Polaroid Guest Book Wedding Ideas

  • Publication date: 08/05/2022
  • Updated: 03/30/2023

Professional photography is a must, an essential and great investment for all couples. You are carefully searching for a professional vendor to cherish the best moment of your life. However, a polaroid guest wedding book is an extremely popular idea, favored by many newlyweds. What is a polaroid guest book and do you really need it? What are the main tips to implement this stunning idea successfully? Read the article to find out the answers and make sure you’ll get it right!

What is a Wedding Guest Book?

Zandra Barriga Photo
Photo by Zandra Barriga Photo

A wedding guest book is usually a large book or album with empty and monochromatic pages where guests are welcome to write a couple of sweet words for the bride and the groom. The idea of the book is to save and cherish candid moments and feelings. The guests somehow mark their presence at the event. The handwriting matters and even some simple signs left (like drawn hearts and flowers) sometimes are so moving and essential.

What Do You Need It For?

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Basically, it’s almost the same as a classic wedding guest book. However, there’s a certain difference. Such a guest book also includes photographs that guests can take and stick on the pages.

There are tons of reasons to get a Polaroid guest book! The process itself will be exciting and entertaining for your close ones. Additionally, get here to find out about more cool entertainment ideas for wedding guests!

A fashionable look of a Polaroid camera will even spice up your wedding decor. Just imagine how precious all those cool snaps will be to look at after your ‘big day’ along with reading some cute words from your guests and bringing back sincere moments. They are so personal!

Additionally, the great advantage of a Polaroid camera is that the photos that you take are literally instant so that’s a great chance to catch the moment and feel it!

How to Make a Polaroid Guest Book?

Polaroid Cameras

Pear _ Bear Photography
Photo by Pear _ Bear Photography

There are various types and colors of Polaroids, the shape is mostly the same. You’ll also need Polaroid film. Get enough of it since some of your guests may want to take more than one shot. The film must be changed. One camera might not be enough though it depends on your guests and their desire to participate.

Opt for Your Perfect Book and the Tools

Nick Murray Photography
Photo by Nick Murray Photography

There are plenty of options for your wedding guest book design. Choose one that reflects your style and wedding concept. It might be either massive, like a scrapbook, or small and neat with cute little notes. Pick the colors according to your wedding theme and colors. If you haven’t picked your wedding concept yet, Wezoree is here to help! Get here to read about choosing your original code and creating a wedding concept.

Get enough pens and pencils. Go for the high-quality thin white markers if the pages of your wedding book are black or dark. Make them available and accessible. Choose the ones that dry quickly.

A Guide for Guests

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  • Make it short.
  • Make it clear.
  • Make it visible.

To get a stunning Polaroid wedding guest book make the process organized. Tell your guests what to do and specify the order. For example: ‘Snap it. Sign it. Seal it’ plus a short explanation: e.g. ‘Polaroid Guestbook. Leave a photo and your wishes for the new Mr & Mrs’.

Right Place

Milou + Olin Photography
Photo by Milou + Olin Photography

It’s highly important to choose an appropriate place for locating the cameras and the book. Opt for a frequently visited zone where the guests can find a nice backdrop and drop a line comfortably. The place must be dry and cool. Locate there a small table as well.

Tips for Creating a Polaroid Guest Book:

Jen Rodriguez Photography
Photo by Jen Rodriguez Photography

Wezoree wants to help you and here we prepared a list of useful tips that will help you with such Wedding Polaroid Book:

  • get a box or basket to get rid of films and other unnecessary stuff;
  • prepare an outstanding and visible sign;
  • put everything in one place (a Polaroid camera, a guestbook, pens, and props);
  • Nienke van Denderen Fotografie
    Photo by Nienke van Denderen Fotografie
  • tell your guests to take a second photo (one to stick to a wedding guestbook and another to take home);
  • suggest using a polaroid camera with the photobooth, wedding selfie corner, and the props if you’re going to get any;
  • participate actively, and help your guests feel comfortable by taking snaps together.

If you follow all these tips, you will undoubtedly get a desirable result - a perfect Polaroid wedding guestbook with stunning shots and candid words from your nearest and dearest.

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