The Ultimate Guide To The 90 Wedding Ideas We've Seen On Pinterest

  • Publication date: 02/17/2023
  • Updated: 05/01/2023

The first thing that Pinterest offers us is a beautiful visual and lists of creative ideas like "10 things that your guests won't notice at the wedding", "15 best photo poses", and "What the bride must do the day before the wedding." All these ideas and tips catch the eye, but unfortunately, not all of them are worth paying attention to. We have selected the 90 best ideas from Pinterest on various wedding themes.

10 Wedding Website Ideas from Pinterest

Nirav Patel
Photo by Nirav Patel

If you are planning to make your wedding website for introductions, save-to-dates, invitations, and links to photos or videos, then pay attention to the following ideas:

  1. Include information about the time, names, venue, and your short story on the site.
  2. Record a video message and send the guest a link to the site.
  3. Make a contact form and ask everyone to write whether they plan to attend your celebration.
  4. Add information gradually: a few days before the wedding, send guests a link to the approximate event timing on the website for their understanding.
  5. Write a question-and-answer section about the event style, dress code, parking abilities, and other details.
  6. Create a wedding hashtag for social media and a URL to a site that matches the hashtag.
  7. Add geotags which allow opening online maps.
  8. Send reminders before the event on messengers.
  9. Make registration forms for transport and housing.
  10. Call older relatives and make sure they understand everything on the website.

You cannot rely only on modern technologies. The site should be your main platform, but we recommend sending paper invitations to older relatives and parents. They will be happy to keep them as a memory.

10 Wedding Pose Pictures Ideas

Photo by @sammblake

There is a list of good poses for each photo style: images of the bride and groom, with parents, with bridesmaids and groomsmen, and all guests. There is even a guide on drone photography. Here are the poses we think work best for each couple:

  1. You stand aside, and the man gently grabs you by the hair for a kiss.
  2. You are kissing under a veil, and the camera seems to cross the line of an intimate moment.
  3. You are standing in front of each other, but the bride has her back, and the groom is in front, facing each other.
  4. You are looking at the landscape, and the bride's head is leaning on her husband's shoulder.
  5. As in tango, the groom bends the woman for a passionate kiss.
  6. Facing each other, the bride puts her hands on her husband's shoulders, and he kisses her on the forehead.
  7. Guests stay with raised hands, lights, or glasses. They create a corridor along which newlyweds walk hand in hand.
  8. The groom lifts the bride in his arms or by the waist.
  9. Gentle hugs and the photographer's assistant or a friend lift the dress train, and it flutters elegantly in the photo.
  10. The man stands behind the bride and whispers in her ear. She covers her chest and stomach with a bouquet.

There are many such poses for photos. We recommend browsing the portfolios of our top photographers to find your favorite poses.

10 Outdoor Wedding Pictures Ideas

Love Bears
Photo by Love Bears

To take creative photos outside, you should take care of the natural scenery.

  1. Choose a place with incredible nature.
  2. Take a photo at an observation deck or high ground.
  3. Make images in motion where you run or follow each other across the field.
  4. If the sun is at its peak, take pictures in the forest, where the light will streak through the trees.
  5. Take other photos in the "golden hour" before sunset.
  6. Be the center of the composition, and let the guests surround you.
  7. Play with the light. Walk into the glowing path between the trees, and catch the sun between your noses in a kiss.
  8. Lie down on the grass. If the dress gets easily dirty, prepare a plaid of natural color that won't stand out in the photo.
  9. Look for natural props, such as wildflowers, tree branches, cones, or berries on bushes.
  10. For a passionate photo shoot, lean against a tree and let the groom put his hand above your head.

The most important things for such photos are light, ease of movement, and beautiful surroundings.

10 Farm Wedding Pictures Ideas

Jose Villa
Photo by Jose Villa

Such pictures suit rustic weddings celebrated in wooden houses, tents, wineries, or on farms. Be sure to bring cowboy props to the photo session: brown leather, boots, and suspenders.

  1. Harvest ears of corn, vegetables, and other vegetables depending on the season.
  2. Take baskets and blankets.
  3. Take a photo in a field where haystacks are collected.
  4. Take a picture next to the tractor.
  5. Take images with animals: a horse, rabbit, or goat.
  6. Lean on a wooden door, gate, or corral.
  7. Put the bride on a homemade swing.
  8. Use the wooden arch, crates, benches, and barrels.
  9. If you are taking photos with large horned animals, decorate them with a wreath of wildflowers, bells, or ribbons.
  10. Contrast your white, immaculate cleanliness and the slight untidiness of the farm in the pictures.

Fill your photos with naturalness. If you are afraid of getting your heels dirty, this style of photo shoot isn't for you.

10 Vintage Wedding Pictures Ideas

Kristin Piteo
Photo by Kristin Piteo

Almost any photo you could make vintage, but you need to use color correction, props, light, and a general vintage environment.

