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Beautini is a company that is founded by women for women. From our clients to our stylists, we striv...

$ 4 000 Аverage price
$ 2 000 Аverage price

Yelena Tsygankova is a makeup artist and photographer based in NY

$ 3 000 Аverage price

Hello beautiful! We are so glad you’re here! We are the faces behind this amazing company which we...

$ 5 000 Аverage price

Julie Occhino Luxury Beauty offers couture makeup artistry, hair styling, and beauty services for lu...

$ 1 500 Аverage price
$ 2 000 Аverage price
$ 3 000 Аverage price

Stacie Ford is a curated artist specializing in radiant red carpet beauty , bringing years of experi...

$ 1 500 Аverage price

Raised by parents in the production industry, I spent my childhood running around ...

$ 2 000 Аverage price

With over 8 years of experience in makeup for events, red carpet, photoshoots, and 3 years of teachi...

$ 1 500 Аverage price

Erica Does Makeup is the tri-state area’s premier luxury on-site hair and makeup services team. Al...

$ 1 200 Аverage price

StylesOnB is an award winning East Village hair studio run by the best stylists in the biz. With a f...

$ 500 Аverage price
$ 2 000 Аverage price

Beautini is a company that is founded by women for women. From our clients to our stylists, we striv...

$ 5 000 Аverage price

Throughout the years, I have invested in Public & Private trainings with celebrity makeup artists li...

$ 1 000 Аverage price

My brides and private clients are always the most trendy looking as I'm trying to bring up-to-da...

$ 1 000 Аverage price


How to find wedding hair and makeup near me?

Wezoree grants an accomplished opportunity to book the perfect makeup and hair for a wedding near you. On our website, you have the opportunity to view their works, read reviews and contact the vendor directly on the platform. Besides, we have prepared a valuable list if you need to look for salons that are engaged in providing services. Use these tips to find local hair and make-up for a wedding in New York:

  • Choose vendors who specialize in the location where your celebration will be organized.
  • Find out if they have awards in professional competitions and associations.
  • You have an opportunity to consult with family and friends, especially if they got married recently.
  • Find both their personal and professional websites
  • Examine different resources with a huge amount of potential pros.
  • Analyze photos, videos, and reviews on their pages on social networks.

Be sure that with our maintenance you will have a possibility to detect the best professionals who have an opportunity to bring all your breathtaking ideas to life.

Where to find New York hair and makeup specialists?

There aren’t lots of good specialists whose services are of the highest quality, and if your celebration is in high season then there is a high chance that other future spouses will also consider these skilled planners for their big day.

  • Decide if you need onsite wedding hair and makeup
  • Ask important questions before you hire one of them
  • If you need wedding guest hair and makeup, then you should not have the same specialist responsible for your image and the guests. It’s better to choose other professionals. The same applies to bridesmaids.
  • Ask how many years have they been engaged in this work.

Useful tips when choosing makeup and hairstyle for NY wedding:

  • Choose only proven hair salons for a wedding in NYC.
  • Find examples of Bride's wedding makeup inspired by ideas on social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Read reviews about the artists you like most.
  • Create a Pinterest board with examples that seem stunning for your event.

We are confident that the professionals listed on the Wezoree will be most useful in finding exactly “Your” vendor and working with them will be a pleasure.

How to find cheap wedding hair and make-up in New York?

On the Wezoree, you have an opportunity to sort vendors by price. If you are looking for cheap bridal hair and make-up, they will show up first. But we advise considering various options for affordable wedding make-up and hair. Often a good vendor will be able to save you a lot of nerves and provide you services you need so that you feel comfortable and beautiful on your big day. Look not for savings and discounts, but for treasured professionals. The field is quite competitive, so many specialists offer good prices and offer high-quality services. You must know their value to you first.

When to hire a wedding hairdresser and make-up artist in NYC?

The best solution would be to take care of this up to three months before your special day. However, if you have already clearly decided on the location, date, and image, then we recommend booking a specialist earlier. You should choose a few professionals whose work you like most and talk to them by phone or in person. We recommend paying attention to beauty vendors, which are located near the location you have chosen for your celebration.

Do I need to do a trial bridal hair and make-up in New York?

Definitely! We are sure you want to look your best on your special day. Give that feeling even more reassurance by arranging everything ahead of time.
Benefits from trial wedding make-up and hair:
You will be able to see whether the selected image suits you.
You will see whether your overall look beautiful with a bridal gown because everything should be harmonious.
You will make sure that the hairstyle will not fall apart until the end of the day, and the make-up will be persistent even during the last toast.

