Small Wedding Ideas

  • Publication date: 05/25/2022
  • Updated: 03/22/2023

What is a small wedding? Well, it's simple. Small weddings are considered from 10 to 50 guests maximum. Usually the closest relatives and friends you keep in touch with.

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If you don't have a clear guest list yet, the following combination will help:

  1. 50% of relatives and 50% of friends for a standard wedding.
  2. 20% of relatives (parents, grandparents, and siblings) and 80% of friends for a party-style wedding.
  3. 80% of relatives and 20% of closest friends.

In recent years, small two-day weddings have become fashionable. For example, on the first day at the location, you celebrate with a small number of close relatives and the second day is more like a party with friends on the occasion of your wedding.

How to plan a small wedding

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Make important decisions about the type of wedding, and then it will be easier for you to take further steps in planning.

  1. Do you want a wedding indoors or outdoors?
  2. Do you want a classic wedding or a party?
  3. What wedding concept do you like?

To help you cope with the last question, take a look at How to choose a wedding concept

If you answered the main questions, do the following three steps:

  1. Set a wedding budget.
  2. Write a guest list.
  3. Choose a date.

From this master data, you will start further when you need to choose the venue, photographers, videographers, music, and even the concept of food.

In the subsections below, we will present more than 20 short and ingenious small wedding ideas on how to make it special.

Perfect venues for small weddings

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There are four main intimate wedding ideas: destination wedding, backyard wedding, resort wedding, and classic restaurant wedding.

One of the biggest advantages of a small wedding is that you can choose almost any favorite place or location. For a small number of guests, a celebration can be done not only in designated halls or places. You can choose a place where you are comfortable with even two guests.

To choose the perfect venue you also need to think about 5 beautiful places in the world where you would like to celebrate a wedding:

  • Santorini, Greece
  • Catalonia, Spain
  • Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Lake Como, Hotel Italy

If you haven't dreamed of the perfect location yet, think about which of these ideas is closer to you in terms of the wedding budget and personal desires.

Small wedding ceremony ideas

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If you dreamed of a ceremony with an incredible view, anything is possible. You don't have to look for expensive restaurants on the rocks or in the mountains, on the shore or in the woods, with a small number of guests you can book a convenient transport and go to a special place.

You will need to have a few things with you: folding chairs for the right number of people and the desired decor. All this can be prepared in advance and agreed with the organizers.

Here are 5 more small wedding ceremony ideas:

  1. Dense green forest.
  2. * use a lot of wood in the decor

  3. Beach.
  4. * use white ribbons and white chiffon in the decor

  5. Waterfall
  6. * use large stones and dark tones in the decor

  7. View of the lake or the sea
  8. * think about the ceremony at sunset

  9. Field with flowers
  10. * boho style, hay and soft pillows will be relevant

Small wedding reception ideas

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The simplest rule here is to choose the right food you like. If it's a wedding in nature – a barbecue, a small wedding in an elegant place – sushi, a wedding on the beach – pizza and sandwiches.

  • Choose a theme in food: a reception in the Japanese or Italian style.
  • There should be a lot of snacks that are comfortable to carry.
  • Cold drinks and cocktails – many, different.
  • Do not be afraid to serve something not refined, but do everything in one style, if it is a restaurant, then good service, if it is nature – then lightness and less hassle.
  • Choose the dishes you like. Do not think that your aunt does not like prunes. She will have a chance to choose any other snack.

Themed tables on the territory will not be superfluous: somewhere at the entrance, there can be a table with champagne and desserts, at the end a table with prosciutto, nuts, whiskey, and cigars. Give free rein to your imagination.

Pros and Cons of a small wedding



fewer thoughts

fewer guests – fewer gifts

easier communication with every guest

may be a disappointment to some of your relatives and friends


depend on weather

location flexibility

depend on travel restrictions

more details

transport difficulties

more comfortable


open atmosphere


Small wedding ideas on a budget

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If you are not tired of creative ideas, catch the last 5 tiny wedding ideas and then just start preparing in a good mood:

  1. You will have few guests, so put your soul into each one.
  2. Write invitations by hand, buy quality stationery and special ink beforehand.
  3. Look for bonbonniere ideas on websites. A gift to every guest is always considered a good tone.
  4. Take care of the details. Each invitation may have a special wish from you below.
  5. Be sure to ask guests to stick to the colors of the wedding, then your photos will be really like a picture.

Have fun and have love!

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