60 Cool Entertainment Ideas for Wedding Guests

  • Publication date: 03/14/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Weddings are all about big decisions, genuine emotions and fun. That’s why the guests always expect a lot when it comes to wedding entertainment. Between the first toasts and your grand exit, there will be plenty of opportunities to amuse your close ones with unusual and creative activities. Outdoor games, original food ideas, dance routines… There are just so many to choose from! This list of wedding entertainment ideas will help you pick the best for your celebration.


245165227_234495818740680_6007038487610451853_n.jpgPhoto by Holly Clark Photography

There's literally no better way to end your wedding party than with a firework display. And here’s a good tip - don’t try to light the fireworks yourself, ask a professional to create a magical performance for you.

Whisky bar

m-s-40.jpgPhoto by Laurelyn Savannah

An extensive collection of Scottish or Irish whiskies will add exclusivity to your wedding. And of course you’re going to need the ice.

Cigar bar

HillBates-1119.jpgPhoto by Virgil Bunao

A whiskey bar can be complemented by a good cigar. Organize a small lounge zone outdoors with heaters or warm throws where your guests would enjoy a cigar and have a drink or two.

Photo Booth

Lucy+HaydenWedding155.jpgPhoto by @audreyoothoutphoto

This is one of the favorite wedding entertainments for guests of all ages. A photo taken from the booth will help them keep the memory of your celebration.

Classic entertainment ideas for weddings: Disco

1771dbfc843731782c6a588b6fd98ba1.jpgPhoto by Katie Ruther

You simply can’t have a great party without music and dancing. Create a playlist with the favorite songs of your guests to make sure your dance floor is always crowded.

Live Painter

118763494_3950710104944144_8395867804941865953_n.jpgPhoto by Miriam Shufelt

Hiring a painter to your wedding is another great way to capture the magical moments of your celebration. When the party ends, you’ll have an amazing painting you can hang on the wall and enjoy.

Dove Release

Even though this tradition today is less popular than before, it still offers another great opportunity to gather your guests to celebrate your love.

Butterfly Release

butterflies-at-weddings-fine-art-film-trendy-bride-28-min.jpgPhoto by Maile Lani

Can anything be more fascinating than dozens of butterflies getting out of the box and flying into the sky? Try butterfly release to get some stunning wedding pictures.

Pets at Weddings

photo_2022-06-04_00-30-39.jpgPhoto by SNAP CHIC photography

Should your favorite puppy or cat miss your wedding day? Definitely not! Perhaps, your little furry friend can even be a great ring bearer? The guests will simply love to cuddle your pet.

Giant Chess

d789c9b1eacd8759e7904ad3b270a7d0.jpgPhoto by Ashley Drey

While regular chess sounds serious and strict, giant chess means fun, entertainment and amazing photos.


photo_2022-06-04_00-51-28.jpgPhoto by Brittany Sidwell

Impress your guests with a relaxed vibe of a rustic wedding. Fill the hampers with the fresh bread, fruit, cheese as well as drinks and dine outdoors.

Bake off

6fe790341dfda9916fcf93a01c2fb354.jpgPhoto by Lilly Red Creative

Instead of serving dessert like everyone else, invite your guests to cook it! Organize a baking competition and offer the best cooks small but memorable prizes.

Awards Ceremony

People will love to hear your sincere appreciation. Host a ceremony and give out awards to as many guests as you can.

Couple’s Cocktails

ec806858b3cb12cde63f530fbe521167.jpgPhoto by Kelly Hornberger

All couples are unique, so your signature drink should also be original. Create an exclusive cocktail that would reflect your and your partner’s personalities.

Pimp Your Prosecco bar

273083864_1343489849405844_6842050088947822338_n.jpgPhoto by Hello Blue Photo

Is there anything better than prosecco? How about prosecco with extras? Make the celebration even brighter with drink shimmers and fruity bubbles.

Cake Buffet

90fb4ac11a75447507d88b2b473b1f77.jpgPhoto by Megan Wallach

Invite your close ones and friends to participate in the organization of your celebration: ask them to bake cakes for your cake buffet.

Sweet Cart

DevinMorrison_04441.jpgPhoto by Mon Soleil

If you think that only kids love sweets then you couldn’t be more wrong. Both young and adult guests would love to pick up a candy or two each time they pass by the sweet cart.

