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Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
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My couples are far fr om basic and my photography is anything but that. As a guy who likes to have...

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Editorial wedding photography is a style that combines elements of high-fashion photography with traditional wedding photography, resulting in images that exude sophistication and glamour. In this article, we will explore the editorial wedding photography style, its distinguishing features, and why it might be the perfect choice for your stylish wedding.

Fashion-Inspired Imagery

Drawing inspiration from the world of fashion and magazines, editorial wedding photography is characterized by its focus on creating striking, editorial-style images. This style emphasizes the couple's attire, accessories, and overall aesthetic, resulting in photographs that look as if they were taken straight from the pages of a high-end fashion magazine. Editorial wedding photographers in aim to create visually impactful and polished images that showcase the couple's unique style and elegance.

Posing and Direction

Unlike more candid styles of wedding photography, editorial wedding photography often involves more deliberate posing and direction from the photographer. These photographers have a keen eye for detail and composition, helping the couple strike poses that are both flattering and fashion-forward. This approach results in images that are carefully composed, highlighting the couple's best features and the stunning details of their wedding.

Capturing the Details

Editorial wedding photography places a strong emphasis on capturing the intricate details of the wedding, from the luxurious floral arrangements to the elegant table settings. These photographers recognize the importance of documenting the carefully chosen elements that make the wedding uniquely personal and visually stunning. This attention to detail results in a wedding album that not only tells the couple's love story but also showcases the beauty and sophistication of their wedding celebration.

Creative Lighting Techniques

Another distinguishing feature of editorial wedding photography is the use of creative lighting techniques. These photographers often employ a combination of natural and artificial light sources to create images that are both dramatic and visually striking. By skillfully manipulating light, editorial wedding photographers can create images that evoke a sense of glamour, romance, and sophistication, perfectly complementing the couple's stylish wedding.

A Touch of Drama

Editorial wedding photography is all about adding a touch of drama and sophistication to the wedding images. By incorporating elements of high-fashion photography, editorial wedding photographers can create images that are visually striking and memorable. This style is perfect for couples who want their wedding photographs to stand out and make a statement, capturing the essence of their fashionable wedding celebration.


Editorial wedding photography is a stylish and elegant choice for couples seeking to capture the glamour and sophistication of their wedding. This style is characterized by its fashion-inspired imagery, deliberate posing, attention to detail, and creative lighting techniques. If you're looking for a wedding photographer in who can create visually striking and glamorous images that showcase the unique style and elegance of your special day, editorial wedding photography might be the perfect choice for you.