Top 23 Videographers in New York

  • Publication date: 11/16/2022
  • Updated: 11/15/2023

No matter how long you prepare for the celebration, it passes very quickly. Time flies, so the one thing you can keep is your emotions and memories. Highlights are the most satisfactory method to remind them. You’ll have a whale of a time, and a trailer can repeat every movement, every intonation in a word, every involuntary touch.

To help you choose the best wedding videographers in NYC, we have chosen not only the most famous wedding videographers but also those who have won awards. Don't rush to look for the cheapest ones, because a wedding video will remain with you to the end of your life. Before hiring vendors and planning your best wedding, read this article.

East West

The team specializes in shooting destination and luxury weddings. Since the foundation, these 4 people have filmed half a thousand celebrations all over the world. Their slogan is "Located in the U.S. – available worldwide." In the Instagram of the founder Caleb Lee, you can see incredible footage from travels. As the founder himself says,

I was 16 years old, but luckily picked the most inclusive industry in the world and placed my bets that wedding videos were the future.

Film By Francesco

The aesthetics and extraordinary videography skills of this studio came from the cinema 16 years ago. Francesco transferred the talent of frame shooting from cinematography, so your wedding video will look fabulous. This studio positions itself as a boutique company. Each project is unique precisely because Francesco knows how to catch a shot like no other, and his partner Michele actually prepares storytelling and video scripts before shooting.

Sculpting With Time

This studio is also notable for having won numerous awards in recent years as the best wedding videography studio in the world. The founders are the Douglas couple, who believe that the best investment in a good film is your openness with the pair, a sophisticated modern approach to video editing. They also host events for other professionals, which shows a great deal of experience and skill.

Reeling Films&Media

This studio specializes in enriched moving photos and sharp frame changes videos. It is what attracts your attention and creates a "wow effect." This company successfully combines fusion photography and modern digital details and takes only the best and most refined from old and modern shooting tools. The main specialization is movies without dialogues and speeches. It means all you get is the shot, the emotion, and the couple.

Storybox Cinema

In the works of these professionals you’ll find a documentary accuracy of celebration time and successfully traced cinematographic mystery aesthetics. They travel across the globe and in each location for each pair they invent a particular shooting style that emphasizes their activities, lifestyle and relevance. Being a friend and helper is what the company promotes. After all, not only the reputation of people and memories are at stake, but also the uniqueness of sincere one-a-lifetime emotion.

Peyton Frank

The best reflection of this studio is, of course, its projects. You can get acquainted with most of the brightest ones on their Instagram. One only has to look at the vibe of their shooting, and an association with royal elegance even in light and simple shooting immediately arises. The bride in a linen dress looks like a princess, and any interesting detail does not go unnoticed in the video frame.

Ivash Studio

On the company's website, you can immediately view their short videos from various events in the USA and beyond. All reviews about their videos are inspiring with an emotional connection and an exceptional approach to each client. It's easy to fall in love with their videos on the site because each has its unique story.

Emma Cleary

The special thing about this team is that each of them is an integral part of a great video, and each has its own approach and main idea. You can see the faces of your future videographers in the highlights on Instagram and immediately feel that it will be comfortable to work with them. These videos are always lively, and bright.

Danila Mednikov

This talented videographer is the founder of the One Wedding House company, which professionally engages in full preparation for elopements and micro weddings. Danila and his team position themselves as experts in small chamber weddings, so if your celebration will be small, you should pay attention to this team. He also indicates the prices of his services on the website and writes clearly, what is included in the video shooting packages.

McKenzie Miller

“Since I was a child, my parents have described me as someone who can go from crying to laughing hysterically in the blink of an eye. It’s this innate emotion I have always carried with me that I pour into my wedding films.”, McKenzie says.

It makes her videos surprisingly emotional and bright because no wedding trailer avoids the deepest emotions. This professional knows how to see your inner feelings and turn them into a deep love that shines through every second of the shoot. This team believes, that a wedding video must show the foundation of the couple's new life.

Joseph Edwards

This videographer is the founder of Neary LOVES weddings. He always points out that he lives for celebrations, so it is understandable why each of his creations is a unique piece of art. The professionalism of Joseph's crew is that they are glad to have any style of event, from barefoot hippies on the shores of a stormy ocean to lavish royal marriages in castles. The team also assures you that they'll create the perfect video until every frame is perfectly displayed.

