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  • Publication date: 09/17/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

The bride and the groom want to watch the wedding video the very next day after the celebration. Brides have a million questions: what was the mood of the guests, whether everything was visible to the guests at their seats, whether they ate delicious desserts from a candy bar and lots more. One-sided look at a wedding isn't enough for complete understanding, so you really immerse yourself in the full depth and scale of the celebration only when you watch the full wedding video afterward.

The full video is a chronologically edited shooting of the wedding celebration lasting 40-60 minutes. Sometimes the entire edited raw material footage, with full toasts, dances, and traditions is also called the full-length wedding video.

So why is it necessary to order such a video and how much does it cost? We know the answers!

What Is Included In Wedding Videography?

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Depending on your shooting package, the price includes the duration of shooting, editing, processing, the number of equipment and professionals involved, and the deadline for providing the finished video. Typical filming packages often include a film of up to 1 hour and a short trailer.

More often videographers offer you to edit only one feature film of up to 30 minutes. Although such films contain many aesthetic shots, they still don't accurately reflect the emotions and words of your guests. Skipping a full video is like watching trailers on Netflix without watching the full movie.

How Much Do You Charge For Wedding Videography?

In general, the cost of a wedding video in the USA is around $5,000. There are, of course, much cheaper and more expensive options depending on your needs and desires. For example, the additional service of editing all the filmed video material can cost from $1,000 and up to the same price as the entire shooting in general. In this case, we recommend you to search on our website. Most of our videographers offer a complete film included into the price of a video shooting package you choose.

Full Wedding Video Planner: 6 Short Steps

Dock House Digital
Photo by Dock House Digital

Planning a full wedding shooting depends on the professionalism of chosen team. Don't forget to do the following in advance:

  1. Provide videographers with a separate document that includes the timing of the celebration, locations, and exact addresses.
  2. Discuss the transportation and accommodation with them in advance, as well as whether the meals for videographers are included in the price.
  3. If the couple gets ready in various locations, arrange to film the bride's morning with one part of the team, while the others will take care of filming the groom's preparations.
  4. Make sure that you will have time for aesthetic videography of the couple walking and chatting together.
  5. If this is important to you, arrange a complete filming of traditions or toasts.
  6. Feel free to indicate which parts of the day and whose words you would like to hear later in the full version.

The main thing is to take the time to choose your professional team. We have already done part of the work for you by selecting the best ones in our "Videographers" section.

10 Full Wedding Ceremony Video Tips

Video by Weddbros Films Videographer

The ceremony is a very important moment for a couple. The video must convey what the photo cannot reproduce. This is one of the most intimate moments of the celebration because you perform the rite of union and say very special words.

Video by Golden Legend Studio Videographer
Video by Katherine and Tyler Videographer

The shooting must contain:

  1. Your cherished "yes".
  2. Words of love and promises for each other.
  3. A tender and passionate kiss.
  4. Loving looks.
  5. Emotions of close relatives and friends.
  6. The unity ceremony.
  7. The father's handover of the daughter to the husband.
  8. The bride walks down the aisle.
  9. Sounds of joy after you are announced as a married couple.
  10. Tears.

The most important thing about the video is your love. You are united forever at the ceremony, so we sincerely recommend capturing this moment completely.

13 Wedding Reception Full Video Ideas

Video by Santiago Guy Films Videographer

This part of the wedding doesn't have to be shot in such detail. No videographer will be able to catch the movement of each of the guests around the location. Be sure to ask videographers to focus on and capture the following details:

  1. Smiles and short conversations of guests during the cocktail hour.
  2. The clinking of glasses during a toast.
  3. Treating the groom to the bride and backward.
  4. The small decor on the tables and the beauty of serving.
  5. Cakes, sweets, and drinks.
  6. Hugs and greetings to guests.
  7. The first dance.
  8. Little help to the bride with her dress.
  9. Words of gratitude to parents.
  10. Traditions and competitions.
  11. Evening activities surrounded with light, flashlights, and candles.
  12. Engaging dances and tender hugs during slow music.
  13. Toasts from the closest ones.
Video by Dock House Digital Videographer

There will be hundreds of moments after the wedding you’ll want to hear again. That's why we sincerely recommend capturing these moments completely. The decor, guests' conversations, and hugs can be filmed short and without sound.

It is very important to see at least one complete work of the videographers before signing the contract with them. Sometimes short videos look very professional, and long films created by the same team can seem cut off. If you have friends or relatives who recently got married and already have their wedding video, borrow it to watch. Watching videos of people you know is much more interesting. We strongly recommend you to browse various vendors on our website and find someone you like.

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