How to get a wedding post to the top views?

  • Publication date: 10/27/2021
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

A wedding photography is unique thing which turns into a masterpiece in skillful hands. The wedding is a grand event in itself and surely you would want to share impressions and photos of it. However, how do you make sure that your wedding post not only becomes a decoration of your Instagram feed, but also brings a huge response and new subscribers? We will tell you about it in this article. Get ready to take notes.

What kind of photos to use?

Best photographer for weddingPhoto by @viktorija_koroleva

The first rule is to choose the most unusual photo that catches your eye. What kind of emotions does it evoke? Tenderness, the desire right now to be in the place of the bride and groom, try on a flowing dress and plunge into the atmosphere of a magical fairy tale. Everything shines around the bride, and she is at the center of the entire universe. Yes, it should be an amazing photo (or video).

And here goes the first secret - try to make a carousel of differently processed photos. Suggest to the audience choose the photos they like most of all in the comments. And what's the secret? Carousel photos have more touches than a single photo, which means the reach will be higher.

The second important rule is to mark the location of the wedding (geolocation). This will greatly increase the views of the post at once. People love interesting locations; they choose places for themselves, where they also would like to spend an important event. The number of profile visits on your wedding post will increase by at least 2 times.

The importance of text.

Amazing wedding photographerPhoto by @shuvalova

The third important rule - if your Instagram page does not yet have millions of reach, write a text under the photo, talk to your audience, include interaction, and followers will respond to you in the same way.

What should you write in the post under the photo?

Best photographer for a bridePhoto by @tatiana.kozuhar

It can be a story of preparation for an exciting and beautiful day. What do you remember? What was important for you?A great variant for the post is a description of the style of the wedding. How was this wedding different from the others? Don't forget to mention the wedding photographer at the end. A love parable or text about tenderness is also a great option for the post.

Start the text with a catchy headline. It could be a question to the audience or a riddle. The first sentence should lead to the second and so on up the chain. Reread the text aloud. Does it play back easily? If there are difficult words or too long sentences, shorten them up.

Best wedding photo sessionPhoto by @kotphotos

The text does not always have to be long. Emotion is the main thing. Look at the sentence: "It was scary on the roof, but we made it. I look at the photo and tears come to my eyes from the article. The author showed us his/her emotions from the wedding shoot on the roof. The text is written simply and sincerely.

Should you use hashtags?

Best photographer for a weddingPhoto by @maksim_dobryy

The next thing that will bring your wedding post to the top is hashtags. Put them not in the body of the post, but in the first comment. That way people don't accidentally click on hashtags and leave the page. Hashtags refer to the theme of the post, the style of the wedding and the location. Think about what hashtags your target audience can follow, put up to 30 hashtags. Example: #weddingsusa #weddingsmallorca #weddingdressmoscow.

How to end the post?

If your post sells, then at the end of the text there must be an appeal. Where do you want to bring the audience? To the Direct, profile header or on messenger? One more secret of getting your post to the top is to have your friends repost it within 30 minutes of publication. You also shouldn’t forget to repost your own post after publication. It means your followers will notice it faster, go to the feed, and give a reaction to it. If Instagram sees that the post is actively gaining comments and likes, it promotes your content more actively.

This is the age of video content. Create video Reels from photos, and it will be a masterpiece! Don't forget to post regularly. Don't disappear for months, weeks. You certainly have a lot to show and tell!

What time to post?

Wedding instagram postPhoto by Tamara Gigola

The best time for publication is 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 12 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm.
Try to publish posts at the same time, the audience will get used to it. Don’t forget to look at your subscriber’s activity statistics.
Finally, the last thing is to serve up your wedding post as beautifully as your wedding photos. Bring art, love, revelation and naturalness to the masses.
The perfect wedding post is created with love! Dream on, make your dreams come true and create!

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