Top 12 Videographers in Miami

  • Publication date: 12/10/2022
  • Updated: 11/15/2023

Are you throwing a wedding party in Miami and still on the fence, thinking about whether you need a wedding video or not? Stop doubting because the emotions it brings over the years are priceless. You might wonder who the person behind the lens is. Let’s get to know the best videographers in Miami and see their awesome works!

Current Films | Zac & Bethany Holmstrom

Zac and Bethany started working in the industry in 2013. Although it took them some time to find the things they were in love with, they finally found their passion. The couple shares that they do love what they do and have never regretted their choice! Zac has always been fond of cinematography and everything related to it, whereas Bethany, was previously interested in photography and excited about working with people. Having experience in filming more than 200 weddings and a lot of other corporate projects, Zac and Bethany found their key to the main ideas and approaches in their philosophy in work. According to them, a wedding video is not about creating the moment but about capturing it without being too intrusive and making newlyweds feel uncomfortable. It’s crucial to make it unique, add a personal touch, and capture sentimental moments - passion, laughter, and tears - of your ‘big day’.

Video by Current Films

Kennedy & Joey Bailey

You’ll be stunned at a romantic and amazing story of how they began their videography career. Kennedy and Joey have been in love since high school and started with simple travel videos. They soon realized that making videos was their passion and something that they really love. They could watch wedding videos for hours, sitting in total awe. The wedding industry became a perfect match for their personalities and how they felt. Additionally, both Joey and Kennedy have great connections with couples that they’re filming, and that gives an opportunity to use an individual approach to each. They do feel happiness while cherishing the biggest and cutest moments at weddings. They’re both important parts of their duo, carrying different roles. Kennedy is creative, has an eye for detail and colors, and is fond of storytelling. Joey is rather a technical professional, but at the same time easygoing, emotional and communicative. Here’s their stunning video, have a look!

Video by Happy Sappy Films

Photography & Films

Photography and Videography Team based in South Florida is undoubtedly a top vendor in the industry in Miami with 16 years of experience and an exceptional philosophy toward each love story that finds its logical continuation in marriage. Authentic moments should be captured in a tender way that’s why the team always looks for magic between the couples and their connection. Their credo is based on the belief that a story can never die thanks to crafted and thoughtful films and photographs. As real artists they chase love, and light and are never afraid of a challenge, being ready to work at various weddings and on different projects.

Video by Photography & Films

Kemari Lyn Films

Kemari is a trained top Miami videographer and filmmaker, who creates ‘vividly crafted and narrative driven wedding films that transcend time’. She attended a top American film school and found herself capturing sincere moments, since she adores having a certain influence on people’s lives at their special events and celebrations. A destination doesn’t matter for them as well. Kemari, according to many grooms and brides, is a sweet, communicative, and outgoing personality. Their philosophy is as follows:

Our heart is to enrich your marriage and preserve its legacy through heirloom wedding films that bring you and your loved ones back to those moments of undeniable joy and deeply rooted love.

Video by Kemari Lyn Films

Love Squared Wedding

A professional team of wedding videographers with 9 years of experience will provide you with exclusive enthusiasm and a desire to tell your unique story. They will make everything extremely personalized because they believe in ‘a cinematic time machine’ that will be bringing you back to your big day throughout the years. 

Video by Love Squared Wedding

Bricks Group Media

They’re filming not for tomorrow, but for the next decade and beyond. Trying to capture everything that happens on your wedding day, whether it’s tears or laughter, these best professional videographers in Miami will prove that wedding video is one of the best investments in your ‘big day’. A creative team has experience working on luxurious wedding days. Just check out one of their stunning videos:

Video by Bricks Group Media

Merge Social Studios

Merge Studios is a team of talented filmmakers, editors, and a director, who always look for ‘an emotional element that you make’. They believe that a wedding is a symbolic moment, one of the most essential highlights in life that must be saved forever. The Merge Studios team works in a modern, though natural and classic style but they also think that each couple’s telling their own story, so that adds a special tone to every wedding film. They try to feel the couple’s vibe and transmit it into more cinematic, fun, or, for instance, dramatic movies. Merge studio will provide you with high-quality video materials as they have filmed more than 275 weddings so far since 2006. On average, they film 25 weddings every year, so they are highly skilled, and have rich experience.

Video by Merge Social

Erikson Corbin

Erikson and his team are top Miami videographers and they always want to know who their couples truly are. As they say, wedding films are usually sweet but staged, so they aren’t candid enough. You should listen to your personality, and understand who you are and so they do. They try to understand each couple and its unique story and relationship. Cinematography, especially wedding films, is ‘like poetry’. It’s not only about capturing highlights of a wedding day but about a deep understanding of the things happening and ‘looking beneath visuals’. Erikson says that they feel great responsibility for their work as the moments they’re saving are not only for the couple but also for their children and grandchildren, who might feel these true emotions carried over decades.

Video by Erikson Corbin

Pineapple Films

Telling love stories is Pineapple Films Team’s passion, which is why they understand how important it is to keep an approach personalized and unique. Working in the wedding industry for almost 10 years, they’re full of creative energy to craft your wedding video in the best way. They say:

Creativity is born of confidence, freedom and inspiration.

Being highly skilled and experienced, Eric, Shelley, and Matt are confident in what they do, give each other the opportunity to feel free in exploring and creating amazing videos, and inspire each other to capture all moments in a creative way. They say that each couple is like movie stars to them, the main characters in the story, and that’s why they always edit materials carefully without any rush to create perfection. The team loves effective cooperation with other vendors at the wedding, as they all have the same goal and motivation to do their best for the couple.

Video by Pineapple Films

Motive Cinemas

For the Motive Cinemas Team, there’s the main thing to understand - your motive and concept. That’s why they literally say ‘create with us’. They really love their job, every project is different and unique for them. Motive Cinemas use modern and professional cameras to provide you with a high-quality product. They’re in love with capturing intimate moments, such as vows, and the first look and couples’ reactions are their favorite moments.

Video by Motive Cinemas

Key Moment Films

Key Moment Films is a professional team of videographers in Miami who will create an Instagram-worthy wedding film for you. There will definitely be moments you will miss on a wedding day but they promise to capture everything you haven’t seen. They say that when you know that every key moment will be captured and saved, you’ll feel true relief and calmness at the wedding and after it.

A wedding film that no one will be able to watch without getting emotional.

This is what their credo is about: authentic moments, spontaneous and unique solutions.

Video by Key Moment Films

Cutting Desk Production

‘Story driven from our hearts to yours’. They’ll make your video emotional, adding a unique touch. Their philosophy is about focusing on people, that’s why all their products are individually crafted in the style of cinematic storytelling. They try to keep it simple and classic as years of experience show how important it is.

Video by Cutting Desk Production

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