Bridal Portraits: Why It's Worth Taking Them

  • Publication date: 03/04/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Bridal portraits are photos of the bride taken by a professional wedding photographer several months prior to the wedding day. The bride can choose the location of the photoshoot and experience for the first time wearing the wedding dress with all the accessories, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle and makeup. Quite often these photos are printed, framed and used as the decoration at the wedding reception or just presented as a gift to the parents or the groom. It’s a great opportunity to spend time wonderfully, get to know the wedding photographer, and adjust those details of the wedding outfit that don’t fit.

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Why Take Bridal Portraits

To tell the truth, your big day can be chaotic and hectic, even with the perfectly elaborated wedding timeline. Therefore, the wedding photographer focuses more on the photos of newlyweds and photos where they are surrounded by the dearest family members and friends. When the wedding ceremony and reception starts, there is no time to take bridal portraits. So, the only way to take as many photos as possible wearing your charming wedding dress is having an additional day. Agreeing to have a spare day for bridal portraits gives you a chance to get acquainted with the professional wedding photographer you’re hiring and be more relaxed during the wedding day. Moreover, find out whether the photographer has bridal portraits as part of the wedding packages to make the offer better for you. Also, keep in mind that bridal portraits have nothing in common with engagement or couple ones. During the session with the bride, all the attention and focus is on her emotions, beauty and sincerity. Applying different poses, the photographer shows the bride’s natural beauty from absolutely different angles and with different light. Frankly speaking, such a photoshoot is quite time-consuming, though it’s totally worth it. However, during the wedding day it’ll be rather unreal to spend so much time on bridal portraits, so it’s reasonable to have another day for it.

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Bridal Portrait Tips

It’s wise to appoint the hair and makeup trials happening the day of the bridal photoshoot. So that you could see the way you look and may ask for some modifications to make everything be perfect. As for the dress, try to move around and feel if the dress fits well. Given that you have enough time till the wedding day, you can easily solve any unpredictable issues. Ask your closest friends, the maid of honor or mom to accompany you to the photoshoot. They will not only help you relax and adjust the outfit, but also share their thoughts of the way you should change or fix something. It’s a regular practice that the bride chooses other shoes and accessories right after the photoshoot.

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Where to Take Bridal Portraits

The ideal place for the bridal portraits depends on the style and effect you want to get. Some brides choose early morning or sunrise boudoir photos in a studio. Others opt for golden-hour evening atmosphere shots in the wedding dress at the wedding venue. Any option will look great, so listen to your heart and make the right decision according to your preferences.

While planning the wedding, remember that the recommended time to plan bridal portraits is about 2 months prior to the wedding day. You will have an opportunity to finish collecting and fixing your wedding outfit, and the photographer will edit these photos in case you’d like to print and use them at the reception. Additionally, when scheduling the photoshoot with the wedding photographer, don’t forget to check the availability of the hair and makeup artist to have a trial run. Also, contact the florist to bring the bouquet to the photoshoot. Many florists usually include a bridal bouquet for photoshoot in the total price, so it’s better to book two. Though, in case you would like to change some flowers in your main wedding bouquet, you should discuss it with the florists in advance and then feel free to make alterations.

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Having bridal portraits is a great chance for any bride to have a collection of splendid photos wearing the dress she’s been looking for a long time. The wedding day passes in the blink of an eye, so you have all the rights to pamper yourself with these beautiful shots.

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