Top 5 funny wedding photos

  • Publication date: 03/22/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Weddings are always about emotions. At first, the couple experiences happiness associated with getting engaged, then nervousness and excitement come along with the need to plan the event, and finally, love and romance fill the air when the wedding day finally arrives. Both the couple and the guests are joyous, jubilant, and thrilled.

When all the emotions burst during the wedding day, the photographer gets a unique opportunity to capture funny wedding photos that deliver the festive atmosphere of the celebration. Check out our top 5 amusing wedding pictures that prove that great wedding photos do not always have to be perfect - they just need to capture genuine emotions and radiate fun.

Dance Party

A wedding day can be full of surprises that turn into hilarious photos. Oftentimes, bridesmaids prepare a list of challenges a groom needs to overcome to be allowed to see his bride. This is usually the time when the man is expected to show all of his creativity and ingenuity. One of the most popular activities is a pre-wedding ceremony dance. The groom and his men are asked to perform a special pre-planned dance number, usually in silly costumes.

Check out how these men try to do their best and show some amazing moves not to fail the groom. When these guys agreed to become groomsmen, they definitely were not prepared for such tasks. The photographer just couldn’t miss this awkward dance and probably captured one of the best photos from the wedding.

pick.jpegPhoto by Nicole Kirshner

Funny Faces

We all know how everyone wants to look perfect in wedding photos, especially the bride and her bridesmaids. However, a wedding is quite a stressful event for the couple because there are so many events, people, and preparations to be controlled and overseen that there’s barely time to relax and have fun. Moreover, the morning wedding preparation and the upcoming ceremony require the bride and groom to remain focused. Still, the wedding responsibilities do not mean that there’s no place for fun and playfulness on the big day.

Take a look at this happy couple making funny faces. They just forgot about the need to get the picture-perfect photos and put away the fear of looking silly or ridiculous. Instead, the bride and groom decided to act natural and show their genuine emotions. And we must admit that they look absolutely adorable.

31501570_202930270499224_6191545676191498240_n.jpgPhoto by Morgan Wirth

An Unexpected Wedding Guest

A wedding photography session is usually carefully thought out months before the event itself. The bride and groom discuss all the pictures they would like the photographer to take to make sure that everything goes according to the plan.

However, sometimes the events can take a surprising turn. For example, this photoshoot was interrupted by a guest no one expected to see. But does this mean that the pictures will be ruined? Of course not! Instead of stopping the session, the photographer continued to take pictures, and the result was just awesome. This hilarious photo proves that some unexpected guests can make your wedding photos unique and memorable.

Parade in the Streets

Photographers love shooting weddings on the streets of the cities because open space often adds its special charm to the photos. Moreover, there’s always a great chance to capture amusing pictures outside - you can find an interesting location for a photography session, meet unusual people, or get into hilarious situations.

This wedding procession went out to the streets to get amazing pictures and pose at beautiful, previously explored locations. However, before they got to the place, the photographer snapped a photo of the couple and their close friends at the moment of spontaneity. This photo breathes with happiness and joy. It would be almost impossible to get such genuine emotions while posing for wedding photography.

272768015_1012243043054389_997041984316904024_n.jpgPhoto by Abby Jiu

The Cutest Photo Crasher

Wedding receptions are all about fun and entertainment. Children help create the special festive atmosphere by running around playing with peers and adults, as well as laughing all day long. That’s why despite the fact that sometimes kids can be hard to control or calm down during celebrations, they are always special guests at weddings adored by everyone.

What children are really good at is spontaneity. This photo of the newlywed couple proves that it’s impossible to even try to control everything during the wedding party. Especially if you have little guests at your celebration. The hilarious kid who broke into the wedding portrait definitely made this picture one of the favorite ones in the wedding album.  The couple does not seem to be disappointed with the little intruder. On the contrary, they embraced the pure emotions of the child and kept on smiling.

242407390_985803948926083_5358694742661772453_n (1).jpgPhoto by Mary Pastuh
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