Wedding excitement - the best ways to cope with it

  • Publication date: 03/03/2022
  • Updated: 02/06/2023

To begin with, every bride should keep in mind that every emotion is important. It is a mistake to define feelings in some way, for example, as positive or negative. All the emotions we feel are the signals that we are human beings with various feelings and it’s incredible. That’s why on the wedding day, let yourself feel that warming excitement, tender thrill and the greatest joy that will surround you during the whole day. Though in case you feel that the anxiety is getting really unbearable and you start panicking before the wedding day, it makes sense to try the recommendations below that may help you overcome it.

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Don’t skip breakfast

The day before your celebration, try to fall asleep a bit earlier than usual so that your body and mind can have a good night's rest. If you’re a movie fan, watch a nice romantic comedy or read something relaxing, but please no drama and tears. Because of that in the morning, your make-up will be uneven as you struggle to conceal those swollen red eyes. The most significant thing is the morning of your wedding day. Usually, according to the wedding timeline, this very morning starts rather early for the bride to have breakfast and then start the preparations for the ceremony. It’s a common thing that because of the inner anxiety, it is impossible even to swallow a bite. However, frankly speaking, it’s actually the only possibility to eat more or less substantially before the reception, as you’ll have lots of things to do. So, just prepare yourself something light and fresh: fruits, cereals, nuts, a croissant with cappuccino or, what’s even better - a herbal tea.

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Opr for your favorite scents

Create the atmosphere that would make you feel as a queen on your wedding day. For many people, scents like lavender, chamomile and mint are very relaxing, so they use them in the form of a candle, a room diffuser or bath salt. So, treat yourself with the evening aroma bath, taking the aroma that you like the best. As for the wedding day, choose a perfume that is somehow related to your groom and always gives you pleasant emotions. So that from the early morning, when you smell it, you will feel that romantic vibe.

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Create your own playlist

Your favorite songs playing during the breakfast is definitely a good sign and a great beginning of a charming wedding day. Prepare a playlist of your favorite tracks beforehand and ask someone to bring a bluetooth speaker as well as be responsible for the music prior to the wedding ceremony. Also, you may choose one of the tracks that means a lot to your couple. It could be a track that played during your first date or you listened to it during your first kiss. It will be this very track that will be played at the moment you see your soulmate in the morning or at the ceremony. It will become one of those unforgettable moments for sure.

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Pamper Yourself

The day of the wedding is that very day when the bride is both extremely beautiful and majestic, as well as very tender and vulnerable. All the glances of the guests are focused on her literally all the time. That’s why, to endure such a long day, the bride has to be prepared for it from the evening of the previous day, meaning, when you are the bride, try to treat yourself to whatever you want. You truly deserve it. Even if it’s a lazy day in bed, or something sweet to eat, or maybe a little present for yourself you’ve dreamt of for a long time. So, pamper yourself because it’s difficult to choose another more appropriate time for it.

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Relax and enjoy

Actually, your main task for the wedding day is to relax and connect yourself to the present moment because this day will never happen again, and you would blame yourself for not letting go of the situation, but looking through the to-do-list of things that should be done in your head. To stay calm during the celebration, try to clarify all the things and stages of the wedding plan beforehand. Make sure that all your vendors and caterers adhere to the time agreed, ensure you’ve got a make-up and hair trial and that all the members of the wedding party know their responsibilities. Then you’ll have the main task left - to enjoy your best wedding day!

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