Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

  • Publication date: 02/11/2023
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The maid of honor is a key friend at the wedding. Usually, she is the best friend who has gone through fire and water with the bride, who most fervently helped in the preparation. She was the first to rejoice with those squealing "Hurrah" when the bride gets a proposal. It is easy for some women to find the right words, and for others, it is much more difficult. To make your toast unique, we've collected many creative ideas.

9 Tips How To Write Maid Of Honor Speech

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The main thing that a maid's toast should contain is emotions. Start your preparation by reflecting on the first time you met, the situations that brought you together, the doubts and difficulties you went through together, and the fun you can remember.

The preparation plan may look like this:

  1. Grab a paper or open notes on your phone.
  2. Recall the best moments of your friendship.
  3. View shared photos on social media and your phone.
  4. Analyze shared trips.
  5. Choose the qualities you value most in a bride.
  6. Find something to thank her for.
  7. Find a special wish.
  8. Think about the bride's dreams like travel and achievements in work and family life.
  9. Analyze it all, choose the most emotional references, and put them into warm words of wishes.

To keep the audience focused, your speech should last no longer than 4–6 minutes. Be sure to start with an introduction, remember a joint adventure, and wish what is most important to the bride. You are close people, so your wish should be emotional, sincere, and touch the soul.

Maid Of Honor Speech Introduction Examples

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Usually, the wedding vendor who leads the celebration represents the speakers. However, the toast should always start with a short introduction. Say your name and tell why a bride is an extraordinary person for you. If you plan to mention a shared story, it is better to give an understanding of when you became friends and what brought you together.

Of course, the bride knows all these facts about you well, but all the guests listen to the toast. Remember that the general arrangement of your speech matters. Even if you and the bride invented a new language when you were kids, you shouldn't speak it all the time. If you have a good sense of humor, then an opening joke effectively makes the atmosphere easier and prepares people for the fact that an important person takes the microphone.

Remember that the introduction is only a quick foreword and shouldn't last longer than two minutes.

Maid Of Honor Speech Ending Examples

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The main part of the speech is a list of desires, advice, or wishes related to the story you've told. At the end of the toast, you should summarize everything you said before. The best conclusion can be one main wish and thanks. For example, you focused on a bride's qualities like punctuality. During the toast, you wished for good timing and ease in various situations of married life. Thus, you can make a reverse wish and advise her to let go of the complications, find relaxation, adapt to each other, and find harmony even in the fact that he is always late, and she plans everything perfectly.

A reverse wish is an opposite conclusion to the whole toast. Speaking of loyalty first, you should talk about respect for personal space at the end. Analyzing the difficulties, sum it up with unconditional love.

At the end of the speech, you should thank newlyweds for the honor of being the best maid, a friend, and a close person, and to promise always be there when she wants to complain about her husband's dirty socks. The beginning and end of the toast are also the best moments for a light joke.

Maid Of Honor Rehearsal Dinner Speech Examples

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At the rehearsal dinner, it is wise to remember all the preparations for the wedding, even the selection of the wedding dress, to thank the bride and the groom for the honor of being such an important participant in the event, and to wish that the wedding day will be easy and flawless. Save the most emotional references and words for the wedding toast, and don't tell everything you feel in the heart now. It's also a perfect chance to speak only to the bride and not to both of them because it is still rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding time, and they aren't yet as one.



Thanks for the honor

"Thank you for being the best friend ever for me. It's a special honor for me to help you on the most important day and smile next to you on the way to marriage".

Mention of preparation

"Thank you for allowing me to go through the whole exciting way of preparing for the wedding with you. I will be next to you tomorrow, as you are always next to me when I need you".

Wishes for tomorrow

"Tomorrow will be the most anticipated day in your life. Let it be exactly as you imagined. As your bridesmaids, we will try to multiply the pleasure from reality twice more".

First meeting

"I have known you for ten years, and during this time, I can only say that you, like no one else in the whole world, deserve to be the happiest. Name, take care of her!"

All these ideas can be developed and used separately or combined in one speech.

Maid Of Honor Speech Examples for Sister

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Speeches from a sister are very different if she is married or single. If you already have a family, and your sister is getting married, you should make the toast with advice. The ideal scheme for a toast from a married sister looks like this:

  1. Tell a funny story from childhood.
  2. Link the wish to this story. For example, you speak about an unsuccessful children's trip. Now you should wish that all unsuccessful trips only strengthen the journey of marriage through a happy life.
  3. Add a sentence about how exceptional your sister is to you.
  4. End with wishes and advice from your own life with your husband.

However, if you are single, the toast can be just as unique. Think about all that your sister symbolizes for you. Is she an example for you, or maybe she has character qualities that you want to develop in yourself? Present her in a toast as a role model, and tell her how much you love and appreciate her. Wishes in such a toast should be cozy sisterly. Ask the bride to come back home often, visit you, drink coffee every Tuesday, or periodically go to the spa together. Your toast should end with a short but deep wish that you sincerely want to accompany your sister throughout her married life.

Heartfelt Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

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If you've read everything up to this point, you'll have an idea of the structure and outline of the toast. Now we want to wrap everything up with a few real examples of successful toasts.

"Dear newlyweds! As the great Spaniard Cervantes wrote: "Love wears such glasses through which copper seems to be gold - wealth, and drops of fire - pearls." So raise glasses to the fact that you will see all this with an open eye!"

"Real life consists of many trifles, empty words, disputes, and life situations. Life is a garland of colorful bright, and gloomy days. The peace and well-being of your life depend on your prudence and consent! So don't let everyday nonsense spoil the happiness and joy". 

"I am very happy for you, my dear friends. From today, you became husband and wife. Now it's time to experience the fun together and go through life hand in hand. Be always close to each other and never forget this happy day in your life".

"I cannot describe all the feelings that stir in my soul. I am infinitely happy for you, and I want to give an order: Do not lose the happiness that surrounds you today".

"I saw how my friend was worried this morning, I saw how timidly she was waiting for the first look, and I see what a happy face she has now, so may everything good in your life continue to grow, like today".

" I swear to invite you to my wedding. I solemnly promise to catch a wedding bouquet and get married within one year. I promise to visit you every four weeks, to bore you with your stories about my adventures, and to be the godmother to your firstborn".

Cristian Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

As for Christian greetings, only one factor plays a role here. You must sincerely understand that marriage is a sacrament, which is once in a lifetime. In such a greeting, it is possible to emphasize the Lord, who gifted the newlyweds with graces of love and gave them a chance to build a truly Christian family.

You can also thank God in such a greeting for introducing you and for your paths going through life together. Or focus on all the good memories the higher powers have given you and ask them to be kind and bless you with peace and grace.

The best thing you can do in your toast is to find a perfect moment during the wedding timeline, and combine laughter, memories, emotions, thanks, and wishes. Find these memories in your heart, write a toast on paper or in notes on your phone, and review it several times. After all, these will be the best words from a best friend.

Also you can find some inspiration for your perfect wedding day by watching our top vendors portfolios!

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