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Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
Kendrick Terrell Photographer
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My couples are far fr om basic and my photography is anything but that. As a guy who likes to have...

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Natural wedding photography is a style that focuses on capturing genuine, candid moments during a wedding, allowing couples to treasure the unscripted and heartfelt memories from their special day. In this article, we will delve into the natural wedding photography style, how it differs from other wedding photography styles, and why it might be the perfect choice for your Arlington wedding.

Embracing the Unscripted and Spontaneous

Natural wedding photography is all about documenting the real, unposed moments that unfold throughout the wedding day. This style prioritizes authenticity, capturing the raw emotions and interactions between the couple, their families, and friends. Natural wedding photographers strive to create images that genuinely reflect the love, joy, and excitement of the wedding celebration.

Skillful Observation and Timing

A key aspect of natural wedding photography is the photographer's ability to observe and anticipate moments as they happen. These photographers have a keen eye for detail and excellent timing, allowing them to capture candid moments without being intrusive. Their discreet presence ensures that the couple and their guests can enjoy the day without feeling self-conscious or pressured by the camera.

The Art of Storytelling

Natural wedding photography is about telling the unique story of the couple's love and their wedding day. By focusing on candid moments, natural wedding photographers are able to create a visual narrative that reflects the genuine emotions and atmosphere of the celebration. This storytelling approach results in a wedding album that is both authentic and deeply personal.

Minimal Post-Processing

In contrast to some other wedding photography styles, natural wedding photography typically involves minimal post-processing. Natural wedding photographers aim to capture the true essence of the day, preserving the natural beauty and ambiance of the wedding. While some basic adjustments may be made to enhance the images, the overall goal is to maintain the authenticity and rawness of the captured moments.

Building Trust and Connection

A successful natural wedding photographer in Arlington knows the importance of building trust and connection with the couple and their guests. By establishing rapport and making everyone feel comfortable, the photographer can capture more genuine and relaxed expressions. This trust also allows the photographer to blend into the background, making it easier to capture those candid moments without being noticed.


Natural wedding photography is a popular choice for couples seeking to capture the authentic and candid moments of their Arlington wedding. This style emphasizes genuine emotions, storytelling, and minimal post-processing, resulting in a wedding album that is both heartfelt and true to life. If you're looking for a wedding photographer who can document the raw emotions and unscripted moments of your special day, natural wedding photography might be the perfect choice for you.