Top 5 Photographers in Atlanta

  • Publication date: 01/09/2024
  • Updated: 01/09/2024

From elegant Southern mansions to modern downtown lofts, Atlanta offers no shortage of stunning backdrops for couples' special day. But it takes a photographer with true artistic vision to capture the romance and joy of weddings in this charming city. After reviewing the portfolios of top Atlanta wedding photographers, these five stood out for their ability to tell the unique love stories of brides and grooms through creative photographs. Whether they specialize in classic, photojournalistic, or contemporary styles, these talents have an eye for staging and lighting scenes to convey the magic of matrimony.

As we showcase their work, one thing becomes clear: these artists don't just take pretty pictures - they use their lenses to craft narratives and emotion. So for couples seeking an Atlanta photographer to immortalize their walk down the aisle, look no further than these five who breathe life and love into every Atlanta wedding!

Eve Yarbrough

Photo by Eve Yarbrough

Eve Yarbrough is a wedding photographer in Atlanta whose work resonates with both timelessness and a modern editorial flair. She has been honing her craft for over eight years, focusing on wedding photography that captures genuine connections and meaningful moments. Her style, characterized as both timeless and editorial, emphasizes elevated imagery intertwined with honest storytelling.

In her toolkit, Eve embraces a blend of digital and film techniques, with a recent inclination towards the unique textures of Holga film. This approach adds a distinct layer of authenticity and warmth to her photographs. When it comes to post-processing, she ensures that each image retains its natural essence while enhancing its emotional impact.

The intimate rapport she builds with her clients is central to Eve’s approach. She invests time in getting to know each couple, starting with a phone call and progressing to an in-person engagement session. These sessions last around one to two hours, not just to capture special moments but to deepen her understanding of the couple's personalities and stories. This understanding is pivotal for Eve, as it allows her to authentically capture the essence of their love and relationship on their wedding day.

McKenzie McNeil Photo

McKenzie McNeil.jpg
Photo by McKenzie McNeil Photo

McKenzie McNeil is someone whose six years in the photography field have been marked by a style that's both honest and documentary-like, yet undeniably romantic and cinematic, inspired by the allure of film. She strikes us as a laid-back and free-spirited individual, deeply committed to capturing real emotions and creating memories that resonate authentically with her clients.

What truly sets her apart is her approach to working with clients. She fosters a warm and safe environment, nurturing a bond akin to friendship. This approach allows her to capture moments of genuine vulnerability, leading to the most honest and touching photographs. Her flexibility and willingness to tailor packages to her clients' specific needs further highlight her dedication. When it comes to preparing for a shoot, she advises clients to stay grounded and present, a reflection of her own philosophy towards photography.

McKenzie's passion for destination weddings has taken her across various states and is set to bring her to exotic locales like Italy and Portugal. This adventurous spirit, combined with her artistic vision and personal touch, truly makes her stand out in the world of Atlanta wedding photography.

Hunter Hennes Photography

Hunter Hennes .jpg
Photo by Hunter Hennes Photography

Hunter Hennes is a wedding photographer in Atlanta whose story resonates with an adventurous spirit and a deep-seated passion for capturing life's fleeting moments. Growing up in the rural serenity of Minnesota, Hunter's journey in photography began with a simple disposable camera, a tool that became a gateway to preserving memories. Over the past two and a half decades, this passion has not only grown but transformed into a professional pursuit since 2019.

Hunter's photography style can be best described as a blend of elegance, refinement, intimacy, and authenticity. But what truly sets Hunter apart is the philosophy behind the lens. It's not just about taking pictures; it's about forging connections and cherishing memories. This philosophy extends to Hunter's approach with clients, where a session is more than a business transaction; it often blossoms into lasting friendships. This genuine exchange is a cornerstone in achieving the desired outcomes for clients.

Hunter also specializes in destination weddings, with a penchant for the picturesque landscapes of Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain. The advice to clients preparing for a shoot is simple yet profound: trust your team.

Jessie Barksdale

Jessie Barksdale.png
Photo by Jessie Barksdale

Jessie Barksdale’s journey in photography is a blend of creative exploration and a deep commitment to preserving the authenticity of life's fleeting moments. Her approach is not just professional but also deeply empathetic, making her a supportive presence in the often stressful wedding planning process.

Jessie's passion lies in capturing genuine emotions and moments, transforming them into tangible memories. Her style is marked by elegance, candidness, and an editorial flair. What truly sets Jessie apart is her continual pursuit of excellence in her craft. Her studies in France, focusing on medium format film and high-end fashion photography, have significantly influenced her artistic vision.

When working with clients, Jessie emphasizes collaboration, working closely with them and their vendors to bring their vision to life. Her flexibility and willingness to create custom packages cater to the unique needs of each couple, showcasing her client-centric approach. Her experience in destination weddings is vast, with a particular fondness for places like Lake Como, Italy. 

In essence, Jessie Barksdale is not just an Atlanta photographer; she's an artist who captures life's beauty through her lens, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter her work.

Carretto Studio

Carretto Studio.jpg
Photo by Carretto Studio

Andy Carretto, the founder of Carretto Studio, embarked on his journey in wedding photography in 2010, a year that holds dual significance as both the time he tied the knot and discovered his passion for crafting timeless, authentic, and elegant images for couples. As a fine art Atlanta wedding photographer, Andy skillfully melds film and digital mediums to tell each wedding's unique story.

His artistic philosophy centers around the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of timeless portraits. Andy finds a particular kind of enchantment in the blend of a radiant couple, the soft caress of beautiful light, and the classic touch of a medium-format film camera. It's a profound honor for him to capture weddings and document love stories across the globe.

With their keen emotional intelligence and technical skill, these five Atlanta wedding photographers encapsulate the very heart and soul of Atlanta weddings. Through romantic portraits and lively candids, they capture not just smiling faces, but the deeper essence of couples' joy. Their images convey the turned-up anticipation before the ceremony, the tearful exhales of "I do," and the raucous revelry of the reception afterward. Each brings their own flair, whether classically composed or photojournalistic in spirit.

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