McKenzie McNeil Photographer

McKenzie McNeil Photographer

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A documentary style approach, for the laid back & free spirited. Digital + Film

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McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
McKenzie McNeil Photographer photo
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10 Reviews for McKenzie McNeil

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Madelyn Sullivan Married couple on 10 Sep 2022
If you are looking for a kind, incredibly talented, and FUN photographer, McKenzie is your gal. She photographed my sister's wedding and as a wedding photographer myself, McKenzie blew me away with her confident yet kind spirit, her attention to detail, and her effortless ability to capture true personalities and moments. She seamlessly blended into the day, somehow capturing every element of the celebration without manipulating moments or poses. Her and Jimmy never stopped working and the incredible gallery my sister received is a testament to their commitment to excellence and caring for their clients well. You will be in great hands with her; we can't stop talking about how great it was to have her part of my sister's wedding!
Justine Marie Married couple on 04 Mar 2023
Are you craving a wedding photographer / photo and video team that will calm your wedding day nerves? Someone who takes the stress out of a highly stressful event? Someone who puts just as much emphasis on the candid moments as the traditional wedding portraits? Look no further. You've found your match with McKenzie. Coming from another photographer who has worked with her, I can't emphasize enough that you will be in GREAT hands when booking her. As a testament to this, my best friend is getting married in Georgia and was looking for a photographer. I recommended McKenzie and only McKenzie! We are so excited to work with her again. She makes you feel that you are the most important person to her on your wedding day. You know she has remembered the small details. You know she will capture your day how you have dreamt your whole life. ADDITIONAL TIP : Pay more for the film! Her film work is so authentic and raw. Never seen someone have the same approach to the candid moments like McKenzie and Jimmy.

On a personal level, I can tell you Jimmy and McKenzie are an actual dream team. Having a husband and wife working together is usually the best option any way but the way these two flow together on the wedding day is admirable. Not only do they have calm yet hilarious personalities, they aren't fighting for who's shot is more important. Can't say enough great things! They are worth the investment!
Angelina LaManna Married couple on 08 Apr 2023
Seriously THE best photographer. McKenzie has an amazing personality who makes you feel confident and comfortable behind the camera and obviously her work always turns out beautifully. Book with her for any photos you need I promise you won’t regret it!
Erika Pickard Married couple on 24 Jun 2023
Mckenzie is SO special to my husband and I! Mckenzie took engagement and wedding photos for us in 2022. She made every experience so personal, so special, and so enjoyable. Mckenzie saw every vision we had and executed it perfectly, even better than we could've imagined. On our wedding day, Mckenzie had become a dear friend and part of the party - capturing so many special moments filled with true love and emotion. We can't recommend her enough!
Maggie Miller Married couple on 20 May 2023
McKenzie is a joy to work with!!
We'll treasure these photos for a lifetime. My fiancé & I don't consider ourselves naturals in front of the camera and McKenzie made us feel so comfortable during our session. She provides just enough direction to help guide you, while also letting you be your natural self. You can fully trust her to understand your vision while also adding her own flare & magic to elevate it. We could not have made a better choice for a photographer than McKenzie! We can't wait for her to work her magic again for our wedding!
Chloe Macon Married couple on 08 Jul 2023
McKenzie is simply the best. I don’t really know how else to put it. Her talent is unmatched and she has a radiant and fun personality to go along with it. Our engagement session was nothing of perfect and every time I show anyone our pictures they have nothing but wonderful things to say. She captured our love so perfectly and we can’t wait for her to be part of our wedding day. Thank you McKenzie! Book her ASAP!
Erich Brechtelsbauer Married couple on 19 Aug 2023
McKenzie is an excellent photographer with incredible style. She maximizes natural light and does a great job thinking creatively and keeping the environment comfortable. Highly recommend.
Cady Holbrook Married couple on 02 Sep 2023
McKenzie is THE BEST in class. She is the perfect balance of professional, warm and so very fun to shoot with. She is a great communicator and always knows what questions to ask when trying to capture my vision, while also filling in the gaps with her incredibly creative lens (pun intended). McKenzie is a part of my whole family’s lives now, and will always be our choice to capture our futures moments.
Molly Hackett Married couple on 09 Sep 2023
McKenzie has a natural eye for beauty and takes the most STUNNING photos, she makes every moment look breathtaking! She also makes the shoots so comfortable because her natural, fun, kind self! There’s no one else I’d rather shoot with!!
Cheyenne Peterson Married couple on 21 Oct 2023
Your search has stopped here!!!! McKenzie is not only the MOST talented but she is simply the sweetest human alive. While I met McKenzie for the first time as a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, I truly feel like we've been friends for ages. The photos she took were next level (not basic wedding photos) and truly beautiful moments were captured in time. Don't let me speak for it though, I've attached photos here to give you a glipse into the range of beauty she is able to capture.

What also makes McKenzie excel is that she cultivates an easy, breezy picture taking environment. She is bubbly, quick and decisive so picture taking was fun and easy - even enjoyable for those who don't like getting their pictures taken. Her warmth and smile truly set her apart! I hope to have my own wedding &/or other events to leverage her talents because she knows how to capture moments in such a uniquely, stunning way! You won't regret working with McKenzie!


McKenzie McNeil
Photographer McKenzie McNeil About me

Hi, I'm McKenzie! I'm a laid-back, free spirit, & my work is a reflection of that. I believe in the power of real emotion & the importance that plays in those whose memories I document.


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What percentage of users recommend McKenzie McNeil and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

McKenzie McNeil is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

McKenzie McNeil holds a revered spot amongst Atlanta's wedding photographers, exemplified by her three prestigious Wezoree Awards. More than her accolades, her talent is affirmed by a solid foundation of ten glowing testimonials. Clients are unanimous in their praise, painting a picture of an expert who brings both vibrancy and skill to their special occasions.

Cheyenne Peterson's words resonate with the sentiment of every client; McKenzie's work is far from ordinary. Elevating standard wedding photography to artful storytelling, she captures stunning, timeless moments. Her friendly disposition transforms photo sessions from daunting tasks into delightful experiences, fostering a sense of immediate kinship and ease.

Molly Hackett emphasizes McKenzie's uncanny ability to find beauty everywhere and transform it into breathtaking imagery. The natural comfort one feels under McKenzie's guidance is consistently highlighted, underscoring her exceptional people skills alongside her photographic prowess. A session with McKenzie doesn't just yield photographs—it's a memorable encounter infused with kindness and professionalism.

Praises from Cady Holbrook and Erich Brechtelsbauer reiterate McKenzie's commitment to excellence and creativity. Through her lens, McKenzie articulates a family's history and a couple's journey, binding her work intimately to their lives. Her proficiency in communication and creative thought ensures every vision is not just captured but elevated.

Clients like Chloe Macon and Maggie Miller speak to an excellence that transcends mere technique. McKenzie's infectious personality and keen eye for detail ensure every love story is uniquely immortalized. Her flexibility allows for personalized experiences, while her innovation adds an ineffable touch to every image.

Endorsements by Erika Pickard and Angelina LaManna tell of a bond tied by more than just business. McKenzie grows to become an integral part of her clients' lives, taking an approach that turns wedding photography into an intimate celebration of love and friendship. Her ability to apprehend and articulate the essence of a couple's bond is irreplaceable, ensuring that cherished memories are not only preserved but are crafted with care.

In the bustling city of Atlanta, McKenzie McNeil stands out as a beacon of talent, warmth, and professionalism. She embodies the finest qualities one seeks in a wedding photographer, earning both adoration from her clients and distinction in her field.