40+ Best Places for Wedding Photoshoot in Washington

  • Publication date: 09/06/2022
  • Updated: 04/07/2023
Photo by @kir2ben

Washington D.C. is the very heart of American democracy. The city’s an amazing place to learn a lot about the history of the United States and understand what the true American spirit is. Nevertheless, Washington is believed to have its special charm and is considered one of the best spots for wedding photos in the US. Intriguing, right? Continue reading to find out why!

The Best Photo Places in Washington D.C. With Stunning Architecture

Photo by @adelaantalphotography

These places allure newlyweds from around the globe with their greatness and monumentality. Check them out!

Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool

Photo by @adelaantalphotography

The Memorial is built in the form of a large temple, supported by 36 columns, which serve as a background for many wedding portraits. The style of construction, by the way, makes it look like the ancient Greek Parthenon, adding an even more magical atmosphere to your photos.

Perfect Shoot Time: Sunrise.

Pros: Ancient vibes.

Cons: None.

The Capitol

brigitte renee
Photo by Brigitte Renee Photographer

It was built in a solemn classical style. That's probably why it became the most popular place for traditional-style pictures in Washington D.C. Go straight to the East side of the building, as it has a lot to offer. From awesome greenery along the walking paths to stunning light on the walls of the Capitol. You’ll love every corner of the walking space.

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning or late afternoon.

Pros: Lots of shooting space.

Cons: None.

National Mall

Brigitte Renee
Photo by Brigitte Renee Photographer

Technically, National Mall is a street that runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building. It’s a large beautiful park area with many fountains, museums, and monuments that serve as a great place in Washington to take pictures.

Perfect Shoot Time: Sunrise or sunset.

Pros: Perfect romantic settings.

Cons: No privacy.

Library of Congress

Alicia Lacey
Photo by Alicia Lacey

It’s not just the world's largest library with a huge number of printed publications, it’s also a hot place for photography in D.C.

The most popular locations: an exquisite facade, a fountain at the entrance, and high arched windows. As for the interior, it’s rich in mosaics, frescoes, and marble columns!

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning or a few hours before sunset.

Pros: Various photo ideas.

Cons: None.

The Supreme Court

Audrey Rose Photography
Photo by Audrey Rose Photography

The symbol of American justice, which we’ve all seen in the movies, has inspired many photographers with its monumentality.

Just a few minute walk from the Library of Congress can lead you to this stunning photography spot in Washington D.C. Pose at the front staircase and head to the side gardens for more intimate and romantic shots.

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning or 2 hours before sunset.

Pros: Gorgeous architecture.

Cons: None.

National Gallery of Art

Lissa Ryan Photography
Photo by Lissa Ryan Photography

Where should true connoisseurs of art go for their wedding photoshoot in Washington? The answer is obvious - to the National Gallery of Art!

Its eastern side was built in a neoclassical manner, while the western one resembles the Roman Pantheon. Frankly speaking, there are more than enough photo locations there.

Perfect Shoot Time: Early morning or evening.

Pros: Various photo spaces.

Cons: Crowd.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Photography by Tasha Rose
Photo by Photography by Tasha Rose

Due to the remote location, not every couple gets here, and that’s a big mistake. By all means, the Memorial is worthy of attention.

The Building is made in the form of a beautiful neoclassical building, surrounded by a garden of Japanese sakura on the shore of an artificial lake pool. The biggest perk of this location is the perfect light all day long.

Perfect Shoot Time: Anytime.

Pros: Sakura, stunning architecture.

Cons: Remote location.

You can also find the classic architectural backdrop for your wedding pics in these locations:

  1. James Madison Memorial Building
  2. Hirshhorn Museum
  3. American Art Museum
  4. Union Station
  5. DC’s Waterfronts
  6. The Kennedy Center

The Best Places For Outdoors Wedding Photos In Washington

The spots we’re going to tell you about are not worse than those above. However, they may be less crowded.


Maryland film photographer Davey _ Krista Jones
Photo by Maryland film photographer Davey _ Krista Jones

This is the oldest and most prestigious district of Washington, which offers good places to take pictures on each step. Luxurious mansions, antique shops, upscale restaurants, and lots of greenery are ready to serve you as a backdrop for your wedding photoshoot.

Add these spots if planning to shoot in Georgetown:

  1. Montrose Park
  2. C&O Canal
  3. Tudor Place
  4. The Old Stone House
  5. The Wave Wall

Washington Cathedral

Ica Images - DC Wedding Photographer
Photo by Ica Images - DC Wedding Photographer

An amazingly beautiful cathedral made of light sandstone was built in the best traditions of the neo-Gothic style. One of the best engagement photo locations in Washington so far!

