Top 11 Videographers in Houston

  • Publication date: 12/30/2022
  • Updated: 11/15/2023

Finding the best videographer isn't effortless. Everyone has a unique editing, shooting, and storytelling style. When your videographer lives in your hometown, you can easily contact them and communicate. In this article, we've selected the 11 best wedding videographers in Houston who know for sure how to create a stunning wedding video.

CakeWalk Films

Video by Cakewalk Films

This studio specializes in creative shooting highlighting the deepest emotions of bride and groom, catching their tears, quivering lips, and the first moment of touch. They believe that the talent of the videographer is to film the couple as they see themselves, to multiply this image and highlight it as the most heartfelt romantic movie. With over 10 years of experience and strong relationships with the best vendors and famous wedding videographers, they know how to make your trailer a family heirloom like no other. 

Thirty One Films

Video by 31Films

This team believes your love, laughter, and relationships are worth transferring to a museum, capturing for ages.They are Houston videographers for wedding, but the company also provides services for destination wedding videography. They highlight not just an ordinary event but a unique moment that magically united two similar souls. This studio turns every second into a story about which you could even write a book. Their experience is more than 15 years, and the team consists of 6 people: the owner, the head of the studio, the creative director, and three cinematographers.

Sculpting With Time

Video by Sculpting With Time Productions

This studio was founded by husband Alex and wife Whitney to change the approach to wedding videography. They won many awards, including one of the best videography studios in the world. This team is known for their mesmerizing, rich, lush, and cinematic approach to shooting. They put all their creative energy and inspiration into the films, so they take a limited number of weddings per season. They also teach filmmakers and create commercial teasers.

Meant To Be

Video by Meant To Be Films

This team positions itself as a group of storytellers who can not only film the obvious and documental moments. In their movies, newlyweds find many details that they couldn’t see on the wedding day. Their story isn't only about the couple, but also about guests, decor, dances, feelings, and toasts. They show the day from different angles and perspectives so that you remember it in the best possible way. It is what customers appreciate the most because they often spend more than a year preparing, and the day passes so quickly that they simply don't have time to notice all the details.

Candeo Films

Video by Candeo Films

Candeo's team can turn the video into your own story and leave everything around, including the decor, location, and guests in the background. They want to capture moments that surprise you and reveal something deep and intimate in your emotions. The main motto of the studio is "Every couple wants a good film." Candeo knows how to make a high-quality and soulful video that isn't limited by rules, standards, or fixed shooting norms and images.

The Drakes

Video by The Drakes

This studio creates each film as a commercial and selects modern music that stirs the blood. Sharp switching of frames, spectacular angles, and bright, mysterious filming…all of this is about the Drakes. They lead you through the video as if from acquaintance to a strong friendship. Each movie is filled with music that matches the couple's character, and the melody always enhances the text, emphasizing it, not drowning it out. They know how to find soulful insights in each couple and turn them into a unique story.

Henry Adewale Films

Video by Henry Adewale

This studio is also located in Houston, but they position themselves as on-site wedding videographers. Clients claim that it is pleasant to work with Henry. He knows how to relax, calm down, and put everyone into motion in front of the camera. The videographer turns even the ordinary moments of preparation into a joyful time, emphasizing the imperfect perfection of each bride, and her special and unique features in appearance.

Ama By Aisha

Video by Ama Photography & Cinema

This talented woman has been doing wedding videos and is engaged in photography for over 10 years. She is extremely sensual filming the first look, the unity ceremony, and other personal moments. She offers short and long videos and often adds instant emotional shots to the trailers. This videographer masters new shooting techniques every time so that your video stands out from the rest. She is also considered one of the best wedding photographers in Houston.

The Lockharts

Video by The Lockharts

This studio was also created by a husband and wife. They specialize in luxury weddings, so their videos are lush and lavish, with lots of decorations and expensive beauty. Professionalism is easy to follow on the Instagram page because they often post short video lifehacks of shooting, videos about wedding looks, and outdoor weddings. The Lockharts are distinguished by their attention to details and the sophistication of their shooting at the best wedding venues in Houston.

JF Studioz


Studio JF creates videos filled with excitement, laughter, and lightness. You'll have a desire to watch them over and over again just to cheer yourself up a little. Customers note that this team is very dynamic, they give their all, and their communication with guests is unobtrusive but pleasant, so they often manage to capture loved ones from an unexpected side. 

Bailey Hart

Video by Bailey Hart

This studio is engaged in creating high-quality and atmospheric photos and videos in any demand. Each project is unique and has an exclusively individual and creative approach. Bailey Hart's wedding video has a non-standard approach to shooting and editing. You won't find clichéd compositions in their trailers because they try to emphasize the special relationship between the newlyweds to create their own, unlike any other love story.

Whoever you choose, it's wise to understand what is included in wedding videography packages. A wedding video is the most memorable thing in a lifetime, so try to get a short trailer, a creative film for 30 minutes, and even raw footage from the shoot.

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