10 MUST HAVE poses for the couple on the day of wedding (suggested by TOP US photographers)

  • Publication date: 10/06/2021
  • Updated: 03/30/2023

Wedding Photography Poses

The charming couple poses for wedding photography are created thanks to emotions and love. You always admire and get pleasure when viewing wedding photos. They remind you of the magical moments that will stay with you forever as a precious treasure. The famous quote is proof of this: “The past is gold. The present is diamonds. The future is rubies. Eternity is a priceless treasure.” 

Emotions are an important component of photography poses for weddings. They reflect the true essence of a person, revealed at a certain point in time. Furthermore, our emotions are incredible human abilities that transform your work from a simply beautiful photo into something significant and powerful. Our body demonstrates our emotions in posing.

269877233_251001267138217_2822666397336219831_n.jpgPhoto by @ktmerry

Therefore, if you have no previous experience in wedding photography posing, in this article, we will offer you 10 must have poses for the couple, suggested by the TOP US photographers.

Tips for Natural Posing

One of the main tips for posing naturally is just not to pose at all. Or, do it not too much. A groom and a bride should avoid looking into the camera. The wedding couple can pretend that they are alone and no one is taking pictures of them.

74525290_157156118716653_2885181655956244132_n.jpgPhoto by @masha.golub

In short, the best way to make wedding photos look more natural is to take burst photos. That is, the photographer shoots the newlyweds while they move, walk, smile, laugh, and do whatever they want. This will help you get perfect candid wedding photography.

Admiring the Dress

When the bride gets ready for the wedding ceremony, the photographer takes several reportage shots. The photographer tries to capture what is going on around the self-preoccupied bride. When everything is done, it is time for the first portrait in a wedding dress. An open door leading to a balcony will be the perfect frame for her figure. The bride can stand back and turn slightly towards the camera. Clearly, one of the most effective poses for wedding photography is a beautiful bride in a long wedding dress standing against a natural or cityscape background.

54511491_154448238913608_4054989045090766229_n.jpgPhoto by Julia Kaptelova

Tying the Bow Tie

Posing can be more difficult for men because many of them dislike being photographed. As a result, a wedding photographer should do everything possible to make the groom feel comfortable and relaxed during the wedding photoshoot. It would be a good idea to create a setting where the newlywed stands legs wide apart. This wedding pose for photography perfectly represents the male character and gives the impression of stability, strength, and authority. It is also worth noting that wedding photography for grooms usually focuses on men's accessories such as a tie or bow tie, a white rose boutonniere, cufflinks, and a watch. 

IVASH-87.JPGPhoto by @ivash_photography

The First Look

The first look is an emotional and bright moment before the wedding ceremony. It is the first time the groom sees the bride in a wedding dress. This unique opportunity allows a couple to experience sincere and genuine emotions. The photographer should keep the camera ready to capture every moment of their meeting as it can be a very special, short, and intimate time.

The First Look Wedding Photo PosePhoto by Charla Storey

The Forehead Kiss

The forehead kiss is one of the most romantic wedding photography poses that shows the power of love, friendship, and trust. It represents the groom and the bride facing each other. They focus all their attention on themselves. In this beautiful closed pose, the groom can hug his bride with one hand and touch her chin with the other. The very gentle kiss of a loved one on the forehead creates an emotional connection between the newlyweds.

The Forehead Kiss WeddingPhoto by Tamara Gigola

The Wind-Blown Veil

The bride's veil is an amazing accessory in the wedding photography pose. If you want to get the most dramatic veil shots you can just capture the moment when the wind blows away the wedding veil while the bride stands back. However, when there is no wind you can take a shot with an assistant holding up the veil as it flows in the wind.

The Wind-Blown Veil WeddingPhoto by Masha Golub

The Stroll

The stroll is a perfectly natural activity for wedding photography, as the newlyweds do not need to show their passion, but simply walk hand in hand through the beautiful surroundings. A photographer usually takes the shots from a distance.  Now, let's take a look at two wedding poses for strolling: in the first pose the couple strolls towards the camera and in the second one they go away from it. The groom and the bride move slowly, direct their gaze at any point and communicate freely with each other. Thus, the couple will find themselves in a natural situation, as their attention will be more focused on their action than how they look. Only in this way, it is possible to get gorgeous and authentic wedding photography poses for couples.  

The Stroll WeddingPhoto by Emma | Ether & Smith

The Subtle Glance

The best thing that newlyweds can do for their wedding photos is to show maximum sincerity and tenderness during the shoot. A couple can pose for wedding photography looking into each other's eyes with love and holding hands gently together, enjoying every moment. At the same time, it is important to keep an expression of calmness, satisfaction, and happiness on their faces. They smile naturally, and even the bride can look down for a little bit. This wedding pose shows the deep emotions of the newlyweds.

The Subtle Glance Wedding Photo PosePhoto by Nadia Hung

The Cake Cutting

The cake cutting is a wedding tradition that represents the first activity done as a married couple. The bride and groom stand in front of the cake. The wedding photographer may ask them to cut off a piece of cake that will look better in the photos. Holding the knife together, the newlyweds cut off the first piece of cake. Then, the groom gives the bride the first piece, and the bride offers the second one to her husband. Besides, the couple cuts a few more cake pieces for the relatives to show their respect for the two families.

The Cake Cutting Wedding PhotoPhoto by Corbin Gurkin

Dancing pose

Without a doubt, the first dance of a newly-married couple is a magical moment full of emotions and love. When the couple starts to dance, a photographer can take the classic shots, asking the bride and groom to look into each other's eyes passionately and romantically. It is recommended to take photos from different angles and try to сapture shots of the groom holding the bride in a dance pose.

Dancing pose for photoPhoto by Julia Kaptelova

Wedding Pose Mistakes to Avoid

There are hundreds of nuances where you can see posing mistakes that brides and grooms make. Namely, the setting of arms, legs, a body, a head, eyes, facial expressions and the rhythm. The main mistake in posing is the "one-size-fits-all" approach to photography, which always gives a bad result. 

Best wedding photographers on wezoree.comPhoto by The Happy Bloom

Wedding photography can be negatively affected by the absence of the correct basis for good photography such as naturalness, confidence, relaxation in the shot as well as the desynchronization of the body with the emotional state.

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