Bride and Bridesmaids Photo Ideas

  • Publication date: 06/29/2022
  • Updated: 03/28/2023

Would you like to get some gorgeous shots together with your bridesmaids? What to do and how to pose to get a desirable result? Read the article to find out about 22 greatest ideas and be ready for your ‘big day’!

Must-have photos with your bridesmaids

Getting Ready Shots

8be8b85403f2d2df5f39d08ab180aacd.jpgPhoto by Lauren E Bliss Photography

Such photographs taken in the morning look natural and stunning as helping the bride to prepare for her ‘big day’ is a vital part of the wedding morning. There are some great ideas for bride and bridesmaids photographs below:

  • Zipping Up the Dress

The sort of shots that are especially intimate and elegant. Your bridesmaids will probably have to zip it up more than once to get the shots from different angles, photographs full of love and tenderness.

  • Pinning the Veil

The accessory itself is magical and special. However, a couple of bridesmaids’ gentle touches, attaching the veil compose the dreamy pictures.

  • Mirror, mirror

The photos of the bride with the bridesmaids looking at the mirror and admiring the bride might seem simple but are still gorgeous, so give it a go!

One-Style Photos

170859457_3927740063931704_990467960412478421_n.jpgPhoto by @hannahbmiller__

The same shade of the dresses, their common style, or similar hairdos should be emphasized enough. So try standing in some simple geometrical shapes or just in a row to express the wedding style and theme.


09c5d7d7c1f0bce29bdfc3460887b442.jpgPhoto by Alyssa Marie Evans Photo

Some champagne in aesthetic glasses adds a relaxed atmosphere to your shots. Be careful with the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ attire. Opening the bottle is cool but spoiling the clothes at the beginning will be too upsetting. Therefore some brides decide to take such photographs with bridesmaids in pajamas before getting dressed.

First Look

279963555_1707295479649251_5525660905933781743_n.jpgPhoto by @abbybekah 273222984_483043203309792_1018068547420124344_n.jpgPhoto by @michelliafineimagery

As a must-have bride and bridesmaids pic, it may be either natural or staged. It’s perfect when a real first look is caught by a photographer because it shows the sincerest emotions. Although after you can try staging some funny shots but don’t play too much. Get here to find out about Top 5 funny wedding photos!

Jump for Fun

252726911_3134433886837823_1111529472274216464_n.jpgPhoto by @meredithbentonphoto

Reflecting your mood, the photo of you as a bride and your best friends might also be even amusing. Enjoy yourself and have fun jumping on the bed in your getting-ready robes or pajamas.

Simple and classy

283327976_167510275738135_3737995146252746699_n.jpgPhoto by @brigittereneephoto

You must have photos that are just timeless and never outdated, some shots you can show publicly without hesitation. Devote some time and effort to take such photographs - just simple standing, gentle hugging, and smiling.


284660967_1053610162258128_7917045816110033561_n.jpgPhoto by @devonstoebephoto

Take your time to capture the details as well, especially when they are well-thought and prepared so carefully: colorful shoes or cute necklaces.

On the Bed

Morning mood is originally unusual as you have such a morning only once in your life, on the wedding day. That’s why simple bride and bridesmaids pics in robes on the bed are fantastic.

Involve the Groomsmen

275977292_277897727831995_9137184245819386720_n.jpgPhoto by @carolinemorrisphoto

Yes, take some shoots together at the very beginning of the day. A perfect symmetry, isn’t it?

Best bride and bridesmaid photoshoot ideas

253079408_678209619772175_3079522003720457613_n.jpgPhoto by @laurelelise

Just Walking

A simple, though amazing shot. Listen carefully to your photographer’s instructions, and walk smoothly and slowly. You don’t have to hurry up. Just enjoy the moment along with your bridesmaids, imagine the relaxed walking somewhere you love going together, and smile!

Candid Laughter

Sincere emotions never fail. Laugh and the world will laugh with you! Don’t hesitate to show what you feel and unwind a bit. Good music might help!

Looking at Each Other

Natural photographs aren’t taken when you’re constantly looking at the camera. If you don’t know where to look, look at each other. Interact and communicate as usual, try to forget about the photographer's presence. Get here to read about some tips on how to do a natural wedding photo session!

Looking Back

During any photoshoots, people are mainly concentrated on the portraits and front shots, though stunning back details might be sadly forgotten. However back side photos are just perfect for either group or individual photographs. Stand in a line and turn your backs to the photographer. The photographer will tell you the poses for some good-looking shots.

Under the Veil

A magical effect of the veil works even differently for such photos. It’s rather symbolic, representing your close friendship and trust. That’s the way of depicting how your bridesmaids share the joy of your ‘big day’ and are happy about you. 

Get Some Props

Props such as funny pictures, balloons, and even tiny blackboards might give you additional ideas for amusing bride and bridesmaids shots.

The Selfie Shot

There’s no single wedding without hundreds of selfies taken. As it’s said, if you don’t post it on social media, it isn’t happening. Although it’s just a joke, the selfie shot is always wonderful as it doesn’t demand much effort and is natural. Your task is just to take a selfie and the photographer will capture all of you.

Little Friends

Why don’t you involve your pets if you have any? The group shots of the bride, her bridesmaids, and a pet are lovely and touching though it might take some time to take beautiful pics.

Fun and creative bride and maid of honor pics

289155898_1073764773350077_2400270283459185573_n.jpgPhoto by @thecrakes

Your maid of honor is believed to be the most important bridesmaid, your closest and best friend, your soulmate. So, take your time to get some excellent photos with her as well. There are some bride and maid of honor picture ideas below:

Individual Photographs

The fronts and detailed portraits are not only relevant and right but also obligatory to take! Your wedding is an absolutely new chapter in your life, so it’s hard to create something more moving than candid photos of you and your best friend in such a moment.

Hug and Kiss

Holding your hands, hugging, and tender kisses never fail as they show your feelings and connection. Behave naturally and the photographer will get all the shots.

Getting Ready Shots

Let your maid of honor bring her special touch to your wedding preparation. Even if you’ve already taken some shots with all the bridesmaids, add the getting-ready details only with her, making it more private and intimate.


It’s a happy day, so there must be not only moving and touching teary moments but also captured minutes of cheerfulness and joy. Smile widely as much as possible. That’ll help photographers take pics where you’re satisfied and pleased. The same rule matters when it comes to the bride and best friend picture on the wedding day.

Memories Back

If you’re old friends and have a lot to recollect, why don’t you do that? Take a photo album or just look together at some old photographs to bring back the memories. That’s an excellent wedding bridesmaid photo idea.

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