Top 13 Videographers in Washington

  • Publication date: 12/24/2022
  • Updated: 11/15/2023

Are you tying the knot in Washington or nearby and still doubting about getting a wedding video? You mustn’t even think about refusing such a perfect way to cherish your emotions and the most valuable moments ever! Who are the best videographers near you? We’re going to help! Check out these amazing professionals and studios, find out more about their approaches, and see their works!


The Monachetti Team are working on their unique way of creating special videos for you to remember your ‘big day’. Their project was created over 20 years ago. After two decades of experience, they are sure about the classy style they work in, the feel, and love they transmit. Michale Eller is a progressive and professional videographer in Washington DC, chief specialist of the team. He uses alternative approaches and always keeps up with the times. He has chosen the best specialists to be sure to produce high-quality videos. They take only a limited number of weddings to pay enough attention to each couple and their story.

Video by Monachetti

Harrison Films

The Harrison Films husband-wife team will help you to revisit your wedding over and over again. Grant and Deanne have been spending a decade capturing the love of hundreds of couples. They believe that wedding video preserves not only your day but also your story.

Deanne is optimistic, fun-loving, insightful, having exceptional storytelling skills and intuition, so that gives her an exact feeling of how to reflect your unique relationship in a video. Grant is thoughtful, has an eye for detail, dedicated to his family, fond of perfectionism but still calm and responsible. These professional videographers will cherish the most treasured memories and moments you want to save. According to many couples that Harrisons have filmed, their newlyweds are really grateful for the perfectly edited piece of art they have got.

Video by Harrison Films

Pacific Northwest Imagery

Ben and Arielle believe in magic between souls to live their lives together. That is first they want to get to know their couples better in order to understand their values, personalities, interests, and passion. On your ‘big day’, they’ll document everything and make you feel comfortable. Their credo is about living in the moment. Afterwards, they start with careful video editing. This videography team is really helpful and easygoing. Their beautiful works will mesmerize you, have a look!

Video by Pacific Northwest Imagery

Flagship Studios

Mike and his team are experienced and trained top wedding videographers in Washington.

They’ve seen and served hundreds of weddings, and got plenty of awards, so you may be sure that this team will do their best to achieve ‘highest quality as possible’. Mike wants to be your friend to help your dream wedding come true. The philosophy is simple: “We want to make amazing wedding films for the coolest people on Earth”.

Video by Flagship Studios

Brighter Lights Media

The Brighter Lights Media Team is looking for the balance between music fun video and narrative style for telling your perfect story. They want to bring a cinematic “big screen” feel to life and create a wedding video that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Capturing the emotions and bringing memories to life is their mission. This is a team of professional Washington state wedding videographers with rich experience, who worked on plenty of weddings all over the world.

Video by Brighter Lights

Capital Films DC

Capital Films DC is a luxury wedding cinematography studio. Their credo is: “Make your moment last a lifetime”. The Capital FIlms DC videography studio professionals want to tell your unique story with every shot. They’re just passionate about storytelling. The specialists are highly skilled and well-trained, working in their exceptional style, combining angles to create works of art. They do want to cherish every laugh, tear, and all love from your wedding day and they actually can do this successfully, though you need to trust them and get to know them better beforehand!

Video by Capital Films DC

Cork & Banner Films

“The world needs love stories”. Do you agree with the statement? Because the Cork & Banner Films team does! They create amazing authentic moments, capturing the smallest details of your wedding day. Video products they can provide are timeless because of their classical storytelling and narrative manner. The main task is to make your love story unforgettable, so you may relive your wedding day over and over again while watching your wedding film or highlights. Shane, a wedding filmmaker, likes both filming and editing material. He adores spending time with his family in his free time and always wants to know more about his future couples!

Video by Cork & Banner Films

Blair Williams Production

Blair Williams Production work in cinematic videography, which is perfect for modern couples, as it provides collecting authentic moments and making your wedding film ‘as moving as it is true to you’. They have been working for almost a decade and know how to hear you and what you want. The films they offer are tailored and crafted with the use of artistic storytelling. The founder, Blair Williams, believes that quality wedding video is not just home video, it’s way deeper and further. Modern couples dream about capturing the storyline with the main events and details. The wedding video must be decent enough for the couple's children and grandchildren to rewatch it over and over. Blair Williams Production offers a high-quality product due to their professional equipment and cameras. However, according to them, it isn’t only about technology, the person behind the camera matters.

Filming treasured moments of people’s lives, creating lasting memories, and putting smiles on other people’s faces make William happy and passionate about what he does.

Video by Blair Williams Production


Anna and Mateo have extremely rich experience in filming and shooting couples across the globe. They explain how video can tell your family story. Although details, locations, and decor are all important, the key point is in their ‘clients’ hearts’. That’s how timeless stories are created. Two young daughters remind Anna and Mateo how fast time flies and how valuable memories are. Over a decade of experience, the best equipment, and creativity will definitely become vital components in making wedding films stunning and qualitative.

Video by Anna Mateo

Bowen Films

This is a small group of artists, one of the best wedding videographers in Washington, who are happy to tell beautiful stories about people. The Bowen Films Team consider their work to be an honor because they cherish and save the most precious moments. They bring skills and creativity together to get a result in an amazing wedding video. They love what they do, and work as team players with other wedding vendors as well. Their main concept and approach are watching and capturing naturally, without being too intrusive. This is the only way how it's possible to feel the spirit of the day and make the video move to tears.

Video by Bowen Films

87 & Smith

Kyle, the founder, says, there should be ‘as much care as possible’. He wants his clients to be cared for and fully informed. His style is about ‘mystery, depth, and curiosity’, which is why films they produce will totally draw your attention with their ‘evocative storytelling’. Everything is going to be filmed absolutely naturally. Nothing artificial and fake can be presented in the video which is one of the most important in your life. ‘Just. Be. You’. Having experience in filming more than 150 weddings, Kyle admits that every wedding is unique and there are ‘no two identical weddings’.

Video by 87 & Smith

Clayton Film Co.

Alex Clayton has always been keen on cinematography and found his own approach to filming awesome moving videos. He has an artistic eye for detail, always collaborates with the team well, and looks for a perfect connection with each couple he serves. Alex believes in the importance of outlining each individual story to create a gorgeous wedding film.

Ellen Bee Cinematography

Ellen Bee Cinematography Company is one of the best wedding videographers in Washington. They offer high-quality products for good value. Their reviews are perfect proof that the films they make are carefully crafted. On their website, you may find answers to all your questions about collaboration and booking the service. Having great experience in the industry, they use only modern and professional cameras and equipment.

Video by Ellen Productions

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