Questions to ask New York hair and makeup artist for wedding

Many couples don’t understand clearly how ordinary specialists differ from those who are engaged in the wedding sphere and what they need to know before hiring and during their big day. We advise you to read these questions, ask them and analyze the answers:

  • Ask if the specialists have experience with various skin shades. There are a lot of pitfalls in the work and the vendor must be able to cope with them easily and quickly. The same goes for the texture of your hair. The best option would be to book a trial. 
  • Check if specialists use hypoallergenic products in their work. This will give you confidence that everything will be fine with your hair and skin during and after the day of your marriage. In addition, we recommend clarifying which brands they use in their work. You’ll probably agree that the cost will also say a lot about the quality of any product.
  • Ask the specialist to work alone or with an assistant. Working with an assistant would be a huge plus.
  • The specialist must fit into the time frame that she/he designates. You can also easily check this during a trial. Ask how long this process will take, and then check the time.
  • Ask if the cost of a trial is included in your package.
  • Ask whether they charge taxes, travel fees, or any other extra fees like parking on a wedding day, etc.

Be sure to check if you can meet and discuss all the nuances in detail. This is a very important day in your life, so you should not choose a specialist just by talking over the phone.

Every bride wants to look irresistible on her most special day. To achieve this goal you should take care of choosing a professional bridal beauty team in NY. They will help you with the selection of the right hairstyle and makeup that suits you. A skilled pro in NYC has enough experience to advise you what hairstyle will look harmonious with the style of your big occasion. The specialist will advise the options taking into account the season, the venue, the dress, and your requirements and wishes. Remember that a wedding is not a one-hour event. Therefore, you should look stunning both in the morning, when you just had your hair and make-up done, and in the evening while cutting the cake or at a night photoshoot. And the best way to check it out is to do a trial. By the way, you can combine an engagement photoshoot with your trial. It’ll allow you to be sure that you look gorgeous even in the evening. This is a guarantee for beautiful photos that you will admire for more than one day.

Photo by @sammblake Make-up by allbridesnewyork

The best solution would be to take care of this up to 3-4 months before your special day. However, if you have already clearly decided on the location, date, and image, then we recommend booking a specialist earlier. You should choose a few professionals whose work you like most and talk to them by phone or in person. We recommend paying attention to beauty vendors, which are located near the location you have chosen for your celebration.

Best wedding hair and makeup specialists in NYC

Photo by @kristimakeup_
Makeup by @looksbykatiness Hair by @prostyled.bride
Hair by @lemondy__

On Wezoree you can find NY best bridal hair and makeup specialists, review the examples of their work and read feedback from other brides. You can start your search with the best vendors near you by sorting specialists by city, and selecting New York. Remember that one hairdresser can only attend to one bride at a time, so we recommend that you book your desired pro in advance. Especially if your celebration is during high season, then other couples will also consider top vendors for their special day.

New York bridal hair and makeup packages

Photo by @lemondynyc
Hair and Make-up @paulina_allurebeauty
Photo by

What is included in the local wedding hair and makeup price package?

The cost of bridal hairdresser services in NYC includes the time that the specialist will spend working on your big day, and the products they will use. The same goes for the makeup artist. You can hire specialists only for the morning getting ready, or you can book professionals for the whole day. In this way, they can fix something during the whole day. This is extremely important if the celebration will take place in hot weather. Then you can be calm and confident in your appearance both before the ceremony and during the reception. Many include the cost of trial makeup and hairstyles. Often packages do not cover travel costs or miscellaneous taxes. You can specify which of these packages your specialist can offer:

  • Standard wedding hair and makeup packages in NY.
  • Civil wedding hair and makeup in NYC.
  • All-inclusive bridal party hair and makeup packages in NY.
  • New York mobile wedding hair and makeup.
  • Destination wedding hair and makeup prices & packages in New York.

Be sure to specify what exactly is included in a particular package and ask any questions you need to be sure of the chosen vendor. To help you - we have prepared them below.

Wedding hair and makeup cost in New York

Photo by @jvalldistyling
Photo by @livelifemelissa
Photo by @beautyiconnyc

Different specialists offer different bridal hair and makeup prices. Despite the average cost of bridal hair and makeup in New York, highly skilled professionals can cost several times more. You may wonder why the cost differs so hugely.

What does the cost depend on?

  • The complexity is a major factor in pricing.
  • Qualifications of the specialist you have chosen. Their experience and level of professionalism are also important.
  • Materials they use. Pay special attention to what materials the specialists use.

We invite you to deal with all of this together with Wezoree in the table below.