Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
Sonal J. Shah Planner photo
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10 Reviews for Sonal J. Shah

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Leah Hoos Married couple on 19 Sep 2020
Sonal J Shah Event Consultants is one of the most professional event planning companies I have worked with in my over 16 years in the luxury event industry.  Sonal and her team always ensure every detail is perfect, from the venue selection, decor style and food and beverage.  Sonal and her team always give their clients 110%.  I would recommend Sonal J Shah Event Consultants for anyone looking for an amazing team that is dedicated to ensuring their event is flawless.
Ireen Ahmed Married couple on 14 May 2022
Working with Sonal and the rest of the SJS team was an amazing experience. They are so professional, dedicated, and well connected. Sonal gave us so many good options for vendors and kept us organized and on time with all our wedding planning. It was also a huge help to have them the day of our ceremonies. We were able to relax and enjoy our special weekend knowing the event would be in good hands! I want to give a special shout out to Ginny who was the lead planner for our wedding and holud ceremony. She's such a joy to work with. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a wedding planner.
Karla Williams Married couple on 25 Jun 2022
If you are looking for the best wedding planner in the world, look no further! Sonal sets the standard for how wedding planning should be and she quite literally wrote the book on planning exquisite Indian weddings!

Her extensive experience, top-notch vendor connections, and keen negotiation skills are just the beginning of the endless reasons to hire Sonal and her team. If Sonal is not available for your wedding date, that is a sign for you to change your wedding date.

Our destination wedding in Montreux, Switzerland was the most magical weekend of our lives. Every second was planned immaculately and went better than we could have ever dreamed. Sonal handled each and every single one of our events flawlessly ensuring that each detail was up to her meticulously high standards!

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that you will never be able to experience again and hiring Sonal ensures that you will have the absolute best time of your lives. She, along with every member of her incredible team, is exceptionally diligent and when she is your wedding planner she will move mountains to make every detail complete perfection.

We hired Sonal as our wedding planner and we walked away with a very dear friend! Thank you endlessly for the countless hours spent to make our dream wedding a reality - we will treasure these memories for the rest of our lives!
Adriane Tomovic Married couple on 03 Sep 2022
Sonal and the entire SJS team are magic makers! My husband and I knew immediately after we spoke with Sonal that we wanted to work with her. Not only is Sonal a marvel in the wedding industry, we immediately felt at ease knowing that we were in the best hands to plan our wedding in NYC. From the vendors she regularly works with, to her professionalism, and advocacy for her couples, Sonal and SJS are second to none.

At the start of wedding planning, we had a vision of what we wanted our wedding day to look and feel like, and with the help of Sonal and her team they tailored and refined our initial vision to something more beautiful and magical than we could have imagined! They listened to me, my husband, and our families to understand what we value. We absolutely recommend Sonal and SJS to future brides/grooms as her attention to detail, lovable yet professional personality, and industry expertise shines through her work.
Ishini Weerasinghe Married couple on 02 Jul 2022
WHAT AN AMAZING BRIDAL EVENTS COMPANY,  the detail they put into their work to make everything come together is astonishing.
Premal Married couple on 09 Jul 2022
When we first decided to have a destination wedding, we were extremely nervous and did not have any direction on how it all works. Once we decided MEXICO!! We started researching and it was clear right from the beginning that Sonal and SJS were the only planners we wanted to go with.
We feel very PROUD and GRATEFUL to have worked with Sonal and her entire team (Ginny, Neeti, Mia). Their vision, professionalism, quality and Talent is beyond anything we have experienced here in the United Kingdom or anywhere else.
The wedding planning on the event days turned out to be spectacular, flawless and all our guests are still talking about it.

