a princess, a dusty rose is both fresh and sensitive. It’s nicely combined with all skin tones and creamy or beige accents.

Pastel Palette

Blushing Pink

246861819_679394546372614_5688917916861949935_n.jpgPhoto by @violetmartinezphoto

A hue that every lady will fall in love with. It’s a pure and delicate shade of pink. Opt for this one if you’d like to make your bridesmaids’ style truly girlish.

Sky Blue

17d1ba35c408bfba66545a4c2ac6a1f0.jpgPhoto by Christy Archibald

Such shade is always associated with something clean and pure, a fresh vibe of the sky or the ocean in the summer and an icy or snowy mood in the winter.


e78aff0e4e46f12d49a2499d931f6972.jpgPhoto by Taryn Lynn Photography 125135518_371577100958053_6083599290063325231_n.jpgPhoto by The Ganeys

The drink itself is connected to celebrations and parties and this idea perfectly fits the wedding vibe. The color of champagne includes many shades starting even from a light ivory to an almost golden hue.

Rose Gold

5ac4eaeaf90eeff183a9a248dde63de9.jpgPhoto by Nicole Briann Photography

A perfect metallic color for a summer wedding if you’d like to make your bridesmaids shine bright like a diamond!

Deep Colors

Dark Navy

283327976_167510275738135_3737995146252746699_n (1).jpgPhoto by Brigitte Renee

It’s deep though not dull, classic though not boring, powerful but still womanlike. Dark navy might be combined either with bright or neutral colors.

Emerald Green

291184537_793606892011842_4511805464625306125_n (1).jpgPhoto by @julianaaragonphoto

Have you imagined luscious and juicy greenery or a valuable stone?  Both associations are exciting and give you a great picture. Additionally, it matches all skin tones. Emerald green is a great option if your bridesmaids have different complexions.


d20f0b85cd7e8684dbb9d78edba511f5.jpgPhoto by Sylvie Gil Photography c3a5c21f33c6ed68396d9dff764db9a4.jpgPhoto by Stephanie Messick

Looking for a gorgeous and rich color? Stop here and look at mulberry. It’s elegant, royal, and deep. There are various styles of dresses for your bridesmaids to use this color. Try classic A-line chiffon gowns or one-shoulder satin dresses.


264253599_126407503167149_812663078468251570_n.jpgPhoto by @jesworkman

If we could taste the color, this one would be a great example. Deep and rich in color as wine, cabernet is a complex shade combining tones of purple, chocolate, dark red, and rose. This one always creates a sweet feeling and bright accents of a general picture of the wedding.

Always Classy


28acd4c1d23f5555af43c89c23b5a238.jpgPhoto by Tamara Gruner 286744633_365693928988592_666486997723826994_n.jpgPhoto by Anastasia Romanova

Is black inappropriate for weddings? Is it unsuitable as a maid of honor dress color? Forget it! Black is the most gorgeous and stylish color ever! It’s never out of date and suits absolutely everyone with its elegance and simplicity.


2539a8770399c420855bc311bd07f335.jpgPhoto by @theevokecompany

Is white only for the bride? No way! Although it is traditionally thought that white belongs to the bride, you have to mind what a stunning and timeless picture you’ll get if your bridesmaids wear it! Also remember, that there are plenty of white shades and they all differ.


696ff6b4b6481bfd0778124c57b2180e.jpgPhoto by The Forwards Photography

As the color of red wine, burgundy is one of the best colors for winter and fall bridesmaids’ dresses. It looks great with lighter hues like pale pink, light blue, gold, silver, black and white. Get here to know what the fall wedding is!

Royal Blue

139394888_2712040215716022_3216228603152097402_n.jpgPhoto by @amy_odom

Deep as the ocean, and beautiful as a noble sapphire, dark blue is vivid and intense. It remains a source of inspiration for many brides and grooms when it comes to the choice of bridesmaid dress colors. Royal blue appears to be an amazing combination with some bright accents and perfectly matches a beach wedding.

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