Top 10 Videographers in San Francisco

  • Publication date: 12/28/2022
  • Updated: 11/15/2023

San Francisco is a city of romance with its trams, piers, bridges, hills, and colored houses in the fog. No doubt that a professional videographer in San Francisco can shoot a beautiful couple's story there and make a luxurious video film that is worth its cost. The question is: who exactly you should choose so that the wedding video is high-quality, modern, stylish, and relevant even after 50 years? Let's take a look at these ten best specialists.


Video by Collideskope Studios

These videographers and storytellers use a lot of equipment and supplies that reproduce authentic videos. They aren't afraid to waste time on angles, flashes, and other artificial video elements that were used 30 years ago just like modern drones for wedding videography. The meaning of their films is a creative story about a couple that reflects their love and exceeds their expectations. It's important to know that this studio must be booked two years in advance and indicate the musical wishes and elements of the event you plan to keep like some unique traditions or classical entertainment.

Amari Productions

Video by Amari Wedding Films

The creation of Amari Productions began in Uganda, where the founders filmed orphans for charitable purposes. The name arose because in the local dialect "Amari" means "I love you." The team itself reflects their story: they are very kind, they know how to convey particularly poignant scenes, and feel the whole range of your emotions. This studio knows how to combine both creative filming and high-quality post-editing. They have been looking for specialists for years who will work in perfect tandem and create your flawless video. They are also considered the best Indian wedding videographers in San Francisco.

Nice Shot Films

Video by Nice Shot Films

This studio was nominated for the title of the best wedding videography studio four times from 2017 to 2022, and among half a hundred reviews, you won't find a single one below five stars. They are top wedding videographers in the Bay Area, they care about their reputation and always work for impeccable results. Their experience is based on work with more than 500 clients.The leading videographer David is a professional film director who has a lot of experience in video shooting, so with each couple, he makes a little Hollywood. Moreover, the most luxurious locations in Northern California recommend them to their couples.


Video by PenWeddings - Destination Wedding Videos & Films

This studio is best suited for those who live in a delicate connection with nature and animals. One of their mottos is "Celebrating God's creation in the beauty of nature." Sarah and Rick are wonderful people who know how to sincerely capture their couples with ideas, inspire creativity, and engage them in an almost childlike impatience to be together forever. In addition, 100% of reviews say they are a pleasure to work with. PenWeddings are always prepared, have a clear vision of the shooting picture, and are very proactive.

JbJ Pictures

Video by Brittany (JBJ Pictures)

This studio shoots luxury weddings in Northern California and around the world. They have been nominated many times by various festivals and newspapers because they have a truly unique shooting style, which they never violate for the sake of any couple. Their style of video is French: soft colors, nature, Provencal props, and many other features associated with love and romance. They also have an interesting social network where you can find 20 life hacks with posing for the bride and groom, trends, and you’ll find out how not to put your feet in photos and videos.

West Imagery

Video by West Imagery

Eric West knows exactly how to evoke deep nostalgia. His films are always deep and soulful and look luxurious in their classics. In 50 years, you will consider these trailers relevant because he doesn't hide in soon-to-be trends but works for an eternal result. The videographer conveys his shooting style with earthy tones with hints of adventure fog. Very poetic, but this is the essence of a good videographer who sees poetry everywhere. If you like natural-toned videos with a romantic background and plan to shoot outdoors, take a closer look at their works.

Foolishly Rushing In

Video by Foolishly Rushing In

This studio was founded by a husband and wife. For 12 years, they have been rushing to capture people falling in love and impatiently getting married so they can be together forever. Their films are truly creative. Dan worked as a creative director for a long time, and he knows how to find something unique where it seems ordinary. They outline their style as an organic connection with bright elements of fashion. Their videos are undeniably relevant and trendy in the best sense of the word. They know how to see your true love like no one else.

Blue Note Weddings

Video by Blue Note Weddings

This team can offer custom packages for every couple taking into account your wishes and needs. They have a goal to provide a remarkable story, a bundle of memories and emotions for each couple. Experience, high-quality equipment, and professional sound, which turn a wedding video into a real movie, can be highlighted among the undeniable advantages. Among the services, they also offer a live stream of your wedding. Just like on Instagram, everyone who wants will be able to see your big day, or distant family and colleagues can take part in your celebration.

Hit Maker Films

Video by Hit Maker Films - San Francisco Wedding Videographer

Hit Maker Film's philosophy is to make your video unique through the special connection between the couple and their team. They’ve got over 16 years of experience. The founder Kyle Henry and the team have shot over 500 weddings, so they know how to do things artistically. They usually film the ceremony with 3-4 cameras, so their trailers are always interesting to watch. It's important to remember that this studio has a limited number of customers, so book in advance. They offer three videography packages and many additional services, including Instagram editing and a short love story.

IQ Videography

Video by IQvideography

Ben and Alex create elegant wedding films with a touch of modernity. They shoot all over California, including amazing national parks, and do videos for destination weddings and events. They are focused on details. In addition to the usual video services, this studio also offers live streaming and 8 mm shooting, reminiscent of old vintage videos.

Remember that the wedding video is the only heirloom and the clearest memory you will have as a final result. Eventually, you'll remember the video better than your memories, so make those new memories amazing.

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