String Quartet

666d6cbc22f1f2b28695c615a6902e6e.jpgPhoto by J.Anne Photography

If you wish to add elegance to your big day, book a string quartet for the wedding. Enchanting live music will set a romantic mood for the guests.


d20cc57450b7c1b22514b698a79566ca.jpgPhoto by Kiral Artist

The charming sounds of harp will make your celebration truly exquisite.

Opera Singers

Add a dramatic feature to your ceremony or reception and have opera singers perform live.

Jazz Band

b7d0a6da6e0e7678492fe92687b971ee.jpgPhoto by Amanda Nippoldt

If you want everyone to spend the whole night dancing, you have no other option but to choose the music people simply can’t resist. A jazz band will surely play the energetic tunes you’ll need to have the time of your life.


308c930ca372c27fdd23199db6fe84fa.jpgPhoto by athornsphoto

Casino tables will bring glamor and chic to your evening party. You can even prepare a prize for whoever has the most of the chips.

Fancy Dress

ada8d42aa4ab59e647fc8b9cd15b8c7a.jpgPhoto by @kateedwardslove

Guests wearing unusual outfits would look gorgeous in your wedding photos.


Everyone knows how fun karaoke can be, especially after a few drinks. Save it for the evening and see your guests enjoy their time.

Ballroom Dancing

4d1da22696860e050c138b93929b40c0.jpgPhoto by Ama By Aisha

If you think that it is better to share the first dance with your close ones, invite everyone to join you for a ballroom dance.

Fire Breathers

Make your reception truly memorable and hot by hiring fire breathers. The guests will be thrilled to see amazing and dangerous tricks.

Singing Waiters

5feb7f95f6f001acc5a4f1243ce52532.jpgPhoto by Paula Heron Phillips

The guests will be sincerely surprised to hear the waiters singing right after they have served a delicious meal. This wedding surprise will surely be unforgettable.

Lights Show

4034fb567c411fa12f533f456552bb6e.jpgPhoto by Jenny Yoo

If your venue will be decorated with up-lighting, ask the professionals to start a unique light show in the evening.

Surprise Talents

869fcbb7f2689b52807bbcd9d4539b12.jpgPhoto by Cassidy Carson Photography

All people have some secret talents. A wedding celebration is a great opportunity to surprise everyone with your hidden skills. You can play your favorite song together with the band or perform a DJ set.

Flash mob

b01f451ed9c0ca835d78519425529df7.jpgPhoto by Jillian Mitchell

Ask your bridesmaid to organize a surprise song performance during toasts, or the bridal party can join you on the dance floor for an amazing first dance. The guests will be totally delighted.

Choreographic Program

31480e700d190a570b89706469ad9c9d.jpgPhoto by Jami Laree

To impress everyone during the first dance, consider taking dance lessons. You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed on the dance floor.

Face Paint

Your young guests will simply love this one. Hire an artist and organize a face paint area for the kids.

Afternoon tea

3976191e1b7ba309ce8c9dc487aa92be.jpgPhoto by Luxury Moment Photography

If you want to add an English garden party vibe to your celebration, host an afternoon tea party. Get a bit creative and fill teapots with cocktails and offer cupcakes for dessert.

Treasure Hunt

This is another great idea for keeping kids entertained. Create a list of fun activities and let the little guests have some fun.

Dance-off Competition

Everyone has some secret moves up their sleeves. Organize a dance competition later in the evening. Surely, no one will wish to miss all the fun.

Foodie Flavors

a7b0241feab53b5d74322e86ebb44613.jpgPhoto by Briana Marie

Partying and dancing requires a lot of energy. Make sure your guests have delicious food to choose from.

DIY Cocktails

c0895d66833cd787c54a6bfc1f859a97.jpgPhoto by Joanna Fisher

Allow your guests to free their imagination and create their own unique cocktail. Provide everyone with different spirits, mixers, and glasses and just watch them dive into the process of cocktail creation.

Chocolate Fountain

b7dc2ddf4d0d11b67424323810159f78.jpgPhoto by Hillary Muelleck

What can be more delicious than a chocolate fountain? You can even skip the desserts and simply serve a chocolate fountain bar.

