Must have Wedding Photos: The First Look

  • Publication date: 03/06/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Following the tradition, on the wedding day, the groom gives his charming wife the first look only when she walks down the aisle. The newlyweds spend the whole morning preparing for this meeting, keeping all the emotions and feelings right till the most important moment. However, recently, many couples have given up on such an idea, preferring to see each other before the wedding ceremony. The decision is up to you, but here are the ways how your first look will make this day absolutely remarkable.

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Holding Hands Before The First Look

Just imagine touching your groom’s hands, listening to his voice, and smelling his perfume without actually seeing him. It’ll be unbearable to hold back tears looking in the eyes of the love of your life. Have the photo and video team prepared to shoot both the groom’s and the bride’s reactions. Moreover, it’ll be great if you could rehearse the first look with your wedding photographer and videographer to make this scene perfect. Being experienced and highly professional vendors, they’ll help you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. So, be sure this first look will be the warmest and the most touching moment of the day, which you’ll keep as a nice memory throughout your happy married life.

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Back To Back Before The First Look

Standing back to back, feeling the warmth and the heartbeat of each other, waiting for this very moment will make the intensity of your emotions and the importance of this big day 100 times stronger. You have no idea what you’ll experience when you turn around and see your partner in the perfect wedding attire filled with tears, love and joy. To make the first look even more memorable, read the letters you’ve written to your partner standing back to back. It’ll make the entire moment the great beginning of your love story.

The First Look Wedding PhotosPhoto by stephanieweberphotog The First Look Wedding PhotosPhoto by stephanieweberphotog

The First Look Wedding Photos

If you’re still doubting whether to have the first look or not, keep in mind the fact that seeing each other earlier will give you the opportunity to have additional hours for couple formal portraits. Moreover, invite your guests and arrange a photo shoot with them, being calm and relaxed with no hurry. Frankly speaking, there are lots of options to choose from, in case you’d like to keep this moment intimate. The most popular one is to blindfold the groom. The bride walks behind him, touches his shoulder, puts off the mask and turns him around to amaze her husband-to-be with her beauty and a splendid smile.

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First Look Wedding Photos With Bridesmaids

Opt for the first look with your lovely and devoted girls who supported you during the relations with your to-be. They were okay when you spent less time with them because  you fell in love. Your girls shared tears of happiness with you when you got engaged, they spent numerous nights listening to your stories and thoughts about the future wedding. They were always right by your side to be ready to give a hand if you needed. On the wedding day, these girls will put on their special dresses and bring the bouquets, waiting for the moment when they can finally see and hug you. Give them the opportunity to experience a genuine delight seeing you for the first time in the wedding dress, with perfect hair and makeup that you’ve definitely already discussed with them.

Groom’s EmotionsPhoto by erichmcvey Groom’s EmotionsPhoto by masha.golub

Groom’s Emotions

There are times when even the toughest men burst into tears. That very second the groom sees his wife, he is the happiest man in the whole world. Organizing the first look, you let your partner share this intimate scene only with you, which can help him relax and unleash the emotions. Be with him, wipe away his happy tears and give your groom a chance to fully admire his gorgeous bride.

First Look Father And DaughterPhoto by masha.golub First Look Father And DaughterPhoto by masha.golub

First Look Father And Daughter

Sometimes, just a kind glance of the closest and dearest person is enough to lessen the level of stress and calm down. Dad is that person who is the best to cope with such a task. His hug will make the nerves fade away, and he is the only one to tell you the right words on this occasion. If you feel overwhelmed with emotions, ask your father to come in and see you first. Then, all the following procedures will run smoothly.

Feel free to break the tradition in case you want to see your groom before the ceremony just because you already miss him. It will minimize the nerves and you will have your first look in a secluded atmosphere belonging only to you two.

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