Paperweight Films

The entire creation of this pair of professionals is established on the belief that the most satisfactory things in life are often the simplest. They don't believe in domestic routine and consider it the enlightenment of life, so in every video, these professionals can find the best. They can combine hospitality, love, and art in a single creative video. The celebration doesn’t inspire these people, but real love makes them perfectly capable to emphasize the depth of emotions in the background of simple or expensive decorations.

Michael Justin Studios

This team is one of the best wedding videographers in NJ. They are storytellers and visual content makers. It is well seen that they are passionate about perfection strive. Interestingly, these professionals have the intention to get an order for filming but also to get their most pleasing imagined customers. On their website, you can even find a description of the ideal partners with whom it is easy and pleasant to work. The finest videographers want to capture a pair in real love who is not afraid of easy guidance and is not shy to show their feelings, laugh and cry.

Amor In Motion

They said that life’s most beautiful moments are meant to be remembered, and this team knows how to do it excellently. This is a boutique marriage studio with a passionate team of filmmakers, artists, and storytellers who are intent on innovation. This studio positions itself as a group that shoots and edits videos based on your manner and the event's concept. They don't have one single style for processing, because each light and every face requires the authorial application of skills.

Feather Souls Films

This group of videographers travels around the world and catches artistic and bright celebrations. They know how to find something interesting even at classic weddings. Sometimes they find it, and sometimes they look for that unique style of shooting. Captivating cinematography and a modern, sophisticated approach to editing are the basis of their job. They limit the number of weddings each year in order to give couples the best.

Fred Marcus

This company has been engaged in visual storytelling for over 80 years, so they can safely be called experts in their field. Each video continues to confirm the reputation of the studio because all films over the years look more modern, stylish, and even more stunning. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, it is decades of tireless experience and a desire to improve their filmography. The New York Times even noted that the Marcus family spent a lifetime capturing and creating a generational footprint in wedding movie-making.

Talelli Production

Unlike previous studios, this one was rewarded several times in 2022. This shows that right now the company is at the top of the wedding film industry. The group is also involved in the creation of music videos, so its production of shooting is distinguished by its creativity and modernity. Talelli started as two passionate about movies teenagers. They said that they are still teenagers full of creativity and expressionism.

Chris Fig Production

This studio has different teams of professionals for different kinds of filming. For example, their wedding videographers specialize in an unobtrusive approach. Their shooting style is very much like “fly-on-the-wall”. They believe in capturing the wedding day without a written story just like it happens in a candid way. Although they only list the most popular wedding photography styles on their site, they actually claim to offer a variety of elegant and classic editing and cinematography techniques.

Frank Ahn

Studio founder Frank Ahn has been engaged in event movie-making for a decade. He believes that the key to success was that at each wedding he was capable to create artistic shots that set them apart from the rest. He began his journey with photography, so in his video, you can see the handwriting of professionals who know how to catch a second frame and successfully combine it with a full-fledged documentary film.

Hart Pictures

These professionals have sophisticated video processing techniques and quality equipment. Unlike many others, in addition to videos, they also create stills. This boutique studio implements a “best-of-breed” mix of photojournalist, cinematography, and editorial styles, in digital and film formats. They are narrative fiction filmmakers, graduates of Wesleyan University and NYU film programs, who have been making award-winning independent films since the 1990s.

Love Brain Films

This studio will pleasantly surprise you with a range of services. They make hybrid films, music, and audio films with or without speeches, and vows, which last 5-10 and 15-35 minutes. Taking the benefits of this company, you don’t limit yourself to one video style, you can even order several different videos by theme and motive.

Magic Flute Videos

The founders met in Patagonia, where they edited a film about tango together. They know what passion is and how to reflect it in their celebration videos. This company also specializes in shooting outdoor weddings. Over 10 years of a joint career as videographers, they have developed their own specialization in documenting the most pleasing moments of life. From their experience, they tell all couples that videos and photos are memories they can share with children. Magic Flute is also one of the best wedding videographers in Long Island.

The Candi

A pair has been shooting creative wedding films for ten years together. They are excellent in storytelling, which makes all shoots alive and energetic. On the website, you can view the highlights of the wedding day from museums, hotels, vineyards, and others the most wonderful wedding places in NYC where the bride and the groom spend a big day.

Wedding videos are something you can't change. Memories will be forgotten, and even if you remember some moments from the celebration as imperfect, real videographers should either avoid them or present them in the highlight as a feature.

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