How to Play the Wedding Shoe Game - All the Funny Questions You Need to Ask

  • Publication date: 04/01/2023
  • Updated: 04/27/2023

While it's customary to engage in enjoyable wedding games at a bridal shower or engagement party, some couples are opting to include wedding reception activities in their schedule to break the ice and entertain guests. One such activity is the Wedding Shoe Game, which is gaining popularity among couples. It’s a well-liked game for wedding receptions because it is amusing for the newlyweds and guests, uncomplicated to set up, and appropriate for all ages. All that is required to play is two chairs, a set of Shoe Game wedding questions, the couple, and their shoes.

Interested in learning more? Discover how to play the Wedding Shoe Game and find examples of comical shoe game questions to get you started on creating your own list of questions before the big day!

How To Play The Wedding Shoe Game

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To play the Wedding Shoe Game, the newlyweds answer a series of questions without seeing their partner's response. This game tests how they perceive themselves in relation to each other, such as "Who is a better dancer?" or "Who is more likely to forget important dates?".

The MC

Before the big day, you'll wanna pick someone to be your MC or "caller" for the newlywed game. This person's got to come prepared with a bunch of questions to quiz the lovebirds (but don't stress, we'll get to those soon). Now, if you'd rather not make your guests do the heavy lifting, no worries! Your DJ or bandleader can totally step up and be the MC.

But if you've got a best man, maid of honor, or a dear friend or family member who isn't part of the bridal party and didn't do a reading at the ceremony, this could be their chance to shine. You know, just to make them feel special and all. Just double-check they're cool with chit-chatting in front of a crowd, and you're good to go!

Question Types

Kick off the questions with a "Who...?" format, like "Who's the better cook?" or "Who rocks the shower singing?" Get guests involved by having them submit their own questions. You can ask for the wedding Shoe Game questions through your wedding website or RSVPs, or let them write them down at the reception and have the caller pick from a jar.

Start with easy questions and then crank it up a notch with more personal ones, but make sure the couple's cool with it (and with everyone hearing the answers!).

The Setup

Get someone from the wedding party to place two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor. The couple sits down, unable to see each other. They swap one shoe, so each has one of their own and one of their partner's shoes.

The Shoes

When the MC asks a question, the newlyweds lift their partner's shoe if it describes their partner or their own shoe if it's about them. They might even hold up both shoes for a tie! The fun part? They can't see each other's answers, but the guests' reactions might give them away. And, after a few drinks, answers could get pretty unpredictable, making it even more hilarious!

Guest Participation (Optional)

If you wanna take it up a notch, let guests guess the answers too! You can either give them a printable template with questions to guess during dinner or hand out props representing each partner (like photos or initials) to play along with in real-time. But hey, even if you don't include this extra step, the game's still a blast for guests to watch!

The Best Shoe Game Questions

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Here are 70 funny Wedding Shoe Game questions to get the party going. Remember, you know your crowd best, so keep it family-friendly and avoid anything too raunchy. We've got questions on everyday life, relationships, personalities, and work & money. Use these as inspiration to come up with your own twist!

Everyday Life Questions:

  1. Who whips up a better breakfast?
  2. Who treats the bedroom floor like a laundry basket?
  3. Who leaves dishes in the sink?
  4. Who's more likely to accidentally burn the house down while cooking?
  5. Who takes ages to get ready for a night out?
  6. Who's the early bird?
  7. Who's the better driver?
  8. Who hogs the bed?
  9. Who steals the blankets?
  10. Who loves long showers?
  11. Who's the pet caretaker?
  12. Who's a neat freak?
  13. Who's got the wilder family?
  14. Who snores the loudest?
  15. Who has better hair?
  16. Who's more organized?
  17. Who put more time into wedding planning?
  18. Who's a social media fiend?
  19. Who exercises more?
  20. Who has the cleaner car?
  21. Who replaces the toilet paper roll?

Relationship Questions:

  1. Who wants kids first?
  2. Who picked the honeymoon spot?
  3. Who fell in love first?
  4. Who made the first move?
  5. Who planned the first date?
  6. Who's the date night master?
  7. Who said "I love you" first?
  8. Who's the romantic one?
  9. Who flirts more?
  10. Who's the sappy one?
  11. Who's the better kisser?
  12. Who says sorry first?
  13. Who wears the pants?
  14. Who's more likely to start an argument?
  15. Who looks better today?

Personality Questions:

  1. Who's the shower-singing champ?
  2. Who's got better dance moves?
  3. Who's the pickier eater?
  4. Who's the ultimate sports fan?
  5. Who's scared of heights?
  6. Who's the night owl?
  7. Who's a dog lover?
  8. Who's the outdoorsy one?
  9. Who'd survive longer on a deserted island?
  10. Who's the party animal?
  11. Who falls asleep in front of the TV?
  12. Who's the daredevil?
  13. Who's more stubborn?
  14. Who's the responsible one?
  15. Who loses their keys first?
  16. Who cries at movies?
  17. Who's the junk food lover?
  18. Who's louder?
  19. Who gets lost easily?
  20. Who can talk their way out of a speeding ticket?
  21. Who's better at keeping secrets?
  22. Who gets sunburnt first?
  23. Who's more injury-prone?
  24. Who's always late?
  25. Who talks the most?
  26. Who's more organized?
  27. Who buys the best gifts?
  28. Who forgets birthdays and anniversaries?

Work & Money Questions:

  1. Who pays the bills?
  2. Who works more?
  3. Who stays late at work?
  4. Who's the shopaholic?
  5. Who saves more cash?
  6. Who'd blow their money at a Bed Bath & Beyond (or their fave store) sale?

The Shoe Game FAQs

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Here are a few we get asked the most!

How many questions should you ask during the Wedding Shoe Game?

Aim for 30 to 40 questions, covering a mix of light-hearted and more personal topics. If the MC or couple adds some extra flavor to the questions or answers, cut back a bit to keep things moving along.

How long should the Shoe Game take?

About 10 minutes is just right. If you spend 20 seconds per question (including time for guests to react), you'll have time for roughly 30 questions. You can speed things up a bit but don't rush so much that guests can't hear the questions over the laughter.

When's the best time to play the Shoe Game at a wedding reception?

Kick off the game after dinner, before the dance party, or during the musicians' break. It's a great way to keep the energy high! Just avoid playing during dinner or toasts or at the very end of the night when guests might be tired or tipsy. And hey, you don't have to wait for the reception – it's a fun game for engagement parties or wedding showers too!

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