23 Ideas For Displaying Photos At The Wedding Reception You’ll Want To Try

  • Publication date: 08/25/2022
  • Updated: 05/01/2023

Why do people keep photos? The answer is obvious. To save those precious emotions that they experienced at the moment when the photo was taken to remember the date, location, people, and the connection between them.

Hanging a photo at your wedding is another great way to show everyone the harmony of two hearts and tell your story.

Pros And Cons Of Hanging Photos At The Wedding

Lexi Jaice
Photo by Lexi Jaice

This tradition has both advantages and disadvantages that you didn’t think about before. However, if you thought that the photo is just a decoration, you were wrong.

What impact do these photos have?



create a lovely setting

not suitable for all types of weddings

attract the attention of guests

distract guests from other entertainment

show the growth of your relationship to those who are not familiar with it

should be decorated according to the style of the wedding

inspire you to say romantic words

require additional time for selection and printing

calm you down

There are many reasons to love printed photos at weddings, especially if you choose everything according to style. Take preference for black and white photos in luxurious frames for a classic wedding, long ropes with clothespins, and photos of different sizes for a backyard wedding. Turn on your imagination.

3 Types Of Photos At Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom

Photo by @rentmydust

These can be two separate parts depicting the childhood, youth, and young years of the bride and groom, but later these photos should be connected and become a united part. An arch made of two large trees, wrapped in garlands and a photo, is perfect here.

These photos can also tell the chronological story of your love from acquaintance to marriage. Pay special attention to the moment of the proposal.

Guests and Relatives

Apt. B Photography
Photo by Apt. B Photography

If you are not a fan of extra attention to yourself, add also images of friends and relatives who will be at the wedding. They will be pleased. Get creative with face-swapping games or simply search for yourself among many photos.

Relatives You’ll Always Remember

You can make a memorial plaque at the wedding of the closest people without whom you could not imagine this day, but, unfortunately, they are no longer with you. It will evoke a little sadness, but even more, it will cause warmth and the feeling that loved ones are next to you at the most important moment.

You can also use pictures from your wish lists or just favorite places. If the view from the cliff will make this evening warmer, then it is definitely worth a place among other photos.

10 Ideas For Hanging Wedding Photos

Randolf Evan Photography
Photo by Randolf Evan Photography

Have you already decided which photos you want to show at the wedding? Great! Half the job is done! Now get inspired by ideas about the best ways on how to decorate these photos.

  1. A huge empty frame measuring more than 1 meter.
  2. Natalie Pluck
    Photo by Natalie Pluck

    Tie a rope inside and hang the photo on 10-15 rows of rope. Use decorative wooden clips or heart clips.

  3. Colored ribbons on trees.
  4. Robert Evans
    Photo by Robert Evans

    Hang the photos at different lengths and use different ribbons.

  5. Small tree or large bush.
  6. Olivia Griffin
    Photo by Olivia Griffin

    Make a family tree theme, and use not only your photos but also close relatives.

  7. Arch for the ceremony.
  8. moncheribridals.com
    Photo by moncheribridals.com

    Don't be afraid to use your arch for ceremonies. Let the photo be your background.

  9. Print your photos on fabric.
  10. mylenerizzo.com.br
    Photo by mylenerizzo.com.br

    It can be banners, and canvases that will flutter in the wind.

  11. Wall with photo frames.
  12. April Maura
    Photo by April Maura

    You can make a whole wall of photos like you usually do at home.

  13. Photo wall as a seating plan.
  14. Everything is simple. Guests are looking for their photos and then going to the place indicated in them.

  15. Lianas with photos.
  16. Wedding decorations can include florals hanging from the ceiling along with garlands and crystals. It is very beautiful when photos in old frames also hang like that.

  17. Book typesetting.
  18. Hang paper canvases with photos and fonts on a long hanger. A long layout should look like a magazine layout. It’s perfect for modern weddings.

  19. Road sign with a photo.

If you are a couple who has traveled a lot, this idea is for you. Make a road sign with the names of the countries and cities you’ve visited. Be sure to print many interesting photos there. You can also implement this idea in a lounge area, making them look like certain countries. Make sure the road sign point to them.

Don't be afraid to be creative and do something that no one has done before. Do you need more ideas? There are also a lot of Small wedding ideas.

13 Small Ideas For Displaying Photos At Wedding

Ashlyn Cathey
Photo by Ashlyn Cathey
Elegant Events by Maureen
Photo by Elegant Events by Maureen

You can put photos on various stands instead of hanging them. Choose frames for this goal and make some additional decor with flowers, herbs, and candlesticks. Put such photos on old dressers, mirrors, or wooden pallets.

Here are 13 more ideas for your inspiration:

  1. Cabinet or sideboard with a photo.
  2. Photo wall with led support.
  3. Engraved photo collages on metal or wood.
  4. Rope with photo T-shirts.
  5. Shelf with photo souvenirs: key chains, cups, headbands, pillows, candles.
  6. Photos on a stick.
  7. Photos on mirrors.
  8. Photos on old windows and doors.
  9. Ifong Chen Photography
    Photo by Ifong Chen Photography
    Photo by jennwiemannphotography
  10. Prints on sweets on a candy bar or in cocktails.
  11. Bottles of wine or lemonade with your photo.
  12. Newspaper clippings with your photos.
  13. Photo balloons.
  14. Electronic frames with interchangeable photos on the tables and many more.

You can use everything close to your heart, just don’t accumulate space. 1-2 ideas will be quite enough for photos.

You can also make an instant photo booth. It can be any board with ribbons and ropes. The main thing is that you can hang a photo there. Don’t forget to leave additional blank cards and a large inscription "Take two photos – one for you, one for us". Imagination is your only limit!

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