Cute Wedding Party Picture Ideas

  • Publication date: 06/14/2022
  • Updated: 03/28/2023

You’re looking forward to one of the most memorable days of your life. You might even feel unexpected euphoria and excitement. Some brides and grooms are so concerned about saving the precious moments of the ‘big day’ which will never come again, that they lose the feeling of comfort and joy. Stop constantly thinking about how you will look in the photographs. Stay calm and do your best to get the dreamy shots! Here are some tips on how to get ready!

Main Tips to Get Cute and Funny Wedding Photos

Your Own Mood

294279605_154968093783454_5193546769816072005_n.jpgPhoto by @normanandblake

Everyone’s mood at the wedding will be a reflection of your own mood, you’ll be giving it, starting it. If you’re truly happy, expressing your feelings and showing them, all your guests and buddies will feel the same joy as you.

Experiments & Improvisation

293985491_1201279560686010_7594028032100793803_n.jpgPhoto by @alycarroll

In order to realize unique wedding photography ideas, you mustn’t just copy other couples’ shots. Be ready to try something fresh and unexpected. Don’t be afraid to improvise. Remember there are always some unsuccessful photographs, yet all the shots are filtered and edited by your photographer.


293202270_2561534473976705_8624249465206840010_n.jpgPhoto by @alycarroll

Communication is the key. Trust your photographer, and collaborate effectively. They have great experience of photographing different couples and wedding guests and may suggest plenty of wedding party pics ideas.

Relax, Enjoy, Be Yourself

277595221_750975119217621_4514654689391205491_n (1) (1).jpgPhoto by The Ganeys Photographer

There’s nothing worse than fake smiles and artificial laughter in the wedding photographs. Don’t feel tense and stressed as it will be in the photographs and might become an obstacle in embodying cool wedding photo ideas. Open your heart and be yourself whatever you do and pose on the wedding day!

Fun Bridal Party Photos 


291508382_1209546363226908_2475712217861499187_n.jpgPhoto by @ambervictoriaphotography

A wedding is your day, your celebration. A couple of elegant champagne glasses are always a good idea not only to improve your mood and relax but also to take some playful photographs.  So many different ways to create funny photographs together with your bridesmaids. Cheers!

Childish Mood

197889674_1884894741670695_5531034890591176271_n.jpgPhoto by The Ganeys Photographer

Kids never pretend, they’re innocent and sincere, that’s why some childlike photos (but not too many of them!) always look so candid and true.


258881590_2708371586123790_3932013724806100158_n.jpgPhoto by @kir2ben

A photo of the bride, looking at the mirror, is classic and serious, though, it might be played out differently. After taking a few ‘must-have’ romantic shots give fun bridal party photo ideas near the mirror a go! Get here to read about Must-have Wedding Photos: the First Look!

A Jump-Photo

5230011f59736a0f0854068d31296bd5.jpgPhoto by The McHendrys

It basically lies in its name: these super playful shots may be not less precious than your classic bridal portraits over the years, as they bring back the wonderful memories of light-hearted moments of your ‘big day’. All you need to do is to jump together with your bridesmaids!

A Big Hug

53581dd2d4ac3$!600x.jpgPhoto by J. Layne Photography

Embracing your friends and sincere emotions or even tears, captured by a photographer will never leave you indifferent while looking at them later.

Fun Photos for Groomsmen


It works well if you’re a bit creative and the socks are bright and colorful or have special thematic patterns. Most of such hilarious shots are taken spontaneously enough, just in the process of having fun!

True Men Style

149804018_517045886332658_6421538034048812581_n.jpgPhoto by Eva Moskalets Photographer

Such a style, on the other hand, is full of confidence and manliness. The photographs are mainly staged, though not less gorgeous.

Best Friends

500-Ivash-e3869a528c6cbf258279c5f68fd1f8ac.jpgPhoto by Volodymyr Ivash Photographer

The idea is great fun not only for bridal party photographs! A groom needs his friends’ support as well, so reflected in certain friendly actions such as shaking hands, helping with preparations, and telling some jokes, it’s a wonderful motive for cool wedding photo ideas.

Getting Ready Shots

Most people are used to cute wedding picture ideas when it goes to getting ready or preparing shots. Nevertheless, sincere laughter and wide smiles together with your family members and friends in the pictures aren’t less adorable.

Cute Wedding Group Photo Ideas

169650439_469569660856247_7201704978015976006_n.jpgPhoto by @belightphotography

A Shocking Kiss

A ‘must-have photograph’ with guests’ reactions to your kiss is playful and sweet at the same time!

Double Pic

You’ll need a fashionable frame, give it to your company to hold and try different poses and angles. It’s so funny to guess later whose hands there are in the picture, also such a photo gives a special comical and lively vibe. Get here to know all you need about Selfie Corner ideas for a Wedding!

Classic Fun

293637066_5219721061475356_1918710851689599160_n (1).jpgPhoto by @xoandfetti

You may do whatever you want: run, jump, smile, and laugh! Give yourself and your guests an opportunity to express all ranges of feelings and capture them to remember these priceless moments!

Involving the Pets

273352442_786825706043120_5266857531957455026_n.jpgPhoto by @trevorandelisebeth

What’s sweeter than having some photographs with your most loyal little friends? You may use some outstanding thematic accessories for a pet to get more fabulous shots even with slight interaction!

Take Kids!

225779504_539587760498656_5718442134139662810_n.jpgPhoto by The Ganeys Photographer

Children are cute anyway and (almost) anytime especially when they’re dressed smartly for the wedding! You don’t have to play the roles, simple kisses and sincere hugs work well, no doubt!

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