Alternative to a wedding cake: the best desserts for the celebration

  • Publication date: 03/05/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Cutting the wedding cake is thought to be a sweet ending of every wedding celebration. This tradition is loved and preserved in many families, countries and is still kept alive even now. However, you can easily put aside classic white cake and choose something alternative that includes fresh fruit, flowers and decorations. Moreover, you can let your imagination run wild by arranging the layout of your wedding dessert or desserts to match your wedding theme. Here are some great recommendations to spice up a traditional wedding cake. Choose the one that suits your preferences and tastes!

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Choose Savory Cheeses

There’s no need to prepare something sweet if the couple genuinely hates it and never chooses cakes or chocolate. It’s your big day and the choice of cake is up to you. Skip sugar if it’s not your cup of tea, giving preference to cheese. It’s a modern and quite popular way to get a cake shaped treat, thus avoiding sugar. Just set various cheese wheels starting from the widest to smaller ones. In addition, serve tasty bread, grissini, crackers, nuts and fruits, both fresh and dried. Be sure, your guests will scream out of pleasure and delight.

Make a Doughnut Tower Photo by kristajeanphotography Make a Doughnut Tower Photo by themccartneys Make a Doughnut Tower Photo by coreyjohnsonstudios

Make a Doughnut Tower

There has never been a person born who would refuse a crispy and creamy doughnut. Therefore, it’s impossible to lose if you order frosted doughnuts of different colors, flavors and toppings. Moreover, be creative when displaying them. They can be presented as a sweet tower of colored tiers or mounted on a decorated wall. Anyway, whatever dish or display case you choose, doughnuts will attract the attention of all the guests.

Opt For Cake Pops

Cake pops are the best way to treat your guests to something sweet if you’re looking for individually portioned and easily portable dessert. These confectionery products are becoming increasingly popular because of a wide range of flavors, patterns and their unique design. Cake pop is a dream come true, a perfect match of a lollipop and a delicious cake. It’s impossible to resist and not to try them all.

Opt For Cake Pops Photo by thehappybloom Opt For Cake Pops Photo by thehappybloom

Order Pancakes and Waffles

Making pancakes is a wonderful way to present a dessert without ordering a traditional cake, especially if you’re hosting a brunch wedding. These cuties will immediately appear on your guests’ Instagram, because they look so aesthetically charming. Your mouth will be watering while looking at the syrup pouring down the tower of freshly baked soft pancakes. Another option that deserves attention is to serve your guests Belgian waffles. Even without toppings, they taste perfectly. However, you’ll be adored by everyone if you add whipped cream or any cream you prefer to top this piece of art.

Dress Up Mini Desserts

Mini desserts, also known as dessert shots, are widely spread and loved. They can look and taste aligning with all your preferences, so just  let your imagination run wild and pastry chefs will make everything you want. Thanks to such a variety, every guest will be pleased to choose a dessert he/she likes the best. Evidently, it’s much better than trying to finish a cake you dislike, just because you hate chocolate or vanilla. Additionally, such mini desserts are perfect in case you know that some of your guests are keeping a diet and don’t eat products with lactose or gluten. Just imagine how surprised and glad they will be if you order some options for them as well.

Tower High With Cupcakes or MacaronsPhoto by Tower High With Cupcakes or MacaronsPhoto by alix.gould Tower High With Cupcakes or MacaronsPhoto by bottega53

Tower High With Cupcakes or Macarons

Looking at these yummy cupcakes, your guests will definitely want to treat themselves to something delicious. The same happens with macarons. This French dessert has gained popularity around the whole world thanks to its crispy almond-based meringue, fruit curd and buttercream frosting. Being made in subtle pastel colors and arranged in a tower, macarons resemble a traditional wedding cake, though with a modern and chic style.

Consider Croquembouche

This dessert is created for true connoisseurs. Croquembouche is a real heartbreaker. After tasting just one piece, you won't be able to stop and wish this paradise would last forever. Although this confection looks perfect as it is, you can enhance its look by adding sugar powder, fresh flowers or an elegant vintage decoration.

 Serve Mini Pies Photo by themccartneys Serve Mini Pies Photo by coreyjohnsonstudios

Serve Mini Pies

If you’re into homemade cuisine, then opt for cute mini pies instead of a wedding cake. You’ll be surprised that there are many people who are obsessed with the home pastry vibe. However, living in a hectic world, they don’t have enough time to handle cooking at home. Therefore, they would treat themselves to mini pies with great pleasure. It’s advisable to choose fruit or berry pies, though if you’re far from being a sweet tooth, you may order something sour or neutral.

Serve Individual CakesPhoto by thehappybloom Serve Individual CakesPhoto by thehappybloom

Serve Individual Cakes

Ordering a cake that every guest will like can be quite tricky. It’s clear that some people love creamy cakes with chocolate and sugar adornments, while others prefer light mousse desserts or something semisweet with no frosting, buttercream, but with lots of fresh fruits and berries. So, to be on the safe side, order individually plated cakes. The most loved desserts are millefoglie, a very delicate Italian dessert made of puff pastry with soft custard cream as well as flavorful custard-filled cannolis.

 Portioned ParfaitsPhoto by stephanieweberphotog

Portioned Parfaits

Parfaits are the favorite desserts of those who appreciate light mousses mixed with fresh berries and fruits or thin layers with delicate pastry cream. Tiramisu is definitely one of a kind. It’s a delicious mascarpone dessert layered with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, cream and a drop of rum. It’s not the best option for kids, but your adult guests will ask for it in seconds.

Portioned ParfaitsPhoto by audrawrisleyphoto

Embrace a Seasonal Favorite

It’s difficult to imagine a summer wedding without an ice-cream station. You’re wrong if you think that it appeals to children only. All your guests, both younger and older ones, won't refuse a portion of nice Italian gelato. It is necessary to provide toppings such as chocolate or strawberry sauce, chopped nuts, caramel or sprinkles. Another way to freshen up the guests is to offer ice cream sandwiches, which are a perfect combination of cool ice cream and soft cookies. It makes sense to know what the seasonal fruits are, so that you could offer your guests any dessert only with ripe fresh fruits and berries, without using previously frozen ones.

Go Mini With Cheesecake Bites Photo by gregfinck

Go Mini With Cheesecake Bites

Choosing a cheesecake for your wedding day actually means leaning into a more classic type of cake. However, the classic is a timeless trend and is loved by guests of any age. Cheesecakes are the most versatile dessert, because they can be filled with different fruits, nuts and berries, and they will taste great in any case. So, choose several options, make them bite-size, add some decorations, and they’ll disappear in the blink of an eye.

As you see, the variety of desserts is endless. So, don’t be afraid to risk and order something alternative to a traditional wedding cake. For sure, you’ll be amazed by this sweet experiment, and you'll definitely surprise your guests.

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