Waffle Stand

56878e41bf16fdd09e5f57946459c8be.jpgPhoto by Megan Rei Photography

Waffles are perfect for a late night snack when the guests need to refill their energy after all the dancing. Serve hot crispy waffles with both savory and sweet toppings.

Burrito bar

6a8a8f9d82eab95ccb695036b58e6400.jpgPhoto by Lily Red Studio

Add a Mexican vibe to your wedding celebration and serve this delicious spicy meal. Your guests will surely remember it.

Burger Station

ae9ca959c269855f9ac449bf40c9c825.jpgPhoto by Michael Radford

If you’re still not sure what food to serve after the official part of the celebration, organize a burger station. Guests will love the juicy taste of the street food.

Gin bar

2019-11-26_0012.jpgPhoto by Lux und Liebe I Papeterie & Konzept und Styling

You may not be a fan of whiskey, so you can organize a gin bar instead. It will create a special festive atmosphere for your celebration.

Live Band

0d08564387270e56fcea92d3f4cef763.jpgPhoto by Laura Golbenberger

No matter what playlist you choose, the music is always better when played live.

Confetti Balloons

f55d7d1331f52b2c95e1325019244aa2.jpgPhoto by Hannah Green

If you don’t see the party ending with fireworks, try confetti balloons. The guests can pop them before your grand exit to let your last confetti dance float in the air.


e6f0f3975917a236d6a82cf4ea8ca4fb.jpgPhoto by Elena Popa

If you’ve chosen an outdoor celebration, set up a petting zoo. The guests will definitely love to make friends with the cute and fluffy animals.

Bouquet Throw

5d695b2ad51e0117ce6f06f9f3da07cd.jpgPhoto by Kylee Olivia

This is one of the oldest wedding traditions, so don’t hesitate to embrace it.

Table Charades

If you think that this one is great only for family parties then you should certainly try it at your wedding to see how everyone will be happy to participate.

Champagne on Wheels

photo_2022-06-05_16-26-55.jpgPhoto by Jennifer Hunter-Costa

Is there any proper way to serve a sparkling drink? Even old rustic carts or vintage vans are great for delivering champagne.

Rock Show for Wedding Dances

eeaf62229c5abe1997bc1573920640d8.jpgPhoto by Joy De Vi

Can you imagine a first-class party without dancing? Prepare a dance together with your friends or just let the guests relax and show some artistic moves.


Hire a professional drummer to create the beat for the music, and your guests will have no other option but to jump onto the dance floor.

Duck Racing

A classic game everyone enjoys. Let go of the rubber ducks and see who’s the winner.

Guess who?

Just leave the playing cards on the tables for guests to have fun between toasting and dancing.

Doughnut Tower

76d2fefcf3efbbd6107036d983752c82.jpgPhoto by Salt Media

A delicious treat your guests will love to grab to stay energetic.

Silent Disco

3ba65f458d2d010ab1583477feb23fed.jpgPhoto by Meg Smith

If your wedding venue does not allow loud music after a certain hour, silent disco is your option. All you need is headphones and playlists to choose from and the party will last all night.

Wedding Crackers

Remaster a holiday tradition and create wedding crackers. You can even create personalized ones with a special message for every guest inside.

Easy Origami

8268f04a7c0bf8a922ff3cd753404d38.jpgPhoto by Janice Yi Photography

It is always entertaining to craft something together, so why don’t you offer your guests to create simple paper cranes?

Line Dancing

It is a great opportunity to create a festive atmosphere and invite everyone to participate.


Your guests have gathered to celebrate one of the key milestones in your life. Get a bit sentimental and show a slideshow to share  important moments of your life with others.

Silhouette Artist

ac15fca1e18456c21d21ded62dc02916.jpgPhoto by Koby Brown

Make your celebration memorable and hire a silhouette artist. This rare and unusual entertainment is unforgettable.

Champagne Tower

photo_2022-06-05_17-20-32.jpgPhoto by Ashley Ice

If you aim for stunning wedding photos, you definitely need the magnificence of the champagne tower. Watching the golden liquid pour down is simply mesmerizing.

Father-Daughter Dance

b4dd700e00ed0ced6e347fae1629d44f.jpgPhoto by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Dance with your father while the guests watch you in awe.

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