Barn Wedding Photo Ideas

  • Publication date: 08/22/2022
  • Updated: 04/07/2023

A wedding in the country style is the embodiment of the rural spirit, in which sophistication and practicality are mixed. Farm weddings resemble an ethnic style, which involves the use of natural materials and simplicity in design.

The rural style will perfectly fit those who admire the natural beauty. Wooden interior details, antique furniture and decor, bales of straw or hay, and everything that characterizes the rich and colorful essence of the country style. Have you already imagined that? We had! So, today we’ll tell you how to get the best barn wedding pictures!

Farm Wedding Reception Ideas

Liza Standish Photography
Photo by Liza Standish Photography

When decorating the venue, think carefully about the details to match the country style. The banquet hall should correspond to the image of natural beauty as much as possible. Fabric drapery, fresh flowers, and wooden furniture will surely help you in this. Here are a few more ideas to help you decorate the rustic reception hall:

The Hitched Hiker Photography
Photo by The Hitched Hiker Photography
  1. It’s a good idea to hold the wedding ceremony in the barn. In this case, a wedding arch is needed. It can be placed both outside and inside. Decorate it with wildflowers to match the vibe of the day.
  2. Create an improvised tent or canopy above the wedding table. Add some linen curtains on the sides as well.
  3. Hang the lanterns around the entire perimeter of the wedding hall.

Pay special attention to the table and its settings. It’s necessary to make maximum efforts in decoration. Here you’ll need lots of lace, silk, linen, knitted napkins, and much more. So what do we offer:

Photo by @ashleymichelephotographytx
Photo by @sweetcheeksweddings
  1. Cover the tables with airy silk tablecloths that fall to the floor.
  2. Lay brown linen strips on top of the tablecloth along the entire table.
  3. Decorate the table with large silver candlesticks and bouquets of wildflowers in wooden vases.
  4. Place beautiful lace or knitted napkins for each guest.
  5. You can also decorate the backs of the chairs with straw and flowers.

But what wedding is complete without a wedding cake? Check out our complete guide to wedding desserts to choose the best one for your country-style wedding!

Barn Wedding Decorations Ideas

Photo by @centurybarnweddings

Before we move to the photo ideas, let’s see what we fill our background with. We mean your wedding decor. When it comes to stylized weddings, the decor plays a vital role, as it basically creates the whole perception of the day.

The country style allows you to complement the rustic simplicity with beautiful exquisite flowers (if you’re up to something more elegant than field or garden ones). In this case, you need to add something else to match the compositions, for example, exquisite chairs. If you decide to stick to the field flowers though, white color in drapery or details will add some charm.

An undeniable advantage of choosing a country-style wedding is its simplicity and the ability to save money. It’s enough to put wooden tables with benches, add some straw, wildflowers, wood, and burlap decor. Retro garlands and candles will complete the general picture.

Barn Wedding Picture Ideas

Photo by @justrobjohn

A photoshoot is the most interesting part of the wedding day (in our humble opinion, of course)! So, a barn wedding opens a door to a huge field of ideas for a creative professional photographer. Let’s take a look at the coolest shots you can recreate in your rustic wedding!

Tip: when choosing the barn to celebrate in, make sure it has big windows and large rustic doors!

Photo by @heatherbuckleyphotography
Photo by @alex_chuvakhin
  1. We’re sure that your country-styled reception will look amazing. So, don’t forget to ask your photographer for some general as well as detailed pictures of the hall and decor.
  2. If the reception is held outside, evening shots of the place lit up by garlands and candles are essential.
  3. Getting ready in the farmhouse pics will stand out from any you’ve seen before.
  4. Use the color palette of rural landscapes and take photos against the background of an endless field or orchard.
  5. Lay in the hay. Let those huge bales of hay serve as a soft, comfortable bed for a few shots. Plus, the combo of the bride's white wedding dress and hay will look absolutely stunning.
  6. Use an old, vintage car (Ford truck for example) as a part of the decor and photoshoot prop.
  7. Another awesome decor option aka a place to take some lovely pics is a rustic swing.
  8. Shots near the barn doors are always a good idea. Whether it’s just a love story shot or the one with the guests, there’s a great variety of poses and ideas to fulfill.
  9. If there’s a barn loft window, use it!
  10. Say YES to some creative fence shots.
  11. Seek some contrast. For example, the red barn walls.
  12. Use the stairs! This location is also rich in pose ideas.
  13. Does your barn have a balcony or a terrace? Awesome place for a photoshoot!
  14. The candid dance floor shots (especially under the evening lights) are extremely romantic.
  15. A kiss under the sparklers.
  16. Capture your love at the sunset on the lake (if there’s one near your barn).
  17. The overhead drone pics are an absolute trend.
Courtney Chau
Photo by Courtney Chau

Here you go! All set for your perfect rustic wedding!

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