Top 14 Videographers in Chicago

  • Publication date: 12/20/2022
  • Updated: 11/15/2023

There are currently many professional studios that provide wedding video recording services. As a result, newlyweds who want their wedding day to be preserved not only in memory but also in the form of a wedding video or a trailer, frequently hesitate to make a choice. A skilled wedding videographer does more than merely record everything that happens at the wedding. Each wedding has its ambiance, and only by embracing it can you create a genuinely individual wedding film.

Tying the knot in such a lovely city as Chicago it’s vital to choose the right vendor to film your wedding. This time we would like you to meet 

the best wedding videographers in Chicago!

Exclusive Visuals

Exclusive Visuals is a Chicago-based team of professional videographers specializing in wedding cinematography. They are skilled in creating pleasing and story-telling graphics. Be sure that if you hire them, your money will be well spent. Oluwaseun Ogundiran, Funbi Abolarin, and Moyosore Jimba make up the team's three talented professionals. They are all passionate about creating love stories through their mastery of videography. Exclusive Visuals is what you need if you want your wedding video to be visually appealing and one-of-a-kind.

Video by Exclusive Visuals

Morning Light Film Co.

Lydia and Joshua, a happily married couple, are the people behind Morning Light Film Co. They decided to start their own business after having such a positive experience with their wedding video. They claim that what you hear in the video is just as essential as what you see. The film's goal is to make you experience those special memories from your wedding day at any time in the future. If the experts do the work, even an 8-minute movie may reveal a lot about a 12-hour wedding.

With films that are timeless and graceful, full of natural light and movement, the duo has earned the title of top wedding videographers.

Video by Morning Light Film Co.

This Charming Heart

This Charming Heart's owner and founder, Alejandra, is a famous wedding videographer. Typically, she pictures elopements and weddings in her non-traditional approach. Although she is based in Chicago, she is willing to travel anywhere in the world to capture your once-in-a-lifetime events. As you can see, she is a travel and videography junkie who is obsessed with love stories. Alejandra has extensive experience in the visual arts and knows just how to produce a timeless image. This Charming Heart assisted her a lot in spreading her vision throughout the world.

Video by This Charming Heart

D. Barrett Studios

One of the core values of D. Barrett Studios is elegance without posing. Their wedding films are classic with a modern twist. The studio's approach is straightforward, making it a breeze to collaborate with them. Rather than imitating Instagram postures, they allow their couples to be themselves and express their actual experiences and feelings. Drew will remain nearly inconspicuous during your celebration while capturing all of the important moments.

Video by D. Barrett Studios

Chaviano Creative

Danielle Chaviano is the owner of Caviano Creative! She understands how to provide joyous couples with an inspiring wedding photography and videography experience that results in bright and romantic photographs or films for newlyweds to remember their magnificent wedding forever. Through encouraging and thoughtful conversations throughout the process, she manages to make her clients feel extremely appreciated. Everyone has a story, and Caviano, as a true professional, manages to meet all the expectations her couples have.

Video by Chaviano Creative

Sarmiento Media

Will is available across the United States, as well as internationally. He claims that true love can never be standard or ordinary, which is why all of his creations are one-of-a-kind. Anything you request will be considered and fulfilled in 120%.

Right after graduating, he discovered his interest in filmmaking and editing. With years of experience, he now directs the entire filming process from start to finish. Will understands ahead of time what types of shoots he requires, so he won't waste another minute of your time.

Video by Sarmiento Media

Amor In Motion

If you want to hire the best wedding cinematographers in Chicago, you've come to the right place. Amor In Motion is a boutique wedding studio run by a dedicated group of filmmakers. The team consists of 5 talented individuals: Peter Staudinger, Jose Torres, Taris Vasquez, Pedro Oyarbide, and Shane Liao.

They approach each wedding film with artistic intent and a distinct, uniquely designed perspective. Some days, they believe, must be vividly recalled. The staff will work with you throughout the day to ensure that every moment is captured.

Video by Amor In Motion

Everlasting Cinema

This magnificent studio, Everlasting Cinema Wedding Films, is on the list of top wedding videographers in Chicago, IL. With exceptional ingenuity, the team will record your most essential memories. They will usually provide you with excellent footage that will best reflect you. When you hire the team for your wedding, you can be confident that these candid shots will stand the test of time. Not only will the film showcase the key moments of the day, but it will also be creative and one-of-a-kind.

Video by Everlasting Cinema

Monroe Films

If you've been fantasizing about a magical cinematic wedding movie, Wezoree has someone just right for you! Someone who will go to great lengths to create a video that accurately represents your true inner self, with no details overlooked. Monroe Films' work is rich in narrative and stunning imagery. They will embrace your great love so that future generations might admire it. Everything will be preserved in the timeless video, whether you're laughing at a friend's joke or shedding a happy tear while uttering your vows.

Video by Monroe Films

One Fine Day Productions

Each of their wedding films is a work of art. As a result, when you see their name on the video, you know it's going to be outstanding. The team has shot over a hundred couples and understands just how to do their job. They believe that many small moments will be forgotten as time passes, but when they are thoroughly documented, they can be easily recalled at any time. The team will be there for you throughout the day. Your love story deserves to be beautifully told. Let the professionals handle it!

Video by One Fine Day Productions

Old North Film Company

According to the team, being able to capture the most important day in people's lives is the highest honor. They are dedicated to making charming yet classical and one-of-a-kind wedding films for their happy couples. With several years of experience, the team has only gotten excellent feedback. You won't have to worry about getting along with the crew as well, because they are quite easygoing and down to earth. They will go through all of the specifics ahead of the wedding to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Definitely awesome vendors!

Video by Old North Film Company

Forward Motion Production

The team characterizes their work as "timeless cinematic wedding films." They feel that your wedding film should serve as a regular reminder of the promises you and your partner made to each other. The film should touch the depth of your heart making you relive those wedding day feelings once again. The only thing that matters is your intense love for one another, which is exactly what the team is looking for. All in all, Forward Motion's films are more than just a collection of amazing shots; they will move you to tears of delight.

Video by Forward Motion Production

Charlie Hilbrant Films

A cinematic talent that deserves to be ranked among the top 14 Wedding Videographers in Chicago! His profession allowed him to travel the world and capture some absolutely fantastic love stories. Charlie eagerly awaits each new wedding, as if it's his own. He occasionally brings his wife Kristi along as a second shooter, as well.

His deepest conviction is that your exceptional moments must be allowed to breathe and not forced or posed. Charlie encourages his couples to open their souls to one another as if no one is watching.

Video by Charlie Hilbrant

We Are Wholehearted

It's been a few years since five brilliant and beautiful minds came together to create something truly unique and heartfelt. The crew works hard to ensure that each video is flawless in every detail. It's not simply a weekend job for them; it's something that fuels their hearts and makes them get out of bed in the morning.

The good news is that the team is also available for destination weddings! Booking them will be your best decision!

Video by Wholehearted Wedding Films

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