10 wedding trends from Instagram and Tik-Tok

  • Publication date: 03/03/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

Lots of people all over the world scroll down profiles to entertain themselves and relax. However, such social media like Instagram and TikTok can be useful resources for inspiration where brides can find and save various tips and great ideas on how to have the perfect wedding. Quite often, these recommendations you come across will help a lot, if you incorporate them in your big day. Below you’ll see the best hacks and trends that will make your wedding unforgettable.

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Custom Hand Held Fans

In case you’re planning a summer wedding, this recommendation will definitely come in handy. Just imagine your guests sitting at the wedding ceremony melting down because of the dreadful heat. You can easily resolve the situation by providing them with beautiful customized fans. Just  put them on each seat. Such a present for sure will be highly appreciated.

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Vows On the Glass

Reading vows is a charming tradition and a touching moment. It’s truly remarkable, when during the ceremony two loving hearts pronounce the words of gratitude, fidelity and endless love to each other. Though, have you ever noticed those folded pieces of paper the newlyweds use for reading their vows? It spoils the entire atmosphere and looks awful in the photos and videos. To avoid it, make use of clear glass panels and white markers. You will see that it’s a great alternative to traditional items.

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Use Resin To Keep Your Wedding Bouquet

Almost every bride is so much in love with her wedding bouquet, that the idea of tossing it without seeing it once again sounds really disappointing. The new TikTok trends show an easy way of both keeping your flower masterpiece, and also use it after as a pretty memorable decoration at home. You’ll just need a resin and a form you want the adornment to take.

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Read Private Letters Before The Ceremony

Pretty much every couple opts for writing letters to the partner on the wedding day. However, only you decide the moment you’ll read what your partner has written thinking about you and confessing his/her love. A great idea will be reading these letters right before your appearance in front of guests at the wedding ceremony. These deepest emotions and feelings you’ll never forget, remembering  them as one of the tenderest moments of the wedding.

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A Little Cake and Biscuits For the Guests

It’s difficult to imagine a wedding ceremony without a cake cutting, but nobody says your own cake has to be a seven-tier one with lots of decorations. There are couples, who are far from being sweet tooth or those, whose wedding budget doesn’t allow spending a great deal of money on a chic dessert. In case you see yourself in any of two options, the next tip will be a nice decision for you. Just order a small cake which you could cut giving credits to the tradition, and also small delicious biscuits or cupcakes for the rest of your guests. Thus, everyone will be pleased and will enjoy the sweet ending of the celebration. By the way, you can make some biscuits gluten-free for those guests who keep on a diet. 

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Rescue Flats

All the ladies will come to your wedding wearing attires according to the wedding theme you’ve clarified in the invitation. Elegant heels will make the entire outfit look gorgeous. However, even for the experienced ladies it may be difficult to pass the whole event wearing heels, which happen to be quite uncomfortable types of shoes. Therefore, giving them an opportunity to change their heels for a cute pair of flats will considerably heighten the chances of having fun and dancing during the celebration.

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Table Numbers With the Photos Of the Bride and Groom

Placing the newlyweds’ photos on each table, matching their age on these shots with the table number, is a great modern trend you should incorporate in your big day. Firstly, it’s really amusing, because mainly your guests know you as a grown-up person, and they will adore watching all the pictures to see you changing and getting older. Secondly, it will significantly add to the warming and friendly ambience you’re trying to create. It feels like inviting your guests in your closest circle, showing yourself as you are.

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The First Look With Your Bridesmaids

The special moment, when the groom finally meets his beautiful wife, is so popular and crucial, that many couples forget about the first look of the bride and her maids of honor. These girls have been following this love story from the very beginning, supporting your every decision. So, let them be among the first to greet you and see you in the wedding dress. These sincere smiles and genuine tears you’ll never forget.

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Three Best Wedding Favors

Despite being a small gift, the wedding favor should be something useful. Frankly speaking, there are many options of what you can give to your guests, but most of them don’t make any sense and will collect dust somewhere on the shelf. That’s why, if you want this favor to become a helpful thing, pay attention to the following items. Coffee beans, custom wine glasses and any nice food products will be a perfect choice to please all your guests.

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Unplugged Ceremony

It’s such a pity to get wedding photos ruined by the huge number of cellphones that are trying to take a shot of every moment of the ceremony. These gadgets spoil all the gentle and lovely atmosphere of an intimate moment. Moreover, they turn the photographer’s work into a challenging operation of taking at least several photos without millions of cellphones. To avoid it, prepare a sign or simply ask all your guests to turn off their phones during the ceremony and be fully present with you. You’ll see how the idea of having an unplugged ceremony will make the ambiance ideal. 

Nowadays, social media is  not just a way to relax or chill. They can also become a helpful resource, where you can easily find all the trends and tips on how to organize the best wedding ever, listening to the experience of professional wedding planners or real stories of other brides. Stay tuned! 

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