Tip: go to the Cathedral’s backside garden! A great light together with the Cathedral on the backdrop can make your pics look like they were taken in Paris.

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning or an hour before sunset.

Pros: Not much crowd.

Cons: None.

Mount Vernon Manor

Photo by @mount_vernon

The 18-century family estate of George Washington is attracting newlyweds from all over the United States. Its stunning landscapes are perfect for drone photography!

Perfect Shoot Time: Late afternoon.

Pros: Landscapes.

Cons: May be closed due to scheduled events.


Paperbird Photography
Photo by Paperbird Photography

Great photo spot to shoot at night. It has lots of reflecting surfaces for creative shots. Generally, this place is all about life and modern aesthetics.

Perfect Shoot Time: Late evening.

Pros: Modern aesthetics, variety of options for creative shots.

Cons: Crowd.

The Yards Park Bridge

Photo by Alicia Lacey

Schedule your shoot for the later hours if planning to do it here (but not later than 10 p.m.). The sunset light looks awesome on this unique bridge!

Perfect Shoot Time: Few hours before sunset.

Pros: Fabulous light.

Cons: Closes at 10 p.m.

Culture House

Photo by @kandratsyeuphotography

Not a typical place for classic wedding photography, but definitely the perfect spot for your crazy big day pics. Maybe you’ll get lucky and the Church will be open. The interior is not less amazing than the exterior.

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning or late afternoon on weekdays.

Pros: Unusual photo location, very colorful.

Cons: Crowd.

You might also like these places:

  1. National Arboretum
  2. Smithsonian Castle
  3. Capitol Hill Row Houses
  4. Pavilion Cafe
  5. Call Your Mother House
  6. Friendship Archway
  7. Blagden Alley Love Mural
  8. Le Droit Park

Best Spots in Washington For Wedding Photos in Nature

Marie Windsor Photography
Photo by Marie Windsor Photography

Various lovely parks and gardens are waiting for you out there! Read on and make notes!

US Botanic Garden

Ica Images - DC Wedding Photographer
Photo by Ica Images - DC Wedding Photographer

The Garden is a museum of living plants. A spectacular modern indoor garden with seasonal, tropical, and subtropical plants awaits you. Have you already imagined how cool your wedding pics can be?

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning on weekdays.

Pros: Plenty of photo space, marvelous nature.

Cons: None.

Enid A Haupt Garden

Photo by @imagery.by.erin

The Japanese-styled garden is quiet, filled with solitude and the scent of magnolia. It has lots of greenery to offer, as well as a pretty pond, and lots of benches. All in all, Enid A Haupt Garden is a super place for your wedding photoshoot.

Perfect Shoot Time: Early morning (preferably in Spring).

Pros: Blooming trees in Spring, romantic atmosphere.

Cons: None.

Dumbarton Oaks

Alicia Lacey
Photo by Alicia Lacey

Dumbarton Oaks is a place where each subsequent location is more beautiful than the last. You can find a lot of flowers, an Orangery, green gardens, terraces with magical views, and our favorite Rose Garden there.

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning or late afternoon depending on the time of year.

Pros: Amazing nature all year long.

Cons: None.

The Meridian Hill Park

Jon Fleming photography
Photo by Jon Fleming photography

The central feature of the Park is the Cascade Falls, which look spectacular at any time of year. Park also has plenty of stairs where most newlyweds do their perfect wedding shots.

Perfect Shoot Time: Morning or late afternoon.

Pros: Epic backdrops, great for photoshoots any time of year.

Cons: None.

Great Falls Park

Lissa Ryan Photography
Photo by Lissa Ryan Photography

This is the oldest park in the US, located 13 miles from Washington. Take a walk and do a photosession on scenic walking trails before approaching the main photo location - the waterfalls.

Perfect Shoot Time: Early morning .

Pros: Stunning nature, open any time of year.

Cons: Crowd.

Here are a few more wedding photography spots in Washington:

  1. C&O Canal Towpath
  2. Homestead Farms
  3. McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area
  4. Sugarloaf Mountain
  5. Bluemont Vineyards
Anna Schmidt
Photo by Anna Schmidt

Choosing any of the locations listed above you’ll definitely receive the loveliest wedding pics you could ever ask for! Happy exploring!

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