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5 Reviews for Bellezza Decor

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Rejoyce Afram on 21 Aug 2021
The best of the best in all events, especially wedding decor. I still can't believe how beautiful my traditional decor was because of Bellezza decor, it has been a few years and people still inquire about who did my traditional wedding decor. Bellezza Decor exceeded my expectations of how everything turned out, it felt like a dream, I will recommend this team of professionals to all my love ones because I believe you can never go wrong by booking Bellezza decor.
Tiwaa Amofa on 07 May 2022
If you love luxury,class ,elegance and excellence,please book your next event with Bellezor Decor and thank me later,they are the real deal!
Nana Kusi on 26 Mar 2022
I mean, are there even words to describe what they do? Completely mind-blowing!!! I contacted her with 4 months left until my wedding. It's interesting because the company I was initially going to go with, showed me a picture of Bellezza's work to see if that was what I was looking for, big mistake. As I scrolled through Instagram I saw the same picture and realized Bellezza was the decorator. I called and immediately got through. She was extremely attentive and accommodating to my ideas and the overall look I was trying to achieve. Any time I needed her she was there to listen and offer her perspective. Eventually, I trusted her so much that when she asked me to give her creative control, I didn't bat an eye. Boy am I glad I did.  I couldn't have dreamed what she did for my wedding. It's been almost a month and I'm  still wowed by the decor pictures.  What made me even happier was while we sat at the sweet heart table my husband said to me " Man...if I knew this is what the decor was going to look like, I wouldn't have given you a decor budget." Thank you for making my wedding extraordinary.
Ellen on 11 Jun 2022
The best decorator in town.
Megan Married couple on 10 Sep 2022
There is no other team  like Bellezza decor. Ellen and Paul are very humble,easy to work with, talented, inspirational and overall very professional.