40 Best Rustic Style Country Wedding Ideas

  • Publication date: 08/23/2022
  • Updated: 03/29/2023

A country wedding in the rustic style doesn’t have a clear definition. It’s a style of wedding, the meaning of which is to get closer to the earth, nature, and greenery. It could be a wedding on a farm, in a forest, or a field.

If you’ve already scrolled through Internet pages, then you’ve come across weddings in white tents, decorated with trees, greenery, and sprawling logs-benches with organic products on the tables, and the bride is wearing no high heels. This is a classic example of a country wedding.

In this article, we’ll tell you about new creative ideas for weddings in rustic style and we’ll give you many valuable tips on making your big day unique and memorable.

5 Country Wedding Ideas For Summer

Photo by @zailaffitte

Summer weddings are perfect if you’re a fan of rustic style. You can walk along the arch even barefoot, and any cool liquid will be a great decoration. There are a few ideas that will come in handy.

Nature touch.

Kailee _ Tim Photographer
Photo by Kailee _ Tim Photographer
Natural Bliss Photography
Photo by Natural Bliss Photography

Use all the best things we associate with farms, for example, wooden carts, horses, and duck pens team.

Cowboy style

Amanda Monk and Rachel Garcia
Photo by Amanda Monk and Rachel Garcia

Long boots, winged hats. Not only as clothes but also as decor. For example, put fruit in a hat or use a boot as a vase for flowers and greenery.

Haystacks as lounge areas

Eleanor Jane Weddings
Photo by Eleanor Jane Weddings

Take logs, stumps, tree rings, hay, and put a few blankets and old carpets on top of all this so the place will become an authentic lounge photo zone.

Country music

Christi Martin Photography
Photo by Christi Martin Photography

Invite bands whose style of music matches the style of your wedding. There should be a bass guitar, drums, banjo, and violins.

Beer on the table!

Photo by @tatianablancophotography
Joe+Kathrina Photography
Photo by Joe+Kathrina Photography

Well, who doesn't want a cold beer in the summer? Play with the decor of minibars so that it looks truly country-style. Let a board and chalk help you.

For farm and village style you can use wood and leather, and a lot of greenery, and decorate them all in such a way that you will enjoy every detail.

5 Country Wedding Ideas For Spring

Steve Steinhardt Photography
Photo by Steve Steinhardt Photography

A warm spring is perfect for country weddings when the first flowers bloom on the trees. Photos from such weddings have special tenderness.

  1. Use a lot of white flowers in the decor. Line the paths with white petals and tie lots of white ribbons that will blow in the wind.
  2. Russell Kent Nicholls
    Photo by Russell Kent Nicholls
  3. Hit the quiet little bells in various places. They will create a constant background melody of nature.
  4. Mix and match the furniture. Choose for decoration and seating wooden furniture of different styles and colors: white, coffee, and dark brown. Put them next to each other, so the photos will be chaotic, but very lively.
  5. Old-fashioned items. Market stalls with fruits, berries, snacks, or sweets. Go all out, but be sure to make vintage banners with captions.
  6. Joe+Kathrina Photography
    Photo by Joe+Kathrina Photography
    Jennifer Weems Photography
    Photo by Jennifer Weems Photography
  7. Hang large pieces of thin fabric, white tulle, and some like freshly washed white sheets on drying lines as decorations.

A spring wedding in a country style is the most tender version. A lot of white, and small details make everything looks light and airy.

5 Country Wedding Ideas For Fall

Warm fall weddings are great, especially for those who can hardly bear the summer heat.

For a country wedding, this is an ideal time because the forests become colorful, and you can use bright natural tones in the decor.

  1. Choose a place of celebration surrounded by leafy trees.
  2. Virgil Bunao
    Photo by Virgil Bunao
  3. Decorate the wooden arch with autumn leaves and big florals.
  4. Haverlee Photography
    Photo by Haverlee Photography
  5. Use seasonal vegetables and fruits in the decor. You can decorate the paths and photo zones with pumpkins and fallen leaves.
  6. @camillaandreaphotography
    Photo by @camillaandreaphotography
  7. Prepare baskets with blankets and umbrellas around the place.
  8. movemountains
    Photo by movemountains
  9. Add some colors! The natural yellow, orange, red, and burgundy will look great both in decor and food.
  10. @myweddingfrenchriviera
    Photo by @myweddingfrenchriviera

Autumn colors make wedding photos unique. Choose a place where you can spend time indoors and outdoors. Then everything will go according to plan, regardless of the weather.

5 Country Wedding Ideas For Winter

It’s difficult to hold a country wedding in winter. However, if you've been dreaming of a rustic-style wedding and planning a celebration in the winter months, don't give up on your dream.

  1. Look for a venue that has old touches like fireplaces, hearths, high ceilings, wood, and stone.
  2. Decorate the dark background with all-season white roses.
  3. @stephanieaxtellphotovideo
    Photo by @stephanieaxtellphotovideo
  4. Place blankets, and lounge areas. Prepare lots of warm drinks.
  5. @jamesandschulze
    Photo by @jamesandschulze
    Lux Light Photography
    Photo by Lux Light Photography
  6. Use Christmas decor: Christmas trees, cones, pine branches in the bride's bouquet, etc.
  7. Put candle holders on the tables.
  8. @apollofields
    Photo by @apollofields

Make the space in the hall warm and cozy, and enjoy winter greenery.

10 Сountry Wedding Color Ideas

Esme Whiteside
Photo by Esme Whiteside

Each season in the country weddings has their shade. Spring has calmer colors, and autumn is associated with brighter shades. Here are the 10 most interesting color schemes for a country wedding:

  1. Dark green, white, and beige.
  2. Rust, beige, and sage green.
  3. Dusty blue, white, and navy.
  4. Taupe, blush, and sage.
  5. Bronze, beige and brown.
  6. Olive green, burgundy, and beige.
  7. Beige, yellow, and dark burgundy.
  8. Black, white, and green.
  9. White, dusty blue, and bright yellow.
  10. Terracotta, green, and sunset orange.

Use any shades of brown, green, and white. Work with the color that nature gives you. Remember glitter, neon pink, or bright sea wave color are not appropriate for this style.

10 Country Wedding Clothing Ideas

Chantel Marie Photography
Photo by Chantel Marie Photography

Everything is also simple when it comes to clothes. There are a few things that will look fantastic on you. White royal dresses lined with jewelry and pearls won’t match country-style weddings. Take a look at the following options:

  1. Silhouette dress. It may contain authentic embroidery with white or color thread.
  2. Winged hats of leather or straw.
  3. Brown suspenders.
  4. High cowboy boots.
  5. Leather jackets.
  6. Wool and fur.
  7. Plaid shirts.
  8. Wreaths of greenery and flowers.
  9. Worn jeans.
  10. Cork-soled shoes.

You don’t have to match the theme of the wedding 100%. As well as the groom doesn’t need to wear a red checkered shirt and worn jeans. It will be enough to ask the guests to dress according to the style.

A country wedding should connect you with nature. Do everything to make the celebration comfortable for you and your guests. One more advantage is that such weddings require much less financial expenses than big celebrations in restaurants. You can find out more about Small Wedding Ideas here.

You can also check our planners and photographers portfolios for some additional inspiration!

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