  1. Ask to process the images in black and white or film brown.
  2. Add grain to the photos.
  3. Move to defocus details.
  4. Buy a bouquet with crimson flowers and dark green eucalyptus.
  5. Take a lace scarf, veil, or ribbons.
  6. Do pictures at sunset or dusk.
  7. Use a Polaroid photo as an attribute.
  8. Make a picture in a vintage mirror or on old furniture.
  9. Rent a vintage car for a photo shoot, maybe a convertible.
  10. Take hats, suspenders for the man, and musical instruments as props.

You could take as photo shoot props every old-fashioned thing you have at home for wedding vintage style.

10 Beach Wedding Pictures Ideas

Chelsea Gee
Photo by Chelsea Gee

Photos on the beach don't need advertising because they are always fresh, bright, and beautiful. How to make such pictures creative?

  1. Walk barefoot.
  2. The best pose here is one-by-one hand walking and running.
  3. Hide in kisses behind palm leaves.
  4. Get into the water up to your knees.
  5. The groom can take the bride up, so the dress train will be in the water.
  6. Make inscriptions on the wet sand.
  7. Leave footprints or handprints.
  8. Hug and run a lot. Your movements should be as natural as the waves.
  9. Carry and toss up a bouquet or flower petals.

Light white silk dresses with a long veil and a white bouquet are best suited for these photo sessions.

10 Wedding Venue Pictures Ideas

Lovely Light Imagery
Photo by Lovely Light Imagery

When choosing a venue, we want to find a place that will capture our hearts and eyes. For some, it's a modern skyscraper with floor-to-ceiling windows. For others, it's a small tent on the shore of a lake. So, at the best locations, you can take the following photos:

  1. Passage to the arch on green strewn with petals grass.
  2. Many hanging decorations: bouquets, garlands of dried flowers, or lights.
  3. The monumentality of the building or hall, including pictures in the church or civilian locations.
  4. Activities with guests like lighting fires and splashing champagne.
  5. Game with dimmed light. For example, when the bride throws a bouquet.
  6. Photo in the aisle to the ceremony from the back and front of the bride.
  7. Pyramid composition with friends. The location should have a place where someone can sit down. For example, stairs.
  8. Photo near the windows and on the veranda.
  9. Photo zone spots, arches.
  10. Pictures on a still empty location, in a quiet hall.

Your entire venue should be suitable for taking good photos around all areas.

10 Wedding Arches Ideas In Pictures

Lovely Light Imagery
Photo by Lovely Light Imagery

The ceremony arch is the most common location for photos. There you will take pictures with your guests, and it will be the main location for video shooting. So, the trendy arch could look like this:

  1. Thin wooden figures: octagon, triangle, pentagon, or circle, decorated diagonally with flowers and greenery;
  2. A classic rectangle or circle, decorated with flowers around the entire perimeter;
  3. Here, 50% artificial flowers are usually used for volumetric filling, and 50% live flowers.

  4. A thin metal circle of gold or silver color;
  5. The composition of flowers is usually placed at the bottom, and it's very voluminous.

  6. Hanging arch made of flowers, crystal ribbons, and decorative birds;
  7. Only suitable for arches inside the building.

  8. Transparent cubes with flowers inside;
  9. They are placed to the right and left of the bride and groom. Sometimes there are not two such cubes but four: two smaller and two larger.

  10. Knitted macramé arch; It's perfect for rustic-style weddings.
  11. An arch with a neon sign that glows;
  12. Doors that are decorated with flowers and vases;
  13. It can be an old wooden door or a grate entwined with small white flowers.

  14. Palm leaves; Such an arch is suitable for ceremonies on the beach. You could tie a large circle or rectangle with palm leaves, so the material isn't visible. You can add luxurious tropical flowers to the decor.
  15. Fabric arch; For such beauty, you could make a lining of any shape and decorate it with the fabric, for example, expensive corduroy, light silk, or falling pieces of cotton.

Nowadays, it is easy to find many ideas for an arch. Focus on your budget, but don't skip this attribute. Even the simplest arch can be exquisite.

10 Wedding Table Pictures Ideas

Krista K Photos
Photo by Krista K Photos

Decorate tables according to the season. Now decorators invent simply luxurious compositions, in particular:

  1. Low posies in the center of the round table;
  2. Tall vases, where the bouquet is located higher than the guest's eye level;
  3. Glass cylinders with candles;
  4. Small decors like candles, metal or crystal figurines, clocks, and vases for one flower;
  5. Loose sand or crystals from which flowers grow;
  6. Wicker baskets with ears of corn;
  7. Seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  8. Glass vases on stands in the colors of your wedding;
  9. Small confetti balloons;
  10. Metal accessories, including gold-plated napkin holders;

There are also many such decorations. Consider the season and the style of the wedding and let all your creativity run wild with a complete guide of wedding photography ideas in 2022&2023.

Enrich your ideas with new trends and tips. Pinterest is a great site to collect hundreds of ideas and turn your photos and decor into something unique.

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