We Cannot Thank you guys enough!! Best planners!!
Sonal and the SJS team truly worked their magic.
Pooja Patel Married couple on 24 Sep 2022
What can we say about SJS - we are truly short of words for how thankful we are. Sonal and her team made our dream wedding a reality by taking care of everything. From the big details to the small - her team looked after everything with such care and focus. They were so kind to us and our families during the whole planning process. I remember everyone telling how relaxed we were during our wedding weekend and i think that was only possible because of the SJS team. The ultimate complement was everyone was telling our parents how well run, organized and beautiful everything was...and that is because of SJS...they took the stress out of wedding planning for our whole family and delivered in a BIG way! It really made both of us super happy to see our parents have an amazing time and not worry about anything. In short..SJS is the BEST personally and professionally and we could not be more thankful to have them plan our wedding. She was the first vendor we hired and i'm so thankful for it - we are forever grateful to Sonal and Ginny!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!
Nirali Chokshi Married couple on 15 Oct 2022
Best. Planner. Ever.
I could not have had such a smooth, beautiful, dream wedding without Sonal and the team!  They handled situations before they became real situations. I booked her as soon as I got engaged.  Helps with scouting locations to day of ceremony.
Rahul Bhan Married couple on 19 Nov 2022
We signed with SJS Events in March 2021 and worked with Sonal and Ginny for a year and a half leading up to our wedding weekend over Labor Day 2022.
Reflecting on our wedding, the most valuable dollar spent was on SJS Events. They are extremely detail-oriented and make the planning process and managing of the entire weekend so seamless. Neither us nor our families had anything to worry about over the 2-3 days of events - everything was coordinated so well and taken care of by Sonal and her team.
Aside from managing the process, they have great vision when it comes to each of your events. From decor, lighting, food setup, etc. and making all of that work within your budget - SJS does a fantastic job.
Our family and guests kept saying this was the best wedding they had ever attended.
Would highly, highly recommend - no need to contact any other planning team.
Paulina Married couple on 18 Mar 2023
Where do I even begin…first off, when it comes to a wedding planner, look no further!! There is no comparison (and trust me when I say…I did my due diligence and vet almost every wedding planner in the industry) when it comes to the level of expertise, knowledge and perseverance of Sonal and her amazing team!! A little over a week ago, our dreams came true. Actually, what happened last week far surpassed what our wildest dreams could have ever even imagined. Sonal and Ginny, having you by our side was hands down the best decision we made. The unbelievable magic that took place last week has been the talk of the town and every single guest that attended. We had a very large destination wedding and literally everyday since we got back, we are getting HUNDREDS of messages of being blown away from the experience and the meticulous and perfect planning from our guests but also from people who were watching via peoples posts and stories all over social media. We have complete strangers reaching out to us saying they were blown away by everything as they watched stories being posted online. Every single person has thanked us over and over again for giving them an experience they have never had and probably never will again. We have people begging us to have a vow renewal (every year) so they can experience similar events again. Every single one of our guests have made comments on the planning and execution of every event and took notice of every single detail.  We were blessed with rain (yes, I love rain that much) on our wedding day but you can imagine the chaos this creates with everything when this happens. The seamless step in and step up when all things could have gone wrong was impeccable. You know it was an amazing weekend when not just us as the bride and groom and our families are dealing with post wedding blues but almost everyone who attended has reached out to us saying how much fun they had and how indescribable the experience was that coming back home has nothing short of sucked and there is a level of sadness everyone has that it’s over. We are so thankful for you and all of the SJS Angels for making our wedding one for the books. It will be talked about for ages and it most definitely was the wedding of a lifetime!! Sonal, Ginny….you are a gift to this industry. You are fierce strong women who leave countless impacts on peoples lives. Single-handedly, this industry is a better place because of you two!! There is NO BETTER TEAM in this industry to make your wedding dreams come true!! You are a force to be reckoned with!! Thank you will never be enough for all did  you will forever have a place in our hearts!!


Sonal J. Shah
Planner Sonal J. Shah About me

In the realm of global influence, Sonal J. Shah™ has emerged as an unmatched force in the world of wedding planning, captivating audiences worldwide. With an illustrious two-decade career that blossomed in the bustling city that never sleeps, Sonal's trajectory in the industry is a testament to her unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise. Her portfolio boasts an impressive repertoire of meticulously crafted weddings, with countless accolades and testimonials from her esteemed international clientele.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What percentage of users recommend Sonal J. Shah and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Sonal J. Shah is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Dream Weaver: In the bustling city that never sleeps, Sonal J. Shah rises as the wedding planner synonymous with dreamlike perfection. Aptly based in New York City, her expertise in orchestrating weddings isn't just a testament to her skills but a narrative of love stories masterfully told. Receiving not one, not two, but three prestigious Wezoree Awards, Sonal stands at the pinnacle of matrimonial planning.

Praise Aplenty: The vault of Sonal's reputation overflows with glowing feedback. From a reportedly arduous vetting of industry elites, Paulina, a newlywed, professes, with heartfelt candor, that no wedding planner holds a candle to Sonal's unwavering expertise and dedication. The testament nestled in her review is clear—a partnership with Sonal isn't a mere transaction; it's a fortress built on trust and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Beyond Expectations: Rare is the event that remains etched in the collective memory of its attendees. Yet, Sonal routinely defies the norm, crafting ceremonies that transcend the expected into the realm of the legendary. Rahul Bhan's words echo this unique trait, declaring Sonal's work not just as efficient planning but as the catalyst for the most memorable wedding his family and guests have experienced.

The Distinction in Detail: As proof of her exquisite attention to detail, Sonal's clients rave—mentioning flawlessly executed events even amidst unforeseen downpours. The behind-the-scenes magic performed by Sonal and her team, fondly referred to as the 'SJS Angels,' ensures that rain or shine, the celebration marches on in spectacular fashion.

A Visionary's Craft: Beyond the meticulous planning, Sonal ingrains her creative vision, morphing venues into visual delights and menus into a symphony of flavors. Whether it's the elegance of the décor or the symphonic lighting that dances to the tune of wedded bliss, Sonal's artistry never fails to impress, adhering to the most intricate of client budgets without a hitch.

Endless Echoes of Elegance: Nirali Chokshi's succinct yet impactful words cap off the universal sentiment: Sonal J. Shah is, without a shadow of doubt, the best. Transforming potential issues into non-events, her swift and prescient planning ensures a seamless day for couples deeply in love. And with her at the helm, one doesn't just walk down the aisle; they embark on the first steps toward an elegantly crafted eternity.