31 Wedding Group Photo Ideas & Tips

  • Publication date: 06/17/2022
  • Updated: 03/28/2023

31 Wedding group photo ideas & tips

How to make group photos easy

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These few simple tips will help you take wedding group pictures faster and easier.

  1. Ask the planner to let people know in advance what time is allocated for photos with the bride and groom.
  2. Order an instant photo or selfie mirror. These devices will help people unravel, because they take pictures themselves, without a photographer.
  3. Take group photos.

Don't forget to discuss with your photographer in advance with whom you would especially like to take pictures.

Group photos wedding list

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Group shots can be made throughout the wedding. Photos without preparation, without looking at the camera also turn out excellent. Don’t pay attention to the photographers in general, until they ask you about it, because their job is to take natural and living shots.

All group photos could be divided at:

  • morning at home
  • photos after the ceremony
  • shots with guests
  • party pictures.

Let's see what photos you can't miss. This will be useful because no husband's cousin will be offended that you don’t invite her to take some photos.

What group photos should be taken at each stage of the wedding?

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  1. Morning preparations.
  2. Photo with father, mother, brothers, and sisters. If you have a pet, buy a wedding suit and be sure to take a photo with your dog or cat. During this period it is also very important to take photos with the bridesmaids. You can be in bathrobes and without shoes, then you need to wear a full look. Use home decor, furniture, and flowers. You can have coffee or croissants in your hands.

  3. After the ceremony.
  4. Be sure to take care of the joint photo of all present people and individual shots with the parents of the bride and groom.

  5. Individual shots with guests.
  6. Such photos are taken after the first serving or buffet as a rule. The sun isn’t so bright. Guests want to take photos while makeup and hair are intact and undamaged.

  7. Afterparty.
  8. Take off high heels and hook the train above. Dance until the fall and do not pay attention to the photographer. The shots of the party will be incredible if you allow yourself to relax.

20 group photos for a wedding you should not miss

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We've combined typical and brand-new ideas for group photos to give you a little more inspiration in preparing for a group photo shoot.

  1. Golden classics.
  2. Typical group wedding photos where the bride and groom are in the middle.

  3. Boy-girl.
  4. Group photos, where a male guest is standing next to the bride, and a female guest is standing next to the groom.

  5. Photos with parents.
  6. The classic version is when the bride's parents are next to her, and the groom's close ones are next to him. Don’t forget about the shot when a mother kisses her son and a father kisses his daughter.

  7. Next to.
  8. All bridesmaids are standing next to the bride, and the groomsmen are next to the groom. So the colors of the dresses and suits will look very harmonious.

  9. Color scheme.
  10. Invite all the friends who adhered to the color scheme of the wedding to the photo. Choose the location of the photo zone or ceremony area where there is a lot of decor behind.

  11. Top view.
  12. These include group photos taken from a window or stairs, where couples and guests can be seen from above. A photographer also can use a drone.

  13. Don’t pay attention to the photographer.
  14. Group photos when guests don’t pay attention to the photographer, communicate and smile.

  15. Wow, Beauty!
  16. Girls and guests are amazed by the beauty of the bride. They can touch her dress, hair, and veil.

  17. 180 degrees.
  18. The main characters of the celebration stand back from the guests, but they are still half-turned to the camera. Only the face of one or two people is visible. So the focus on the bride and groom is even more noticeable.

  19. Foreground.
  20. The bride and groom or guests stand in the foreground in such a way that the focus of the camera is on them, and people in the background are a little out of focus.

  21. Kisses.
  22. All the shots with kisses have a special charm.

  23. Sitting frame.
  24. Guests are seated in the lounge area or at tables so that bride and groom are in the center.

  25. Couple to couple.
  26. The bride and groom are traditionally in the middle, and the other two, four, or six couples are symmetrically arranged on two sides. It is important to follow the boy-girl rule.

  27. Passageway.
  28. The groom holds the bride's hand and leads her forward. His eyes look at her, her`s eyes turn to the guests. Guests are located in the passageway.

  29. Movement.
  30. Photos in motion at the exit of the church or hotel, at the entrance to the location of the banquet, when all the guests are around.

  31. Love tunnel.
  32. Guests pass a couple through the tunnel, they applaud, hold sparklers, flowers, or sprinkle the path with petals.

  33. Walk.
  34. The bride and groom and a couple of guests hold hands, trying to walk at equal distances from each other.

  35. Cars.
  36. An interesting shot comes out when groomsmen stand and seem to open the door to the bride in the car or bridesmaids show off with the groom, leaning on his car.

  37. Joint dances.
  38. Guests and the bride with groom communicate during active dances, where they can spin in their small circle.

  39. Toast.
  40. Everyone knocks over glasses and drinks for the couple's happiness.

    Each photo can be the opposite: let's focus not only on the main couple of the celebration but sometimes on the guests too.

Fun wedding group photo ideas

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It is unlikely that you will be able to make very fun shots with grandma or uncle. But to take nice photos, just always smile. And maybe your cheekbones will hurt in the evening, but smiling photos are worth it.

There are two groups of people with whom funny photos are possible: children and friends.

  • Use your humor and props to take fun photos with friends. Communicate, tell jokes and stories, raise your hands, take glasses. The boys can take the groom in their arms and throw him up.
  • If there will be various games or competitions at the wedding, take photos of teams, photos in motion and competitions. The brighter the emotions in the photo, the cooler these photos will be.

Read also Top 5 funny wedding photos to get more ideas.

Wedding party pictures ideas

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To inspire you even more with interesting group photos, we have created some new ideas for small and large weddings.

Small wedding party photo ideas

If you have up to 30 guests at your wedding, be sure to take lots of general photos. Don't be too formal. You deserve the love of your guests. You can even plan ahead to print one photo with all your guests and present it to them at the end of the wedding party.

Large wedding party photo ideas

It is seldom possible to take many pictures together when you have a large celebration. Make a list of guests dividing them into groups in advance. If you have already planned step-by-step photos of the wedding day, then add these tips to the preparation list. But if you don’t, then read how to Create a perfect Wedding Timeline.

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