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  • Publication date: 12/26/2023
  • Updated: 12/26/2023

Weddings, those once-in-a-lifetime moments filled with joy, love, and a bit of happy chaos, deserve to be captured in all their glory. And let's face it, we're not just talking about any regular photos here. We're diving into the realm of art, where every snapshot tells a story, every angle reveals an emotion, and every frame is a keepsake of love. That's why, in the bustling, picturesque city of Edmonton, finding the perfect wedding photographer is not just a task, it's a journey – one that we're thrilled to guide you through.

So, dear reader, join us as we explore the top 5 wedding photographers in Edmonton. These are the storytellers with a camera, artists who see the world through a lens of love and celebration. As we navigate this list, you'll find each photographer has a unique touch – some capture the grandiose moments with a flair, and others find beauty in the subtle, candid whispers of love.

Carissa Marie Photography

Photo by Carissa Marie Photography

Carissa Marie Photography stands out in the realm of Edmonton wedding photography not merely as a capturer of images but as a storyteller, a narrator of life's subtle, yet profound moments. Her approach goes beyond the surface, seeking to unearth the deeper narrative behind every subject she photographs. In her world, photography transcends being a mere visual art; it becomes a medium for telling stories, for encapsulating the narratives that are often left unspoken.

Over the years, Carissa has refined her skills, evolving a distinctive style she aptly terms 'intentional imagery and artful storytelling.' Her work is an intricate blend of subtlety and sophistication, marked by a genuine connection with her subjects and an editorial elegance. She gravitates towards authenticity, celebrating individuals who embrace their true selves, a trait that adds a refreshing depth to her work.

However, what truly ignites Carissa's passion is the deep connection she forms with people. Her photography is not just about capturing moments; it's about creating an environment where genuine emotions can flourish. For Carissa, photography is as much about building a nurturing, safe space as it is about the art itself.

Her interaction with clients is deeply personal and grounded in honest communication. Carissa values the power of voice and meaningful conversations, which enable her to connect with her clients on a deeper level, often turning professional relationships into friendships.

Jenny Jean Photography

Jenny Jean.jpg
Photo by Jenny Jean Photography

Jenny Jean Photography’s journey is a tapestry of skill, passion, and transformative life changes. Seven years ago, the birth of her child and a bold career shift from social work to photography marked the beginning of her remarkable path to becoming one of the top Edmonton wedding photographers. It's a testament to how unforeseen life changes can lead to discovering one's true passion.

In the realm of photography, Jenny has carved a niche in film photography. More than just practicing this art, she imparts her wisdom to others, integrating the classic allure of film with modern digital techniques. Her website serves as a hub of knowledge, brimming with educational content, and her dedication to mentoring budding photographers one-on-one is commendable.

Her artistic approach is encapsulated in her description of her style as fine art film photography. This style is characterized by connection-based imagery, exuding beauty and elegance. What distinguishes Jenny most, however, is her profound connection with her couples. Her photography is about building relationships and artfully narrating love stories. She values the trust her clients place in her, capturing their unique love stories as timeless keepsakes.

For couples seeking a photographer with a zest for travel, Jenny's portfolio is a journey through diverse landscapes and cultures. From the scenic beauty of Maui and Santorini to the rugged grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, her work spans continents and reflects a rich tapestry of experiences.

OM Wedding Storytelling

Photo by OM Wedding Storytelling

Montserrat Zavala Cardenas, the creative force behind OM Wedding Storytelling is a photographer whose artistic journey is as intriguing as her creations. Originating from the vibrant landscapes of Mexico, she made a significant life change about seven years ago, relocating to Canada. Here, she immersed herself in the art of capturing weddings, refining her skills to encapsulate the joy and splendor of these events.

Envision Montserrat at work: her style is a harmonious fusion of editorial sophistication and spontaneous captures. She is adept at seizing the unscripted, heartfelt moments with an artistic flair. Montserrat's real distinction lies in her passionate approach to photography. She values the opportunity to be a part of people's cherished moments, to be enveloped by narratives of love and joy. Her photography transcends mere image capturing; it's an introspective journey. Through her lens, she mirrors her emotions, capturing others' feelings in a photograph. It's this personal infusion – a blend of her experiences, global travels, and inspirations – that makes her work profoundly impactful.

In collaborating with clients, Montserrat endeavors to unveil the inherent uniqueness of each wedding. Her intent is to let the natural charm and individuality of the event shine, minimally intervening in the process. Her work is an amalgamation of her experiences and her aesthetic sensibilities – a creative partnership that mirrors both the client and her as an artist.

Impressions by Mohit

Photo by Impressions by Mohit

Enter the realm of Mohit Dassaur, the visionary force behind Impressions by Mohit. Mohit is not just a photographer; he's a masterful love storyteller, weaving narratives through the art of wedding photography in Edmonton.

Nestled in the scenic Alberta, Canada, Mohit's canvas is painted against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Envision him, camera in hand, waltzing through weddings and engagements amid this natural wonder. It's a scene straight out of a fairy tale, and he's the storyteller crafting visual magic amidst the Canadian landscape. His mission goes beyond mere image capture; Mohit aspires to curate editorial masterpieces. Picture a blend of effortlessness, elegance, fun, current trends, and a touch of luxury infused into every frame. It's an editorial enchantment, a visual symphony resonating deep within. Each wedding becomes a canvas for his artistic expression, a unique piece of storytelling art.

In Mohit's hands, every love story transforms into a precious masterpiece. His approach isn't just about documenting; it's about creating a visual legacy. Clients aren't mere subjects; they become elegant protagonists, embodying grace and stature within their personal love narrative.

Lily Laidlaw Photography

Lily Laidlaw (5).jpg
Photo by Lily Laidlaw Photography

At the heart of Lily Laidlaw Photography lies Lily herself, one of the top wedding photographers in Edmonton. Guided by the simple mantra, "All you need is love," Lily meticulously crafts visual symphonies that encapsulate the intricate spectrum of human emotions. Her work is akin to orchestrating a visual sonnet, a dance of light and shadow that mirrors the profound intricacies of the human experience.

At the core of Lily Laidlaw Photography's ethos is the desire to document the essence of human relationships and to collaborate with fellow creatives in bringing shared visions to life. They consider themselves privileged to play a role in preserving some of the most significant milestones in their clients' lives.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the team's passion for photography knows no bounds. Their cameras have captured the beauty of varied locales, from the enchanting landscapes of Santorini, Greece, and the rustic charm of Italy, to the majestic Canadian Rockies. Lily Laidlaw Photography is committed to creating a seamless and personalized experience for each client, whether for a local event or a destination wedding in a far-off land. They are dedicated to narrating each unique story through their lens, crafting memories that last a lifetime.

As we wrap up our journey through Edmonton's wedding photography landscape, it's clear that each of these top photographers has a unique gift for capturing love stories. Whether it's the subtle glances, the grand emotional displays, or the quiet, intimate moments, they transform each one into a timeless memory.

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