What to Do If You're Unhappy With Your Wedding Photos

  • Publication date: 03/01/2022
  • Updated: 04/04/2023

Usually, it takes months before the newlywed couples receive their photos and wedding albums. Still, as the time approaches when you finally get to see your photographs, the anticipation increases, and you start imagining those perfect images you’ll be proudly showing to everyone. However, what to do if those long-expected photos are not what you planned to see? Moreover, what if you hate them? Even though you can’t travel back in time to take another photoshoot, there are some things you can do to change the situation for the better. Here is some advice on how to act if you’re unhappy with your wedding photos.

Find out if it can be fixed

271405848_471702724521897_4771322602713395009_n.jpgPhoto by Volodymyr Ivash

If you’re looking through your wedding photos and begin to realize that you don’t like them, don't panic. Take a pause, calmly review the images again, and figure out what exactly disappoints you and whether things you don’t like can be changed. Consider all the photos you’ve got because it is possible that you may not like just a few images while the rest are perfect. In this situation, you can simply exclude a couple of photos you don’t like from your album, or replace them with other images. 

Alternatively, there can be just a simple thing that you think ruins the ideal picture, such as a blemish or a glare of light. If this is the case, you can always ask the photographer to make small changes to improve the images. Most probably, there’s a quick and simple solution, so you’ll get the photos you’ve always dreamed of in no time.

It is also possible that you may not like the way you look in the photos. In this case, take a moment and ask yourself whether you are being fair. We live in times when ideal filtered pictures surround us everywhere. No wonder you are so critical of yourself. Put away the photos and come back in a few days. Most probably, you’ll change your perspective and realize you were too strict. You can also invite a close friend and ask their opinion. Surely, after a short talk, you’ll view yourself and your wedding photos differently.

Talk it out with your photographer

280345716_744722363370570_7295610227753999248_n.jpgPhoto by Petro Kitsul

A wedding photographer never wants to ruin your photos. Every professional understands the importance of the big day and realizes that you want to have perfect images of the most valuable moments. Furthermore, all photographers want their clients to love their photos. That’s why the majority of pros will do anything to capture you and your celebration as best they can. Still, sometimes, this task can be rather challenging. If your venue wasn’t richly decorated, or the lighting wasn’t that great, a photographer might find it hard to take amazing photos.

If after receiving the photos you realize that you don’t like them, here’s what you definitely should not do:

  • ensure the photographer that you’re satisfied with the work, just so as not to hurt any feelings;
  • write a couple of ambiguous reviews in hope that the photographer will understand that you’re not happy with the work;
  • send an angry comment accusing the photographer of the poor image quality. 

Instead, try to calm down and remain rational. Ask a couple of friends to share their opinions about the photos and determine what exactly you do not like. Then discuss the issue with the photographer and explain how you feel. Some photographers may offer you a discount or a free additional photography session to ensure that you are fully satisfied with their work. In some cases, photos can be improved with Photoshop or other professional editing tools. That’s why it’s important to clearly understand what specifically you dislike and explain it to the photographer.

Check your photography contract

135030769_1788324837998561_4165201991105338744_n.jpgPhoto by BOND Studio

If you realize that you did not receive the photos you expected to get, carefully reread your photography contract. There’s a high possibility that the document includes valuable information about the number of photos, editing techniques, and the quality of the work. You must know what the contract promises you in order to address the issue appropriately. Even though it’s very likely that you’ll have to accept what you get, there’s also a chance that if there were problems with editing or professional approach, you’d be able to change the situation in your favor.

It is very disappointing to receive your wedding photos in an imperfect state. If you’re not happy with the images, try to take a solution-oriented approach instead of getting upset or angry. Explain the issue to your photographer and give him/her a chance to fix the problem. After talking through all the details together, you’ll be able to find a solution that satisfies both of you.

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